Friday , January 15 2021
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Kayleigh McEnany touts historic Israel-Bahrain peace agreement

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany joins Elizabeth MacDonald with reaction on ‘The Evening Edit’ to discuss peace agreement and remembering 9/11. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Warning -, Trump's opposition conducted psychological warfare / sabotage against Trump starting before Trump's election to the office and through his very impressive term. Opposition's relentless attacks , slander of President's character, American's /Public's misinformation, biased news media reporting / coverage and list can go on and on produced disastrous results at 2020 elections for legally elected President ( be resolved). For only those reasons, Trump's opposition suppose lose their win(?). in the Court of Law. If the Court will not overturn the election's results, then that will mean that the Court did not protect America from a Bolshevik takeover !

  2. Anyone who believes any politician is a fool. F-FOX AND F-CNN. These men are evil and acting for money and power. It’s their fault and their ancestors fault that there is no peace in the holy land! Our prophets rebelled against men like this! Wake up!

  3. I wonder how president Trump's negotiations are going with his latest efforts to secure a peace deal between Israel and Mexico.

  4. Has Bahrain and UAE ever been war with Israel?

  5. The historic peace treaty between Israel-UAE and Bahrain who were never at war.

  6. Recklessness? TRUMP just killed over 200000 Americans. I guess you do not care one bit, all happening on TRUMP’S watch.

  7. Kelly you speak the obvious! Can you not come up with something original?

  8. Kayleigh it’s amazing your cross doesn’t burst into flames as you continue to lie to the American people! Where was TRUMP during the 911 tragedy? Hiding in his basement! Never heard of him even donating one penny to help these people in need at 911. NOTHING!

  9. I big deal as these are do nothing countries.

  10. I saw the signing of the peace deal, I felt proud to be an American again

  11. Nothing will change until democrat mayors governors and councils are ousted

  12. 1 Thessalonians 5:3

    King James Version

    3 For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.

  13. Why is it that CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC etc hate this kinf of news? They even say that this are the gift of Trump to Iran? WHY do they hate peace deal brokered by US government in the midde east?

  14. CHANGE DEBLIDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. GITMO FOR TRUMP 2020!!!

  16. NEXT QATAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! peace peace peace!!!!!!

  17. 👎🏼👎🏼 why are we talking about anything other than the 200,000 deaths and the families who have been destroyed under this Administration!!! He must GO!!! This is not what Republicans represent. This is a TRUMP party . Shame on FOX and anyone who votes for this fool!


  19. Kayleigh Mcenany is wife #4 but doesn't know it yet. For now she is a 5th grader on the playground screaming to be heard.

  20. Washington has been selling Abu Dhabi millions in military deals, they have been bound to preserve Israel’s qualitative military edge (QME) in the Middle East before selling any advanced weaponry to regional states. Trump has agreed to sell F35's to the UAE, a fighter jet that has been sold to Israel . If you think that having the same "artillery" is going to bring peace then I understand why you are a Trump supporter.

  21. God has arrived on the earth and is right by our side. If we love them, we will be better. Maybe many friends don’t believe it, but they are indeed by our side, but we don’t know it. God created matter. The world, in the material world, created us in their form. We are highly intelligent beings in the material world. We are replacing the gods to manage the earth. Many people have seen the movie Avatar. The play has been genetically modified and can be controlled by humans. The bodies of the Namei people, humans use them to communicate with the aborigines on Pandora, and the same gods also use similar methods to live by our side

  22. No huge deal Moron Bahrain is a no nothing country. It is meaningless

  23. Kayleigh watch Ride the Dragon about horrible what Joe and Hunter did in China and our Secrets about the USA. Awful

  24. I love this girl God bless

  25. How does this help AMERICA? I see how it helps our 'greatest ally,' the ally that has never fought side by side with our great soldiers despite fighting for 20 years in the region, but how does that help us??

  26. I miss Trish.. we will never forget u! ❤️

  27. 我要为川普做神的见证人 !!(This part of Chinese language)
    我是真的见过神的人!! (我在2014年曾经历过死亡。真正地和神一起走在天堂的路上!! 最后,被护送回到大地 )!!! 我想我应该为川普做神的见证人!! 川普是被神拣选,预备派到这个世界上,拯救美国经济,维持世界和平!! 川普是被神高高举起的人!!是活在主里的人!! 是敬畏神的人!!是行走在神的旨意当中的人!! 无论人类设下什么障碍,都无法打击替代川普!! 因为神会帮他跨越一切障碍的!!因为他要赢得神的奖赏!!
    而凡基督徒都知道,圣经上说“你们是不可以做假见证的。”下面我就将我所看见的真实的异象详细地描述给你们“ The night of July 22 ,2019 .I were praying for President TRUMP. Then in the VISION , " I saw a Giant Golden Glittering CROSS !! Then, at this moment, I saw TRUMP coming ! He was Wearing a Beautiful Blue Suit, and a RED Tie , And With His Big SMILE !! Then, TRUMP walks to the Right Side of the CROSS , STRANDING a little bit Behind the CROSS !!!"
    This is VISION I've Seen !! I am a Canadian . I Hope Trump Knows that He is NOT Alone, GOD ,LORD JESUS Be ALWAYS With HIM !!!.
    And I think I should be the God Testimony to Trump !!
    All those who BLESS TRUMP will be BLESSED !!
    Anyone who Denigrates Trump will Be CURSED !!!!

  28. Ok this isn't NEWS this is Propaganda.
    No balance of Opinion
    Just two Blonde Women telling you what to think.

    Fascism came to America with a smile.

  29. BLM MoFo's attacking the elderly. Boy I wish I could have been there.

  30. See ya DeBozo, woundnt wanna be ya…

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