Sunday , January 24 2021
Home / News / Kayleigh McEnany holds a press briefing at the White House

Kayleigh McEnany holds a press briefing at the White House

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany holds a press briefing.

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  1. trump is a sore loser. if he loses, he claims fraud…..
    his supporters has the brain of the size of a peanut. its so obvious he never wanted to concede.

  2. I'm concerned for this girl. She exhibits symptoms of Stockholm Syndrome. It appears to be a very severe case that's progressively worsening.

  3. God bless her. Tough job. Trump2020❤️ from the Philippines 🇵🇭

  4. it is so rich that all these fear mongering puppets are screaming about dishonesty and misleading americans. hahahahahaha

  5. Just want to buy her a drink and argue all night long.

  6. She is the BOSS and how she stays so calm amongst such ignorance an d extreme bias is beyond me. I tip my hat to Kayleigh McEnany!

  7. Stimulus checks trump 💪💪❤️💪❤️💪💪

  8. God the press are stupid backstabbers..

  9. love her. shes so sexy too besides being bad @$$

  10. I LOVE HER! Simply amazing.

    Press Corps should be ashamed of themselves.

  11. Media Can't Handle the Truth!!! Ask Media How many people still don't wear Mask!!

  12. They are DNC lobbyist not reporters for the American people! They couldn’t deny their bias even if they tried, at least be honest about it. I wonder what history will say about their cowardly acts , such a disgrace! I’m ashamed of them.

  13. Kayleigh is good real good .trump picks winners.

  14. I hate the media🤮🤮🤮

  15. I love how real she is and how she responds to the one sided media.

  16. They are so stupid sounding, these journalists! Kayleigh is doing a great job.

  17. I can't trust the mainstream media and I only watch FOX and NEWS MAX. Kayleigh is GREAT and I respect her. They beat the drumbs that TRUMP lied when Cuomo, Pelosi, and many others lied about the C-19. I don't even know anyone that has had C-19 and I don't wear a Mask unless I have to to get in a store.C-19 is just a Flu and I take quinine Zink and Vitamin D. Only 6% of the C-19 deaths were attributed to C-19. Como killed the most and is incompetent just like the dirt bag Mayor of NYC. GO TRUMP the best President of my life so far!

  18. She is the best so lucky President Trump is so lucky to have her

  19. How in Gods name does Kayleigh NOT start every response with, "Your a Moron"…..

  20. Does the democratic party and the Health department take responsibility for false positives and letters sent to folks to turn themselves in I April when they died from sayy copd in February..this has to go..

  21. Probably the only President that has never lied to me since Reagan. I do think the face proper masks are silly..people are getting it a bit quarantined but the reality was but now being twisted for political gain and now it's getting ridiculous


  23. Kayleigh is awesome and very smart ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️stop dump question idiots reporters .

  24. Reporters not really know about the question they ask…why weren’t they have question for Nancy or Biden …Trump &Pence 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸America first 👏👏👏👏👏❤️❤️❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  25. Wow ,democrat hacktavists pretending to be journalists .

  26. When has any democrat politician ever put America ahead of their own self ?
    NEVER !

  27. It will go away right after the election

  28. Why are you answering to these obvious bias scumbags. At some point you have to cut ties with msm as the sold out corrupt treasonous pigs they are

  29. This is the most disgusting press core in the history of press Corp!

  30. So how many times can “journalists” ask the same stupid, misleading, loaded question over and over and over over and over and over over and over and over over and over and over over and over and over over and over and over over and over and over again??!!?? Their ravenous hunger for negative press on Trump is insatiable! And utterly disgusting!! Shameful charlatans!! Soulless leftist psychopaths – every one of them!!

  31. I think they should stop these briefings and just hand out leaflets of the answers she gives………..because………'s the same ole questions everyday!!!!!!!!!!

  32. There all fools that don't realize there helping to make the world a worse place with all of this anger against the man that made them all look like fools.They laughed at him and wrote hurtful things,as they still do.The liberal party has lost there souls and hearts.They can see that he has the plan and there EGO'S are about to explode with anger.He has and is out doing the politicians that have been screwing the American people for years and years and the liberal owned news media is doing everything they can
    to stop him,not thinking at all about how that affects the American people 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕THE LEFT IS LOST

  33. When will the Media accept responsibility for repeating the mantra of the Left, to the detriment of patients looking for treatment ? Perhaps the news anchors should prepare to present their medical degrees for the upcoming lawsuits.

  34. 07:50 Do you have any questions you might want to ask, because thats what reporters do? They ask questions.

  35. This woman is a Blessing to this country… Thank you Kayleigh! We are so BLESSED to have Trump as our president as well… God bless you all!❤

  36. The MSM is a bunch of Slug's

  37. Less than 10,000 have died due solely from c19. Th President IS doing the BEST JOB of Any President EVER

  38. She's lazered focused on finding info in her binder. And love how she ignored that female reporter.. "Chanel".. 🤣

  39. I can’t stand these so call reported. They are horrible.

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