Saturday , August 8 2020
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Ken Cuccinelli fires back at O'Malley after confrontation in DC bar

Acting Director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Ken Cuccinelli breaks down his aggressive interaction with Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley at a D.C. bar.

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  1. Dumbocrats have no intellectual comments to say, so they spew hate for the world

  2. I don't understand why Democrats are so angry at for Trump enforcing the immigration laws passed by Congress before he was elected? They (the media) cared about the previous administration doing those things until they didn't for some reason.

  3. Just wait until Trump gets re-elected! I’m voting as early as possible, then I’m locking my doors, turning out the lights and watching these rabid lunatics on television go INSANE and get violent. I wouldn’t be out after dark!!!

  4. I'm tired of conservatives taking the high road. It's time to start punching back!

  5. Back in the day politicans always used to get drunk and fight is what it is.

  6. Guinness lover!! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

  7. Isn’t that bar a place of public accommodation? Time to set a ZeroTolerance for Bullying policy and to get some bouncers to eject the bullies.

  8. A barfight – political discourse at its best.

  9. Salute to Ken👊🏽🇺🇸

  10. I’m Irish heritage….this is no big deal, guy had to many, move on. I’d have smacked him tho

  11. Everyone in Maryland knows, O'Malley is unstable and out of touch. Part of the reason Maryland is so corrupt still. Thank goodness for our current Governor Hogan.

  12. O'mally is taking his orders from mad maxine waters.

  13. O'Malley, doing his best drunken Irishman impression, thought he was the star of O'malleys Bar by Nick Cave.

  14. Martin O'Malley what a piece of crap lowlife Democrat spouting off nothing but another Democrat low IQ bully

  15. These fanatics are insane.Drunken washed up angry puppet o'mally .lol

  16. Sue democrats misusing impeachment as political weapon to bring down president.

  17. Martin O'Malley represents the Democrats to perfection.

  18. On what a surprise, another unhinged Democrat.

  19. A loud drunken irish man named o malley where was Gallagher from shameless?

  20. Martin should be investigated because he obviously has something to loose . Is it money? hmmm. His reaction is not normal for just a disagreement…..has to be more involved. Common sense says so.

  21. O’Malley is still sleeping it off! His wife will be beating his Irish a$$ up when he wakes up!

  22. The people of maryland would Love to get their hands on that pedophile O Mally

  23. Violent liberals…who would have known ?

  24. should've broke that bottle of guinness over the son of a bitch's head!!!

  25. O,malley is a communist homosexual pervert he is one of the reasons baltimore is the way it is.

  26. I would like to go to that bar…

  27. I just KNEW Ken Cuccinelli was one cool customer!
    It was a degradation to office that Cuccinelli lost his gubernatorial bid to that lowlife Terry McAuliffe (a Clinton bag man).
    It was the ultimate justice when POTUS tapped Cuccinelli to serve in his administration.

  28. The combination of having Irish blood and too much beer and looking for a fight in a bar.
    The usual.

  29. Remember to arrest Maxine waters for inciting violence against all trump administrations. !!!!!

  30. Cuccinelli should have broke this POS nose THEN walk away as any civilized person would have done.

  31. How do to get on the Democratic Vice-Presidential list? Administration accomplishments or get punched by a member of the Trump cabinet?

  32. Don't count on RINOs or moderates waking up. The demographics and deep state are in lock step with them. Outcome, anyone?

  33. Teenage O’Malley needs to respect his elders. His grandkids need to have a talk with him.

  34. a dem screams in my face hes gettin knocked the ___ out

  35. Omalley is a loser!!! TRUMP / PENCE 2020!!

  36. The Democrat Party thought this guy can be president Violet psycho yeah that sounds like a pic that have this is how they control people and this is how they are when they don't get their way violent throwing fits acting like 2 year olds because they are always the victim if they are not the victim they create victims there's something wrong with a democratic supporter there is something wrong with the Democratic politician they're all completely eagle

  37. I don’t understand the viciousness. These people are nuts.

  38. Hey Martin , so you don’t like Italians ? You’re a racist piece of s___ !!! Shame on you. Who else don’t you like ? This is what the Democrats have reduced themselves to….. wanna a be tough guys.

  39. You fellow patriots are being very cordial. The dems, if ihad a wish would be to vaporise from the political arena without a trace.

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