Tuesday , June 22 2021
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Keane on COVID-19 origin report: 'Unlikely' we'll ever see data from China

General Jack Keane, Fox News senior strategic analyst, discusses a report that found it ‘plausible’ that COVID-19 was the result of a lab leak.

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  1. The lab was not highly respected , it was highly suspected previous for being dangerous and lacking in protocals by many around the globe .

  2. But can't prove it, so no charges, no accountability, blah blah blah

  3. The biggest blunders that the US has committed and keeps on committing time after time vis a vis its foreign policies is by backing the wrong and rogue horses every time and keep on losing at the end of the track! In short term, it may be gainful but in the long term, it has been acutely painful!! for some quick examples here, Iran (under the Shah), the Philippines (under Marcos), Pakistan (under Zia), China (under the communist regime), instead of backing the right and bright horses such as Russia against China, and India against Pakistan and China, in which case, by today, we would have not had CCP venomous belligerence, threats, bullying, hegemony, and virus spread across the globe; the 9/11 episode would have not happened, Pakistan would have not been the largest terror hub in the world along with rogue nuclear status as it is today! These are just a few stark realities due to the US's many foreign policy blunders for which, not just the US alone, but the entire world is reeling under extreme duress, and suffering to the core!!

  4. Every country should stop buying anything from China. Impose excessive sanctions.

  5. China censoring information and burying the truth? What a shocker!
    Meanwhile Biden is signing executive orders to protect Tic Toc. You gotta have your priorities!

  6. Fauci and his whole team needs to be prosecuted in the world court for crimes against humanity

  7. How did it leak..please explain it to us?

  8. None of this is about a virus!
    There has been studies conducted over the years from DARPA to mind control people right now those nanobots in your body is studying your every move.. Transhumanism trying to emerge humanity with AI

  9. I don't care. I'm never taking them experimental shots.


  11. Unlikely China will be honest with us, but were still gonna keep sending them money to fund their bioweapon research.

  12. War with china is inevitable.
    This was a first strike by china.
    Odds are there will be a second virus released from china.
    Much more deadly that this one.
    China wants to expand in all directions. And they believe they can get away with it.
    Because nobody has china accountabile.

    Maybe be harsh. But the best thing that could happen rn is for everyone to drop their nuclear payloads on china now. Before they can progress

  13. Well when they consider nuclear war for investigating the lab leak what do you think?

  14. No bats or pangolins were sold in the wet marked. This has been confirmed.

  15. The USA government weaponized and sponsored the COVID19 virus research in China

  16. It sure got that desired outcome. Mail in ballots

  17. WASTE OF TIME. US government knows China did this but will do nothing about it wonder why MONEY ALWAYS THE MONEY

  18. I wonder who in the comments faithfully shops @ WALMART🤔.

    Well China thanks them and Walmart

  19. May I just remind you all of the test of italian blood samples..
    "To further clarify the early movements of the virus, a group of researchers analyzed blood samples from people in Italy who were enrolled in a prospective lung cancer screening trial between September 2019 and March 2020. They looked for antibodies specific to the receptor binding domain (RBD) — the dock on the coronavirus' spike protein that it uses to latch onto and invade human cells.

    They found that 111 of these 959 people, all asymptomatic at the time their blood was drawn, had SARS-CoV-2 antibodies in their blood at the time it was taken, meaning that about 11.6% of the entire group had been infected with the virus before March. Specifically, the researchers found coronavirus antibodies in 23 patients who gave samples in September and in 27 who gave samples in October. They also found that 53.2% of these cases were participants from Lombardy.".

  20. Fauchi was in on it from the get go

  21. It doesn't matter if the covid-19 came from a market or a lab. The two things that matter is that China did not let everyone know about it when they discovered it and that Trump said covid-19 was a hoax when it was real and very dangerous.

  22. Hey! New York City
    What are you up to at The Javitz Center?. Better get Batman to Gotham.

  23. Am I expected to believe the same exact Intel Agency covid report, which previously claimed Hunter's crooked business deals was all Russian disinformation ?

  24. Quit doing business with the CCP. And if you're doing business with any business out of China you're doing business for the CCP stop it

  25. Every country needs to grow some balls and send troops to their border . The CCP has to go. I'm ready because they are a world problem. When we are done with them we will deal with our government.

  26. And the world will still do business with them. Just keep giving them the pass. WTF. Is the world thinking

  27. Yes we can prove it. Not one animal's been found the covid-19. Not one

  28. Oh well, they must be innocent

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