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Kennedy family buries 22-year-old Saoirse Kennedy Hill l ABC News

Family and close friends gathered to pay their final respects for Ethel Kennedy’s granddaughter, who was laid to rest not far from the Kennedy compound in Massachusetts.

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  1. I don't believe in superstitious hocus pocus baloney but I honestly think that whole Kennedy line family might be cursed way to many tragic, bizarre weird deaths in that family line.

  2. They don't get more American than the Kennedy's they should have a highly respected day of remeberance and cerimonial respect for there complete family and the price they paid for there family's service to this great country land of the free

  3. Sure am getting fed up with what keeps happening to the Kennedy's

  4. My deepest sympathy to her parents and grandmother

  5. Joe Kennedy’s misdeeds etc…

  6. Hold on!
    Don't be quick to believe she committed suicide from an episode of depression 3 years ago.
    If Saoirse was assassinated by British Intelligence agents for being a potential threat to their takeover of the U.S. via Trump,
    then her past of mental health issues became an alibi for killers that knew how strong of a voice she would become as We, who are data straining and polygraphing procedural information networks, expose the transatlantic Anglo-supremacist shadow agents/mob-members (who's royalist deepstate double agents led the gangstalking killings of JFK & RFK from the 60s to American celebrity deaths today) secretly embedded by invasion into the CIA, banks, FEDS, and corporations alike.

  7. My thoughts:  Some people can be so cruel and heartless with their comments.  It's a shame.  God bless those that think life for them will always be perfect and peaches and cream that they are "exempt" or so they think in their mind, from all that others may have to face or will face in life.  God bless the Kennedy family and may their loved one rest in peace.

  8. Sorry to hear this news.  God bless their family at this time.

  9. The Kennedy's had a history of drug abuse cancer depression sad to say that alot of the suicides today are,, because of depression and it's can be inherited the mental case issue in the United States is growing among college students it's awful and depression can be controlled by therpy medicine and positivity it's a shame that they had to bury another beautiful Kennedy because of this. I remember David Maxwell Kennedy Ethel's son he died of depression and took an over dose of drugs and he went to rehab but checked himself out it's awful and despite all the help and therapists clinics. Motivation books people can't move on and death is their only escape

  10. I wonder if they are going to bury her next to the other Kennedy’s

  11. Kennedy = suicide
    Anyone else = Accidental overdose ( addict).

  12. I love her name. I don't understand this insanity.

  13. I am so very sorry this happened to her. She was so beautiful. She looked like an amazingly nice person. Oh God.

  14. the bigger the smile the easy it is to hide the pain. rip saoirse

  15. If i had to go with my GUT feeling. …I SAY SHE WAS MURDERED!! for some odd reason..MAY GOD Bless the Kennedy's..for their loss and for trying to make A BIG DIFFERENCE in our society

  16. So tragic. Beautiful young lady. And about to be a senior at Boston College. She had dinner with her grandmother, Ethel, was out with friends, returned after 5AM. She went for a short swim in the ocean. My guess is that she accidentally took too much of her medications.

  17. Very ❤ breaking any way you look at it. Rip

  18. Od'd on granny's stash? Gotta remember folks…THESE ARE KENNEDY'S …..

  19. You can bet the opoids were a flowin' at that Kennedy planting gathering…*sigh*…

  20. Acts 24:14-16/John 5:28/Daniel 12:2 the resurrection, all those in their graves hear Jesus voice, and come forth, out of their sleep in the dust of the earth, to life and healing – Isaiah 35:5-7*

  21. She reminds me of my ex girlfriend's best friend whom I cheated with on her.

  22. Money buys everything I guess.. What about the regular people.. Oh Democrat family.. There was a Kennedy rapist but he got off on all charges because money bought the victim… Do I feel bad yes did I cry no… I am crying for all people suffering from mental illness and have no help. Wake up people.

  23. Everyday the media and political left say all the problems of America are from white privilege. It caught up to her and people like Booker and Lemon are responsible.

  24. Streihan needs to say Massachusetts about 10 times.

  25. reverse psychology .. about Gott ??

  26. I wonder what Marilyn Monroe will say to her 🤭🤔🤫😇

  27. My condolences to the Kennedy family

  28. They love her so much that they left their daughter locked in a mental hospital until she dies… rosemary Kennedy. …

  29. Wish she had known Jesus cause HE cured me from depression. .. what a shame. ..

  30. R.I.P!! JESUS CHRIST 🙏🙏🙏

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