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Home / News / Kayleigh McEnany holds a press briefing at White House | 9/22/20

Kayleigh McEnany holds a press briefing at White House | 9/22/20

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany holds a press briefing. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Lol..way to go you recall when you said civid wasn't coming the the if you're not just a two faced liar then can you please explain what you have now?????

  2. Just when you think she can't top herself, or silence rogue psuedo-journalists any more quickly: SHE DOES. Wonderful job again, Kayleigh.

  3. Fake media seems think we all STUPID not see all of Trumps accomplishments!!! Best president in history! DEMOCRATS are CROOKS look at OBAMA, Biden and the Clinton clowns, more corruption in Obama's 8yrs than ever in history! And you stupid democrats are still caught red handed and WE THE PEOPLE ARE NOT STUPID!!! WE KNOW ALL THE LAWS AND TREASON THEY COMMITTED AND WE WANT JUSTICE!!! LIKE US THE PEOPLE WOULD GET. NOT A NOT ON THE HAND BAD GIRL AND BOY!!! THESE DEMOCRATS PUT OUR WHOLE COUNTRY IN JEOPARDY SELLING US OUT RUSSIA, IRAN AND BIDENS DEALS IN UKRAINE!!! ARREST THE CROOKS!!!!

  4. TRUMP 2020!!!! IMPEACH PELOSI!!!!

  5. MSM focuses on the irrelevant or the absurd (or both).

  6. Can these media people just quit? Their lies are just cringe worthy.


  8. Sleezy, sleepy, hiden, Biden

  9. Loving you Kayleigh! Keep up the GOOD fight! Love from the Patriots!

  10. "Beautiful people are not always good but good people are always beautiful."-Buddah

  11. I donnot believe anything that comes out of fauci mouth! If his lips are moving and he is talking it is all lies! He knew all about and predicted this planned panedemic!

  12. Nevad las vegas school privet information on students &* parent were stolen by hackers. to utilize for voting crimes

  13. We are so proud of her she doesn't back down she doesn't let them throw her off of what's going on she goes right to the main source and read what she knows about that certain comment a lot of us are proud of her the way she acts the way she does things that we honor her Fuller her actions in her Pride and the way she does her job

  14. The better check Joe Biden a taxes .what other president has had so much fight than Trump

  15. Go girl Go Put them all in their place.. He's higher in the polls than the Dems even know..🙏

  16. Nancy Pisspants Pelosi and her "quiver of arrows". You know she used these at the Battle of Hastings!

  17. Does Jim not realize that anyone with a brain can spot his and cnn's lies/agenda from a mile away? The media and democrats entire support base is reliant on people being ignorant of politics and whom believe everything there told with a very short attention span! They can't debate policies or issues honesty because they believes and accusations are fake. All they can do is attack and slander there opponents to distract from the lack of policy and years of lies

  18. People wake up….. this only shows what the Democratic Party is about. CORRUPTION at its finest. They push for the rioting, destroying the lives of hard working Americans burning down their businesses killing innocent people. Please wake up before it’s too late. May God bless us All and protect those whom can’t defend themselves.

  19. TeleMedicine has been out for years it is the same as TeleDoc. He has been working on a Health Insurance plan for years and he still does not have a clue or a plan. I Know for sure he will eliminate the pre-existing clause which currently protect us and we will be all on our own.

  20. Kayleigh, Great Homework Young Lady! This Bozo Reporter! Who& Where Do You See Outrage? Over Covid-19 Death’s. These Individual’s Make Stuff Up, Everyday. Your Amazing 😉! You Keep On Giving These Horrible Reporter’s! Their Answer’s That They Don’t Want To Hear. I See Kayleigh! The Harder The Question, The More You Step Up& Get So Much Stronger Girl! Thank You For Your Great Administration Looking Out For All Good Honest Individual’s That Want Too Live Under (Law& Order). President Donald Trump! Is Doing A Great Job. Seen By Looking At His Amazing Large Turnout’s At His Rally’s! Keep Up The Great Work Kayleigh! Thank You 🙏🦅🇺🇸

  21. He is not protecting our freedom of speech, if he did he would not try to shut BLM down. Anyone who speaks against him he calls a loser and shuts them down. He is the worst President.

  22. Open the states up! Garbage, with these stupid masks! There is not 200 thousand deaths! Most died from what they were going to die from! Liars

  23. Fill that seat! Thank you, Mr. President….

  24. The Democratic News media wouldn’t dare ask O biden one of the guestions you all just ask Kayleigh!!!

  25. I wish I could watch these propagandists pay for what they have done.

  26. Jim Jim Jim! What a show boater

  27. If he dared to do his job Nasty Nancy will impeach him right after she has her haircut

  28. Donald Trump in the 1998 People magazine interview
    “If I were to run, I would run as a Republican. They are the dumbest
    group of voters in the country. Believe anything that appears on Fox
    News. I could lie and they would believe me. I bet my numbers would be

  29. If you don't vote for Biden,then you ain't stupid!!And speaking of stupid,I cant stand to hear the stupid,whiney,big boy media idiots!!TRUMP/PENCE 2020!!!

  30. Democrats are just nuts!! Like mad dogs!

  31. 200,000 people did not die from covid!!!

  32. If the demorats succeed they have better be prepared to die!!!!!

  33. dude, shut up if you don't have a valid, not out of context, question. this press secretary has your #. so ask a pertinent question! United States citizens are growing weary of your false propaganda questions! get a new job! P&L. to Kayleigh, and Fox News. Stay Strong, y'all!

  34. Why arent all these reporters talking about the good he has done for this country,I think everyone gets tired of them trying to disrespect our president,I was a Democrat but after the way they have failed all the people ,I cannot stand bye them whats so ever,I will be a proud Republican,I Like to see that your a take no B.S. president

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