Sunday , November 29 2020
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Ken Langone rips Bernie Sanders: What has he done for the little people?

Home Depot co-founder and “I Love Capitalism” author Ken Langone on Bernie Sanders saying the U.S. should not have billionaires.

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  1. Something has to change, or Ill make Guillotines my new business.

  2. how many of the little people Langone hired
    are dependent on food stamps and/or housing subsidies or have to live in their car ?

  3. I love this video, best endorsement ever! Bernie 2020

  4. Here's a little example of a thing he's done for the little guy.
    Successfully pressured Amazon to start paying it's 350k US workers a $15/hr min wage.
    As a result Amazon is beginning to pressure Congress to raise the federal minimum wage from $7.25 to $15/hr.
    This minor accomplishment will directly impact 350k-700k+ Americans likely creating a ripple effect on the entire economy from the increased purchasing power higher wages make possible. Now consider the federal min wage increasing as a result of Sanders pressure, the number of lives impacted becomes infinite. So I guess he's done a little bit for the little guy.

  5. What the hell have you done?

  6. So let me see, you want me to believe that this billionaire clow has more knowledge about what's in my best interest than Sanders, who has been fighting for the peaple for decades?

  7. That poor poor billionaire whatever will he do Seriously people we need to come together and help these poor disfranchised billionaires…

  8. At least fox is getting the word out about Bernie's fight for worker's rights and curbing the greed of leeches.

  9. 3,000 multi-millionaires working at Home Depot 😂

  10. LOL All those employees living large on a Home Depot check. LMFAO. What a greedy pig.

  11. Bernie Sanders is Nightmare for these Billionares.

  12. To Fox news Billionaires are victims and the little people are the aggressors …

    OMG Fox its almost like your news company is run by a billionaire and all your hosts are millionaires.

  13. The rich can stay rich, just don't be so greedy.

    Bernie Sanders 2020 – reduce income inequality – the people need to realize what the truth is – the rich have grabbed too much

    Today a lot of big corporation CEO's make 300X as much money as average workers. Not that many years ago it used to be 30X. What happened? Fooled the little people.
    A friend works at Home Depot at a very low wage scale < $15/hour. How is that helping out employees while the owners accumulate billions of dollars off that work? Very clever!

  14. Lmao the first 3 seconds already shows your ignorance

  15. What has Bernie done for little people? Wow. That's like asking what did Lincoln do for the slaves. I'm always in awe of the ignorance of Fox anchors/gests. CNN and MSNBC are catching up though. Unfortunately, they are successful with their goal of making/keeping America stupid.

  16. Bennie wants to tax you 90% of your earnings. You will be TOLD where to work where to live and what to eat. Maybe some bread crumbs is all you'll get but Bennie will be the richest man in the world off of your hard working back. No matter what age you are or health issues YOU will be required to work. That my friends is Communism and socialism is a nicer word for Communism. Same difference. Pockiehauntus is the same as Bennie. She's still searching for the trees that money grows on. Vote for them and you vote for perpetual slavery. Don't fall for their antics. HEED the warning.

  17. Bennie started the exlax movement. Talking chit all over the place.

  18. Don't let anyone, who hasn't ever done anything but sit on their fat azz, tell you what to do. What has Bennie done for you in his 50 plus years in a government job, which is the ONLY job he has ever had? Why isn't his crooked wife in jail for stealing the funds from her state college, and caused it to go bankrupt and close down. Why? Why was Communist Bennie and his crooked Communist wife married and honeymooning in Communist Soviet Russia some decades ago ? You answer these and you will have the scales drop from your eyes.

  19. WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP FOR A TITLE ! YOUR IGNORANT AS HELL Over Educated Ignorance THINK YOU have All The Answers well Stupid is as Stupid Does and your Corporate News IS LOSING even Views … FOR STUPID !!

  20. Amazon employees: are we a joke to you?

  21. "Your taxes increase by $10,000, but your medical expenses go down by $20,000." -Bernie (literally, go look his explanation on his health plan). Question – what about the people NOT spending anything on healthcare now? What about people on employer sponsored plans with high deductibles, low premiums who don't go to the doctor? Doesn't that mean our expenses go up by $10,000 per year? That's a life breaking tax hike.

  22. Bernie Sanders and Greedy Companies and he has three houses – maybe he should donate two of the houses to the homeless OR illegals!

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