Friday , September 24 2021
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Kennedy reveals homeless crisis in Los Angeles

FOX Business host and L.A. County Sheriff Alex Villanueva shed light on homelessness in the City of Angels on ‘Kennedy’ #FoxBusiness #Kennedy

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  1. "Prop 47 lead to the raise of mass Homelessness and Heroin Addicts let them have what they want keep Newsome!!!!"

  2. I have seen countless utube videos on homeless out there not all are druggies. You have families living in their cars because they can't afford the high rent there. They are still working but have to park and sleep in over night parking. Not all homeless are drug addicts.

  3. A police crackdown? That’s the solution? Sure let’s make the same mistakes we’ve made for the last few decades and hope it works this time

  4. Sanctuary cities, open southern border, Covid influx, anti-I.C.E., catch and release…Gruesome is re-elected so I’m sure he’ll be serious about it now. The exodus will continue.

  5. Too bad Larry didn't have a fleet to help the campers get to the voting booths.

  6. We have too many homeless American citizens . And with the sky high inflation we are going to see more, many which are senior citizens who can no longer afford to pay their rent!! Yet Biden expects us to pay for housing for illegal immigrants and Afghani people brought here. What's right with that??? Nothing! America should take care of Americans first!!!

  7. Covid doesn't affect homeless

  8. This story will get no traction in this country

  9. The governor isn't doing anything. But boy he sure got to keep his job. Mainly because those Californians refuse to have a republican in office. So don't complain about these homeless people when they start impacting their lives. Make your bed and sleep in it. Sorry for the people that wanted Newson gone.

  10. Get rid of federal reserve and title 28 section 3002 15a

  11. Get rid of unlawful property taxes and people wouldn't homeless

  12. And newsome appears to be staying in office. Disappointed in CA residents. They should secede and live with their choices.

  13. All heels up Harris does is cackle and wave. The gross incompetence of this entire administration is beyond anything ever seen in the history of governance.

  14. Doesn’t California tax the rich at the highest percentage? When are people going to get it that when you tax the rich, all they do is pass the costs of the goods and services they provide to middle and low income? Why else is California so expensive to live?

  15. Kennedy…MR Kennedy! She's man like!

  16. Why not help the homeless setup camp in the white privileged parts of the city? I'm sure the problem would be handled in no time then!!!!!!

  17. A fox news clown, " We lie like all the rest."

  18. Gruesome will win do to braindead libs who live in a bubble. Cali is going down ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

  19. Those people love the Governor and they keep him in office!

  20. It's the corrupt governments and all its employees

  21. Empty hospitals? Really? I thought Cali was over run with COVID. But this guy has empty hospitals for the homeless population. Wake up people!

  22. I don't know who those 36% are because clearly NOTHING is being done to lessen the percentage of homeless people.

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