Tuesday , November 24 2020
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Ken Starr: Trump's actions don't rise to the level of high crimes

FOX News contributor and former independent counsel Ken Starr discusses the impeachment inquiry.

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  1. President Trump exercises EXCELLENT Judgement. He's the Best POTUS we've ever had! And I'm a D.A R.
    Two of my ancestors actually signed the Declaration of Independence.
    There was nothing wrong with that phone call. I like many voters read the transcript. Adam Schiff's judgement and actions and involvement DO appear to rise to the level of high crimes, sedition and treason. As does Pelosi and the other business with Schumer, Pelosi, Schiff, and Warner in that dirty letter they all signed demanding that the staff to get their permission before carrying out the POTUS orders to decalss a document.
    These Congress people were screaming for Trump to declass that phone call. And he did. We the People read it online before Schiff read that silly badly written script .. putting words into the mouth of our duly elected POTUS that our President Never said to the Ukrainian President. Schiff should be embarrassed, as well as Pelosi. But more than that, they should be removed and indicted for playing all of We the People for chumps. Lying to all of US for years about the Ukrainian situation and their personal family involvement. Wasting the People's tax dollars ..so they could get kick backs and freebie big money paychecks for doing nothing. Then attempting to raise more tax dollars while harming our way of life and quality of life .. with that Green New Deal nonsense… so that they might have more $$$ to throw at foreign actors for play for play and kick backs. Oh Yes, We the People KNOW. We aren't the smelly Walmart shoppers .. they take US for. We aren't the losers and the deplorable's and the horrible things these corrupt useless snobs call all of US behind OUR backs.
    All they've done is insult the American citizen Voters and harass OUR Duly Elected President when he is working for free, working for We the People. For the good of the country.
    There's SO much more to say, but this comment is getting pretty long. So I digress. But We the People are finding out about the dirty Dems. And the REAL reasons they're trying to impeach OUR duly elected beloved President Trump

  2. Trump has committed high crimes. Thing is a president does not have to commit a crime to get impeached.

  3. But Ken we all know your character you have none

  4. Wait for it the dems and media will do anything to get the simple majority to impeach in the House prior to 2020(see we serve THE PEOPLE) … then the dems and media will push WE ARE THE GOOD.GUYS; whether the Senate completes their tasks or not; their goal is to remove Trump(duh); Senate(with Chief SCOTUS) involved not happening(remember President Clinton was impeached AND the REPUBLICAN SENATE did not agree; HOWEVER the hope is if President Trump succeeds and is re-elected there will be a major push against Republican House and Senate seats … watch for all sorts of non researched stories in the media and conspiracy or not watch; although I fear they have another insurance card

  5. Who cares what this guy has to say.

  6. Anyone see this? Am I shadow banned?

  7. He makes a valid point. Even,though he's a jerk

  8. True but … in the house IT IS all about politics … in the Senate(with Chief SCOTUS) it is not

  9. What the Dems in Congress and some “hidden” operatives are trying to do
    is to take over the government and legislate socialism on the people.

  10. Spoken from the guy that changed the definition of what impeachment can be and says NO IMPEACHABLE offense exists.

  11. People he asked the President of the Ukraine to look into Clowdstrike, a sever company used to hold Hillary Clinton's emails. He never mentioned Biden but the Ukrainian Pres. then mentioned Biden. Get you story straight.


  13. Go back and fail Baylor again you dolt.

  14. Ken Starr is the biggest scum bag – he started all the hypocrisy in the GOP – he defended the tobacco companies and tried to take down a great president for having a consenting affair but he is defending this lying embarrassing corrupt buffoon of a president – Starr makes my skin crawl he is so evil – will do anything for money

  15. Hey Ken, how many rapes took place at Baylor under your hypocritical Watch? How many girls lives were scared for life, so Baylor U could win some football games?

  16. The interviewer needs to learn. 1998 Treaty of sharing information On criminal activity. In 1998 Bill Clinton Sent to the senate for approval A treaty Negotiated With the Ukraine As well as others on sharing criminal activity information. Criminal information sharing treaty. This treaty Obligates countries That have knowledge Of corruption Taken place In our country Are others That affect both countries.Therefore the conversation in question is approved by treaties between our country others IE the Ukraine  By this treaty any U.S. president can share and/or request information on topics of criminal activity.

  17. So he actually said Trump is going to jail or will plea deal. WOW! Lets give love and peace one final chance. Mercy and Truth will guide us. Proverbs 24 please read with an open mind and a open heart. Wisdom. Justice. Judgement. Equity. The fruits of the spine. Heart, Mind, Body, is the fruits of Devine.
    It’s Resurrection time.
    Let the Great Architect Thoughts be Magnified.

  18. Trump has abused his power since he’s been in the White House. See it for what it is and do something about him

  19. President Trumps discussion with the Ukraine president rises to the level of freedom of speech.

  20. So a president cannot be above the law , but how about a candidate. Simply because someone runs for president he can commit felonies? And a president who is the chieflaw enforcement officer in the land has no jurisdiction to prosecute a perspective candidate who hasn't even made it through the primaries ?

  21. yea he hasn't lied about a blow job yet but he did lie about paying off porn stars for their silence during his last campaign

  22. No TRUMP'S actions dont rise to the level of high treason. But Clinton getting blow jobs did? Partisan GOP hack.

  23. Vote Trump and remember this. They loved Donald before he ran. They are trying everything. Not because he is Trump but because he had the nerve to take "their" White House and their access to "their"Trillion Dollar Bank Account. The national Tax Base….your money….from the DC Elite Closed Shop Club.

    Remember this also. If you had the the nerve, the money, clout and brains to get elected…… They would do EXACTLY the same ….to YOU. All of you…..(Ask Ross Perot or his ghost)

    It's not Democracy in any way shape or form. Oh they let you vote but only for those they pass the baton of succession to, the people of THEIR choosing. You vote only for those they stand in front of you.

    Its a corrupt Elitist Closed Private Club …..and YOU ain't in it. None of you.

    Neither is Donald Trump.

  24. I remember having the same hate for Ken Starr as I now have for Robert Mueller.

  25. Allow the people to decide in 2020.

  26. How is a blow job worse then gaining foriegn aid to meddle in an election? Not to mention you, accused Clinton of an abuse of power and that was worthy of removal. Now you state that this president has abused his power but that's unworthy of removal? The American people didn't care that Clinton was a philanderer, just like they don't care that the president says you can grab women's vaginas. They do care about using foreign influence to define our democracy and allow foreign governments to have a say in who is running our country… thus taking away our right to choose.

  27. Democrats collided with Ukraine to dig up dirt on Trump and Biden bragged about blackmailing Ukraine to get a Ukrainian prosecutor fired. Ukraine is at the center of both controversies and I don’t see anything wrong with the president, as chief enforcement officer under the constitution, asking Ukraine to look into them. If doing his job also benefits him, then he can have a good chuckle at democrats’ expense the same way democrats get a good laugh at using impeachment as a campaign stunt to benefit themselves.

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