Monday , November 29 2021
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Kennedy: Beto O’Rourke is resetting his failed campaign

FOX Business’ Kennedy criticizes Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke for trying to restart his campaign.

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  1. Look, if he can change a tire without jacking up the car, he deserves to be president! NOBODY but Bean-O can do that! Paddy 2020!

  2. lisa kennedy and fox news trashing medicare for all to help the insurance and drug companies keep their 100 billion dollars profits to get more donor money for their network and they dont care how many people die because they cant afford their health care premiums and deductibles,they dont give a dam about the middle class and the poor,most of them are millionaires and live in big mansions,the more they sell out the american people ,the bigger their salary grows,lisa kennedy is not worried about health care,because she has goldstar health care from fox news and her net worth is 2.5 million dollars.

  3. Beto was arrested in college for…..wait for it….jumping a fence. True story!

  4. Buttfck ODorke is definitely one of those candidates who the more you know, the more you dislike him.

  5. Resetting to a bigger failure!

  6. Warren is garbage for claiming indian… Robert is complete tool for going by veto. Like come on people

  7. Beta O'Dork is a skinny arm flailing soy-boy-girlie-man…..President?….Nahhh, don't think so….

  8. I hate liars. This lady on the screen is a liar, with a fake cheer. Beto is a real and honest guy, and even if he doesn't make it to the presidency he has important things to say to Americans. So the more he stays on the trail it is the better for America!

  9. you are a narcissist, you foul mouthed lady on the screen!

  10. I love Beto! He is a real human, in contrast to you! Who the hell is this evil speaking lying woman?

  11. Send this loser to Mexico! He has no hope in US!

  12. Heard he got the nickname Beto from his Hispanic housekeeper. I just call him Bob. And suddenly hes just Clark Kent again. Lol

  13. Does no one close to him have the balls to tell him that he doesn't have an ice cubes chance in hell of winning.

  14. Butthole O'Dork is a Genuine Texas Turd who is still laundering the remains of that $78,000,000 of campaign finance money from his failure to upseat Ted Cruz as Senator.

    Don't kid yourself; he knows he has no chance at the White House; he is just being creative with his bookkeeping to stash away a few bucks to add to his wife's billions.

  15. too late,, he destroyed his chance …lol

  16. He watches too much CNN he's out of touch with the reality of the American people !!

  17. The only reason this idiot has not packed it in yet is because he has not run out of campaign contribution money yet. In his Senate Campaign, his self funding total was $0. So, he’s vacationing at donor expense right now. And of course fulfilling his narcissistic tendencies.

  18. Beto and AOC are both equally worthless.

  19. little breasts and big arms. Gross. No wonder Kennedy is so bitter.

  20. Beto O'Rouke has destroyed himself specially his views on the border wall and immigration!!


  21. The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next.
    Abraham Lincoln

  22. Beto O’Rourke whole campaign… TRUMP IS A WHITE SUPREMACIST!!!

  23. Beto the Beta……now that is NOT an Alpha male..

  24. He should win he excell in attacking Trump

  25. You midea people are way over the top for exaggerating everything

  26. Does she not know how to read a teleprompter normally? without emphasizing random words for no reason?

  27. They don’t come dumber then this knob keep it up lol

  28. Idk who's more cringe, beto or this lady

  29. Robert Francis O'Rourke for El Presidenta of MEXICO! 2%

  30. Beto needs to go back to Mexico.

  31. This probably the best roasting I’ve seen on Fox News lol


  33. Master Beta is nothing but a moron. Dont waste your time…

  34. Beto has been exposed for the flailing arms empty suit socialist he is.

  35. How much do you have to love yourself to be this dude? I heard he is working with scientists to be able to bear his own child.

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