Kellyanne Conway: Diehard Trump voters are punishing DeSantis

Former counselor to President Trump Kellyanne Conway gives her take on Gov. DeSantis’ campaign bid on ‘Kudlow.’

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  1. too bad for Tucker stabbed in the back and thrown under the Gopper Party Bus by Faux News

  2. I think Kelleyanne is good in politcal analyses.

  3. God already knows the other parties plans .

  4. No matter what they do this is God's country God will decide anyways. Nothing is impossible with God. They will find out next.

  5. Trump's minions will have a tantrum if he doesn't win primaries and will opt out to vote, giving Biden a major boost.

  6. I would like to see Desantis as Trumps VP.

  7. As a god fearing man I know evil grows when good people do say nothing dessantis is a lying snake hypocrite and backstabber were tanking here in florida I just hope people don't let this guy brainwash anyone trump 24

  8. love Kelly so so smart

  9. You go girl! The man said it, "the best of the best" yeah!


  11. Trump for GOP nominee!

  12. I Respect you Both my friend's

  13. Ron said he would stay in Florida for another term to help his state. That's what he should do.

  14. Now a divorcee. She's back in action.

  15. Vote's not changing unless President Trump drops out !!!

  16. At least we have the Inflation Reduction Act, that was the cherry 🍒 on top that made Powell raise interest rates and make homes unaffordable.

  17. The Democrat party hurt themselves when they cheated and lied on Trump in 2019. They have hurt their Brand by going far left as well. My eyes are wide open now more than ever. I will vote for Trump. He is the only one that can save this great nation.

  18. All attacks on Trump especially by republicans are meaningless for He has already beyond any doubt proven Himself and against all odds. Imagine that….

  19. Go figure,,, when deeply thinking about any republican candidate running against Trump one comes to wonder why so bad intended fully knowing bureaucrats and foreign leaders stole the presidential election and that He is truly the person who made America great and will no doubt do it again are Not to be trusted at all for they are in the realms of deceits and greed. Like devil's wanting to be God when God gave us TRUMP. Shame on them.

  20. Going to be a Trump DeSantis ticket

  21. The majority of Trump's supporters seem to be those who think chocolate milk comes from brown cows. The Trump farce is absurd. It is like a tragicomic play unfolding. Russia, China, Iran, and other rogue states are cheering. The rest of us around the world keep our fingers crossed for an America without this selfish, bitter and vindictive man who failed to produce nothing but hate…..