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Kayakers avoid injury as cliff crashes into Lake Superior | ABC News

Kayakers in northern Michigan narrowly escaped injury when a large section of cliff collapsed.

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  1. iNTERESTING, no trees fell, as if the root system of the trees are holding it together.

  2. Start paddling!!!!! Lmao…glad everyone is ok

  3. Nothing to see folks…just rising sea levels

  4. I remember seeing a full side of a mountain fall off once. Middle of winter hiking skidoo trains in the mountains trying to figure out what to do my life. I heard a crack and whipped my head around the see a 1000' x300' slap come crashing off the side of a mountain, revealing a nice crisp clean new face. I quite may job, best thing I ever did.

  5. see i was right ..anything that happens in america always happens again…didnt people die ..on the beach last week from a cliff falling on them

  6. For Sale:
    Waterfront property.
    Beautiful view of the lake.
    1/2 acre.
    Priced right.
    Won't last long…

  7. An example of the beauty of the earth: erosion in action on multiple coloured stacks of sandstone and clay. Wonderful and dangerous to behold. The dense covering of forest, roots both binding and dividing the layers of soils, adds a tone of fragility, of temporality, of existential angst to the image. Many thanks for the awesome video.

  8. Jesus Christ this is very scary

  9. That was cool to watch. After the accidents and deaths in California from cliffs falling on people they would figure out to stay away. But I guess some people are just "slow".

  10. Brain Damaged, sits there and films, instead of paddling the FUCK OUT OF THERE. no, we have to catch it on camera or get a selfie with the collapsing cliff.

  11. Talk about natural selection if anyone was hurt 😅

  12. Climate change for sure…. Those rocks are melting.

  13. They'll never forget that thats for damn sure

  14. Holy shit, I'm going up there next week! Won't be going anywhere close to the cliff, that's for sure!

  15. I hiked those cliffs at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.

  16. Glad I wasn't there, I would've sh!t my pants!!

  17. guys , its from he movie cliffhanger

  18. Imagine standing selfieing there. What a terrible crash.

  19. It was the cliff's time to die. 😐😐😐😐😐

  20. Lucky no one was under there.

  21. SHIT!!!! 2012~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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