Thursday , July 29 2021
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Kayleigh McEnany has a big question for Fauci

Kayleigh McEnany says Fauci was ‘publicly dismissing this’ despite receiving emails speculating a lab origin #FoxBusinessTonight #FoxBusiness

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  1. Senator “Gormless” Gohmert likes the new conspiracy theory, inspired by Faux agitator Tucker, that the Trump Insurrection was orchestrated by the FBI: he wants an investigation! Why, then, did Gormless vote against an independent investigation? On Jan. 6, Trump ordered his mob to march to the Capitol and so he must have conspired with the FBI!

  2. Probably not a “virus” but rather a spike protein to cause much harm and misery 😠

  3. I need a bikini calendar of Kayleigh and Candace!

  4. impeach Dr. "Eugenics" FAUCI

  5. She is beautiful but with a dumb brain 😉

  6. WOW. BUNCH OF STUPID COMMENTS. You TRUMPERS TRAITORS REPUBLICSCAMS Insurrectionists can't do anything better.

  7. They found the perfect lier good job fox hiring her .

  8. Who cares.. just wear your Stupid Mask. Period

  9. Fauci said follow the SCIENCE. When SCIENCE MADE the COVID VIRUS in the LABORATORY with SCIENTISTS

  10. Kayleigh has excellent recall regarding so many (many) complicated issues. What a Lady!

  11. God the Republican party and the shills at Fox have really gone dumpster diving 🤦🏽‍♂️ Trump is trash

  12. Fauci is embarrassment & disgrace to America.

  13. she's so nice on the eyes and brain

  14. nancy ordered the virus when she went to the WHO in Nov.

  15. To bad our President doesn’t have the balls/brains to standup to China&he’s scared to say it’s a American funded laboratory leak from the wuhan virology institute that’s coincidentally down the street from the “wet market” in part is that’s False’e homies🤦🏻‍♂️

  16. Reading a lot of the comments below has made me realize we have a lot of stupid people in this country exercising their freedom of speech. But that's OK. It's the American way. In this country we are allowed to say stupid things. And that's what's so great about Fox. It gives all of those people a voice.

  17. Responsible for millions of deaths and millions of small and medium-sized businesses going under and governments around the world being bankrupted.

  18. Trump knew all this right from the beginning. The Xiden administration works for Communist Chyna.

  19. Sanctions for unleashing a virus on the world? Here’s a thought. Start working with other countries around the world to develop manufacturing goods critical or otherwise OUTSIDE of the PRC. Reduce The PRC’s sourcing of goods to not more than 5% of imported goods and shift the vast bulk of production across many countries so that no single country can ever damage international trade so severely as has China as a result of Covid and its severe worldwide consequential economic damage.

  20. This "Doctor" is turning out to be a "mad scientist" with political bias…. Maybe someone from the mafia lost a loved one and holds Fauci personally responsible…. Dangerous…. I'd put him in prison for his own protection….

  21. I can't wait until 2040 to see how this case is going to unfold. Even better 2045 to see the outcome of Hillary's crimes. I am just hoping Jesus doesn't get back before then to cancel the stoning…. like he has been known to do in the past!!! : )

  22. I'm not watching this video. I'll just play the numbers and say she's lying.

  23. The upbeat skin gergely confuse because oval spectroscopically correct versus a judicious diploma. slippery, rude shorts

  24. like I said years ago. you are a credit to your gender. you do a fine job young lady

  25. A whole year of pathetic lies

  26. Kayleigh just murdered fuci 😆

  27. Because this was stolen research

  28. The body language of Dr Fauci in the above video (standing beside President Trump) tells it all – "I must hide it, deny it & spin it at all costs!"

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