Kellyanne Conway: Biden will pay the price for this

Former counselor to President Trump Kellyanne Conway calls out President Biden’s failing presidency on ‘Kudlow.’

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  1. There is no "paying the price. Kellyanne doesn't realize her business is yesterday's news and the only thing that matters is how many ballots get stuffed in the box. The Marxists will never relinquish power peacefully, again.

  2. The thing that makes me sick is its because of covid and Trump they cannot take responsibility for there own stupid policies.People are too comfortable getting screwed we need people stand up and say that's enough.Cant live in a bubble and act like everything is alright because its not just take look around.

  3. Your incorrect sir. Biden is not paying the price for his blunder. I AM. I CANT SURVIVE WITH HIM IN OFFICE

  4. Bailing out multi multi millionaires and not one board member goes to jail. No justice for the left.

  5. No America and its people are already paying for this

  6. Greed keeps us from doing what's right. Life is short. People have no clue about eternal life.
    Short term or long term

  7. Conway is the worse type of prostitute. I heard her conclude that the Trump administration as less corrupt than Biden administration. And the thing she said to support that lie? “Well Jared is the only one in the Trump administration that got 1 billion 1 with a B”. Does she think you are stupid? Or is she right? Is 50k a month for a few years worse than 1B? Or is it her hatred proclaiming Hunter is worse than Jared? Conway, are you OUT OF YOUR MIND? Or are you, like Fox, lying for money? Tell me, how much hate can you hold? How many lies do you have in you? Ivanka got copyrights from China. Early in Trumps presidency. She didn’t need to be on that trip. it was pure graft, hiring your children. Jared was so in debt he could not qualify for a security clearance. NOTHING BIDEN OR ANY OTHER PRESIDENT WILL EVER DO CAN COMPARE TO THE CORRUPTION OF TRUMP AND HIS VOTERS. STOP YOUR LIES.

  8. Biden doesn’t care or even know what he’s doing to our country. Neither does anyone in Washington! Absolutely on a self gratification era.

  9. Median home income gains;
    Bush $401 (8 years)
    Obama/Biden $1,042 (8 years)
    Trump $5,240 (4 years) +Wuhan shutdown and woke opposition.

  10. Can't wait to see her whipping the press corps all over again.

  11. He needs to be impeach we all know that he took a bribe we have to get somebody else and they're right away so that we can start working on our weapons aircraft carriers planes we need to start beefing up our military the same way China's beefing up their
    Quit sending our metals to China re open our shipyards put people back to work building ships put people back to work in the ammunition factories

  12. The modern Republican Party in a nutshell: reading MAGA B.S. to your kids while taking Rosa Parks out of our schools and libraries.

  13. You yanks are soo apathetic you should be routing in the streets over this bs

  14. People wake up! It’s a SCAM over SCAM on the top of a SCAM! With banks with student loans….they wiped out student loans for some people in the cost of billions, others don’t have to pay for 3+ years now, not a penny & no interest accrual either while others are paying their student loans all this time, accruing interest, paying their interest, taking care of their own business as they should. It’s all SCAM calculated to get votes from communists who do nothing just waiting for FREE LOOT from everywhere: rent, food, utilities, free loans, free everything while the rest of taxpayers are paying for!

  15. Kellyann is always on. Miss seeing her.

  16. Americans have themselves to blame for installing some incompetent for President.

  17. Biden's a lose from the beginning from pulling out of Afghanistan to shutting down the keystone pipeline, to high costs for everything not to mention our southern border. clueless leader.

  18. Its not hat 31% actually believe Biden is doing a good job. Perhaps a small, uninformed portion of that 31%, but the majority just understand if they are counted as opposed, they hurt democrat momentum, which they all support. JMO

  19. Now he wants us to pay for his bad decisions,while he only keeps making more and more mistakes.
    Who is biden listening to when he these decisions?
    He can't be listening to even his own cabinet.

  20. 31 percent is ridiculas
    That is insulting to America. Who wants to stand and claim "Yes I am very stupid and have no idea what is happening"

  21. Dominion voting machines may make republicans extinct

  22. We the people can only hope. Let the price be the harshest possible.

  23. Completely, no leadership in America. Disgraceful

  24. Lame duck , this duck ! Bedain , killing Americans , our Constitution , our democracy , daily ! Commie , cabinet traitor's , wanting , China , first ! 🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳 Traitor backstabbing Joe 🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳

  25. Brandon's giving away BILLIONS of $$$ cos a lot of that is coming back into his fam's corrupt pockets

  26. Kellyanne is the best & the

  27. How else to beat America into submission to the world mold.


  29. No bail out 4 the Rich

  30. Not one Democrat will find this Administration responsible! However they will find The Republican Party guilty!

  31. Recession with Barack Obama Joe Biden worked under Barack Obama Joe Biden is President and we may see another recession does anybody see the trend here? I'm a trump supporter. He I a better president over all.

  32. Stop lying. She wants another positon at the white house under president trump. Trump Won't be a president again. He has zero chance but 50/50 chance that hell end up in prison.

    We paying a heavy price economically because of what was done during trump and Obama. Now, it's easy to blame it on another one who didn't create. And I'm not fan of Biden either or the right.

  33. Election fraud has to be dealt with or nothing will happen in November

  34. He won't pay for scat. He is at a point where there is no point for him in thinking or worrying about any decisions that he makes or facilities.

  35. Biden doesn't pay the price for anything!! He just keeps on ruining😊

  36. Who are the 31%? Severely delusional 😢