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Kennedy family grieves after 22-year-old's death

Saoirse Kennedy Hill passed away after being found unresponsive; she wrote openly about her long battle with depression in a student newspaper three years ago.




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  1. The bible says flesh = death. Cursed.

  2. Could the Kennedy curse just stop I am now getting sad the curse must leave this family alone

  3. Wonder what her toxicology will say? Like rfks son David dying from a drug od in 1984…. And Michael killed playing football on skis!! Family had had alot of tragedy but why are they so
    different then my famiky?? Kennedy curse I could talk about them all day but there ain't no curse…if it happened to me I'm just a stranger..but her? Oh wow she's a fukin Kennedy..

  4. Proof even the most inconsequential of Kennedys gets headline news when they die…

  5. Ironic that she was killed by drugs probably brought in though the liberals open boarders.

  6. Depresstion is you suppressed yourself by this sad thoughts nagative thoughts that start ruling your feeling and you start beleaving them. GOD told us wach what u think and dont let your emotions rule you. Worry causes your body to be sick. Just live and enjoy life to the fullest trials are part of learning and to strengthening us.feelings come and go dont rely on them only Pray sincerely to GOD.

  7. For all people that have depression don't let your emotions rule you. you need to control your thoughts and be careful what you think. GOD'S greatest advise to us

  8. I think depression is caused by malnutrition and lazy dopamine receptors in the brain. That is in think it's totally curable but someone has to try to make a cure.

    RIP young lady.

  9. For Christians on youtube: 1woksape super deliverance

  10. A beautiful soul taken too soon. Never be afraid to reach out for help. Rest In Peace sweet girl.

  11. This family has seen repeated tragedy through the years. "The Kennedy curse" so to speak. It's always the privileged kids who are the most messed up. I went to high school with rich kids. Not everyone, but alot of them had dysfunctional family lives. Alcohol,drugs,gambling, affairs,fighting. But 22? Damn. A kid. Was it an
    Overdose? Suicide?

  12. Depression is a very difficult condition to deal with, is something to be aware 24 hours 7 days per week.

  13. What a beautiful first name…..for a beautiful young lady… I'm so sorry..

  14. If you're rich or privileged and finding yourself depressed and life not worth living, I say look for volunteer opportunities in safe needy countries. When you see the everyday struggles of poor people and you start helping you'll move the focus from your own self to those you're helping and in the process you'll help yourself.

  15. So heartwrenching sorry for your pain, I am praying for strength, for all her family and friends and all those who struggle with depression.. Amen

  16. One less whacko, liberal, left- wing Democrat! Good riddance.

  17. Unbelievable..talk about having EVERYTHING IN LIFE..girl

  18. Taking drugs can cause permanent damage; can cause major depression etc.

  19. I dont understand suicide. Life is so beautiful

  20. I would hate to even be around the people What evil lurks there 😯😯😯😯😯

  21. Hey ABC & the Magic "kingdom" of Disney!
    If Saoirse was assassinated by British Intelligence agents for being a potential threat to their takeover of the U.S. via Trump,
    then her past of mental health issues became an alibi for killers that knew how strong of a voice she would become as We, who are data straining and polygraphing procedural information networks, expose the transatlantic Anglo-supremacist shadow agents/mob-members (who's royalist deepstate double agents led the gangstalking killings of JFK & RFK from the 60s to American celebrity deaths today) secretly embedded by invasion into the CIA, banks, FEDS, and corporations alike.

  22. So sad..22. All the wealth .power and family in the world..still..the serial killer depression snuck in…and destroyed another family..my heart aches with sorrow for her..and family

  23. Ya know. They always tend to make suicides about the people who didn’t even die. Goes to show you it’s not that it’s a selfish act it’s that those who think it’s selfish are in actuality narcissists that can’t accept death or that life isn’t for everyone. Its extremely unnecessarily hard when you’re depressed. It didn’t need to be put out there for everyone either. Y’all just wanted a news story. Smh 🤦‍♀️

  24. I swear that family has a curse. So sad for them losing such a young granddaughter

  25. She So young n beautiful my heart go out to the Kennedy familys😥🙏🙏🙏

  26. Drugs,drugs,drugs ! Tragedy on Tragedy. Its like health No matter IF you rich or Poor it hits is all ! What why its extra important to hate THE Swedish haircell burner till death ! Mental health Care aint a money issue but drug dealing is. And were comes THE Swedish haircell burner in THE picture he just cant stand Good health or other people's hair on their head.

  27. Ive been fighting depression and anxiety every single day without any medications. it’s so hard being this way no matter how hard I try to escape.

    No matter how hard we try to explain our side no one seems to understand clearly why we are like this. To others this may seem just a psychological “drama” or just wanting attention. Getting into drug addiction is just another kind of escape, you cannot blame the victim.


    Imagine dealing with suicidal attempts every time it attacks and fearing death at the same time..

    I can tell these people who successfully taken their lives are those who never had the chance to say what’s inside them, instead they kept it until their last breath..

    The irony is that, they’ll only get the attention they’ve always wanted when it’s already too late

  28. So sad so young . God be with her family.

  29. The Kennedys are just a bunch of addicts.

  30. So very sad, The Kennedy's have had so much death in their family.

  31. My thoughts and prayers to the Kennedy Hill's family. So sad and thoughts to the beautiful Kennedy Hill's family. God bless.

  32. Hello ABC News and All. Hello Mr. David Muir and all. I 'm glad to see you all. I will try to log into your website, hopefully I could watch it daily. Thank you. Your fan. Love, hugs and kisses to you all. Your fan, love bug.


  34. Money can’t buy you everything huh.

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