Sunday , April 18 2021
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Ken Cuccinelli accuses Biden admin of a 'coverup' at the border

Former DHS deputy acting secretary reacts to report a press release on terrorists crossing the border was taken down on ‘The Evening Edit.’ #FoxBusiness #EveningEdit

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  1. Don't forget about my 1st amendment right freedom of speech


  3. I had no idea America has an FBI, OR A SECRET SERVICE, is it because they are looking after Hunter Biden.

  4. Turkey supports terrorism Turkey finances terrorism wake up citizens

  5. Its all been one cover up after another. Even his bills hes passing are cover ups to what he really wants to do. Sad to see politicians be so self serving when they are suppose to be serving the people

  6. Border Patrols are not babysitters nor caregivers, they have important task in hand to keep danger out! We cannot afford to have domestic chaos plus MS-13 in every community, what a mess Biden's administration created??? We citizens are the ones who will pay the price of peace (police already defunded) and share our resources with "the guests" Biden invited in.

  7. If you love this country as I do this has to stop vet

  8. Hunter's drug fix, is secure.

  9. We are witnessing the destruction of America from the Democratic Party.

  10. Why dont they sind the un in there to put a stop to the crap on the other side ove the border what do we pay out all this money to the un for

  11. Will President Biden hold another press conference in March of next year? Hahaha!

  12. Is it the CBP this pulling it down or biden Administration?

  13. Its so disheartening, the Biden admin stole our election and congress let them and now we are turning into a communist Country. These evil people and their handlers need are traitors.

  14. No, the military is forced to stand around the Capitol uselessly, no, to protect a criminal administration that is bringing destruction and poverty to the citizens. They steal what little the people have to pocket it and enrich the corporations in a power grab.

  15. Biden , Harris, Pelosi, Schumer and AOC are part of the most inhumane regime ever in America. They are responsible for everything that happens on the southern border. They are trafficking these people. The entire democratic and All who voted for them and all that are in democratc party are just as guilty.

  16. "The media's the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent.”
    ~ Malcom X


  18. Just a note UNN has been banned from YouTube for a week You can find it on Dlive. ,,,,,,,,,

  19. Let’s deport Biden crew, all of them! Hell would be a good place for them.

  20. Trump people at border did great job , unfortunately stolen election made it worse .

  21. Anonymous sources say these "terrorists" were just some people Biden had requested a private meeting with for a business deal. Something about a firework project to be completed in September 2024, or there abouts. Nothing shady going on.

  22. Republicans care about everything expect the people smh

  23. This is business as usual for the American communist party(democrat)

  24. They are not covering it up, they are habitually lying about that and everything they say.
    Sadly…. they are being protected from being charged with treason by ????
    The democratic communist party of the NWO is the largest and most powerful Criminal Enterprise the world has ever known.
    They dont hide that fact either. They are proud of it by eliminating the US Constitution while instituting a lawless nation.
    The regime of Biden is committing ANARCY against the citizens.
    We are in the twilight zone nation.

  25. What are the people in this administration trying to hide by pulling down information on the 2 Yemeni men detained at the border? American citizens and journalists have a right to know about these people, as our safety is of the utmost importance. More and more every day, we are seeing we cannot trust this administration to keep us safe. Harris/Biden took an oath to protect the safety of all Americans and our sovereignty. Biden/Harris need to be impeached operating in this clandestine manner that reeks of secrecy. Are they on our side or what?

  26. I feel there is an unknown very sinister reason he even opened the border. What and who was it for?

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