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Kennedy: ‘Fight for 15’ is a fight against workers

Kennedy gives her take on the ‘Fight for 15’ movement and then sits down with The King’s College business program chair Brian Brenberg to discuss minimum wage further.

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  1. This  is   the  fault  of     democrat  voters   they  deserve  every bit   of  what   they  get.Normies  need  to  leave  if   possible.

  2. I will be glad when they replace these people at McDonald’s and all these other restaurants I want to make $15 an hour so we can get a computer in there that you can order yourself and get it to where you want it not the way they want it because they never get it

  3. Why don’t they simply look online and apply for jobs that pay at least $15..?

  4. All food places are going to have to mark their food prices up. It's going to be airport prices everywhere. People will stop eating and and eating at home again. They'll all be unemployed fighting for $20 an hour. Because they're stupid.

  5. This is the lefts plans. Create more dependents. Addict them to welfare. And they will vote demoncrat progressive for life. "Socialism at its Greatest"..

  6. They are going to get their 15, then they are going to get their place in the unemployment line. Maybe that is what they are after.

  7. You can't collect tips when you don't have jobs.

  8. Its amazing actually. I started in the workplace at $3.25 minimum wage at 16 yrs old. Todays millenials? ARE WORTH EXACTLY THE SAME. I know….i work with them all the time. Should get a sixpack of them for 15 bucks. College grads? Not even. Anybody stupid enough to pay for what our schools are selling…is just to dumb.

  9. Who ever wrote the title doesn't know what a dollar sign is. 15' means fifteen feet.

  10. Actually, leftards already know this. The Fight for 15 is actually an agenda to force more people into dependency on government under the guise of forcing business to pay a "living" wage. Democrat voters don't understand this but critical thinking Americans like myself sure as f**k do.

  11. 15 an hour will brake Delaware and when it comes to Maryland I will be closing down and 10 full time employees will need to find new jobs after 22 years!


  13. Everyone protesting never had a job only welfare

  14. the left will want to fine businesses for closing.

  15. They should add an amendment that bans government to involve itself in contracts between an employer and employee. Work shall not be infringe upon.

  16. If I own a business, I allocate X dollars to employees. X doesn't change because minimum wage goes up. What changes is that the number of people X gets divided by decreases.

  17. All ya'll need to get a grip on reality. Folks are not going to work 40 hours + for peanuts. Stop the greed. People got live you out of touch re-re's!

  18. Ever here of cutting federal spending?Pulling the troops out of all foriegn countries. ?Not selling weapons to anyone overseas? Minding your business? Cleaning up your polluted oceans ,rivers, lakes,air, Creating solar power, Protecting your food chain, forgetting trips to mars? Basicly all the things that are not any fun?

  19. A raise will raise everything else, SO what's the point of a raise!

  20. I see these ads with Bernie Sanders asking me, hey you know I need your help donate a couple dollars, this guy's a millionaire what the f*** is he talking about? He's a frickin joke!!!!! And he's the one that supposed to help the poor,
    Total BS

  21. Tr ump jobs pay way better than 15. Real jobs!

  22. Burger King is a STARTER job for a kid, not to support a fkn family!

  23. If a $15.00 minimum wage for unskilled work and every work job get's bumped up according to skill, every one and thing, will go up in salary, price, like dominoes including food. Think what wages will be for a professional journey man skilled worker. Who will be able to pay these workers and for how long?

  24. No kidding and these idiots want to govern. The stupidity never stops. The government has no right to tell me how much an employee is worth.

  25. Minimum wage jobs were meant for high school kids to gain work experience not to raise families. If you got no experience, you got no excuse!

  26. We need a $15 dollar minimum wage in the United States.

  27. this kinda stuff use to scare me.. then i bought a house.. cheap..!! so if you raise minimum wage to 15 20 25 an hour thats cool when i can work at mcdonalds making 5000 a month.. my mortgage will still be way less then that..by a house quick..!! thats my only advice. but just so the commies and socialist know, equality in pay will never exist.. why should a street sweeper who made bad choices in life get paid as much as a doctor who worked his butt off to get educated. the big question to the communist is this.."WHY DO YOU DESERVE MY MONEY?" WHY DO YOU DESERVE MY CHILDREN'S MONEY..? I EARNED THAT FOR MY CHILDREN.. "Every Free Man Deserves to eat the corn that he grows." "NO Truely Free Man should be told who to feed with the that he Grows.." Abraham Lincoln Republican (Killed by a Democratic Clans Man for FreeIng Slaves)

  28. 15$ per hour is bad pay. some people are just cheap employers

  29. As someone who has worked for multiple independent as well as corporate restaurants, I have zero sympathy for a failing restaurant. The restaurant industry (in general) has been doing everything it can to underpay and under-employ its staff. They cut hours short to avoid benefits and overtime. IF they give a raise, it is small and infrequent. They outsource a sizable portion of their labor cost as an option for the customer to pay.

    If you think they've been paying enough, I would love to see you make it at less than $10/hour today. That's less than $400/week, because you probably won't get 40 hours – not at one place. Closer to 250-300 after taxes and with the hours you'll get.

    And, if you're argument is that these minimum wage jobs aren't meant for adults, I promise you don't want to eat at a place with only teenagers. Most of the places I've worked wouldn't even hire anybody under 18.

  30. Look at California who is first in raising minimum wage. That outcome is that the fast food franchises have gone to kiosk to order from eliminating jobs completely. Before that to eliminate plastic grocery bags, which by the way grocery stores still sale you at 10 cents each, have California residents bring in their own bags and bag their own groceries. Eliminating 10s of 1000 jobs bagging groceries. This is what you end up with in a state with democratic dictatorship.

  31. OMG that was rat poop??!!

  32. If a person wants $15 an hour, they have to prove themselves first. Are you on your cell phone and texting at work? Talking to the co-workers and avoiding the customers? If so…$5.00 an hour or a quick firing. Are you working hard and putting forth your all in your job? Do you have a willingness to listen and learn? Ok. $15 an hour. Giving people $15 an hour without working for it is like giving candy to a grade school student who always gets F-'s on their tests. You don't deserve jack until you demonstrate your abilities and your attitude.

  33. what a bunch of crap ..it is well known that businesses pass on increase operating costs to its customers…

  34. It would be hilarious, if the ones not protesting. All got raises to $15 an hour. For not skipping their shifts to protest for $15 an hour.

  35. minimum wage vs living wage

  36. Trump supporters do everyone a favor and kys

  37. They want $15hr for flipping burger r take out the garbage. Please go get an education or a trade. Don’t think like AOC donkey head she has no knowledge in math and she praise socialist. Logic is the more you get paid the less hrs you’ll get. Soon we’ll have enough robot that you will be replace and you will end up with NO JOB. Please don’t be stupid like AOC donkey head

  38. $15 could come from the CEOs because obviously the memo wasn't received which implied that after the government tax cut, the CEOs were supposed to trickle down that money instead of lining their pockets.

  39. There is NO ONE SO STUPID as a G.O.Pigshit Republican Party voter. Yeah, right, sure, $15.00 an hour is "TOO MUCH!" Of course, the VERY, VERY RICHEST FEW would pay off Fox FAKE News to say that, now wouldn't they? You don't even want the DECADES OLD $7.50 per hour, right? REPUBLICANS HAVE LONG WANTED THAT DROPPED TO $4.25 per hour.

  40. NYC is not by any means a "cash flush city", because like every other Democrat controlled city, it's BROKE.

  41. More Kennedy… How can I say… "More Kennedy?…
    More Kennedy… How can I say… "More Kennedy?…
    More Kennedy… How can I say… "More Kennedy?..
    .More Kennedy… How can I say… "More Kennedy?…

  42. The dems know and expect a higher minimum wage to put more people out of work. This is what they want so that more people will go on welfare and food stamps making more people dependent on the government so they can be more easily controlled. Despite what they say, they are not fighting to get all workers more pay- they are fighting to get more people out of work and under government control. Raising minimum wage sounds good to many people but the real objective is expanding the control of the government via welfare programs.

  43. Developed countries with no national mandated minimum wage include Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden.

  44. Hope they get the $15 dollars employees need more pay then the ones in charge given there the ones doing the work and if your business goes under then that's on the owner

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