Sunday , August 1 2021
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Kennedy: Sanders, Harris health care plans are garbage

FOX Business’ Kennedy on 2020 presidential candidate Kamala Harris’s claim that she’s uncomfortable with Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-Vt.) health care plan.

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  1. Started her run for the POTUS saying she was running a truth campaign. LMAO

  2. Fox is right! Its Garbage if your Big Pharma, Corporate hospital chains, and Big Insurance.. for the 99% its treasure! GO BERNIE!!

  3. this shows the desperation of the insurance and pharmaceutical companies to trick this hoe into defending them. Healthcare over profits! Bernie 2020 🔥🔥🔥

  4. This lady is disgusting and delusional.

  5. The Vermont Hillbillies
    Bernie Sanders, Jane M'Meara Sanders, David Driscoll, Carina Driscoll.
    David closed nonprofit think tank co Operated with his mommy and daddy conflict of interest on that super pac money. Think tank David earned 100k a year. Think tanks produce nothing and pay almost no tax. Scammers
    Carina runs Vermont Wood working School which sucked alot of money from bankrupt Burlington College which was run by Jane Sanders.
    Carina also ran for Burlington Mayor lost!!!!!!
    If I was born a Vermont Hillbilly clan of the Sanders/Dricoll's. I could have started a Maple Syrup School yeehaw and made big dollars. Right Bernie or I meant to say Paw???????

  6. I swear to god she is running for an Emmy with this act.

  7. Well Harris and Sanders are a couple of lib tard sh@theads

  8. lisa kennedy ,fox news and the republicans are ok with people dying because they cant afford their health care premiums and deductibles,,they only care about protecting the insurance and drug companies billion dollar profits.

  9. Ight keep paying them copays and deductibles

  10. If she becomes the president cocaine will be legal in the United State's because she loved it!.
    She need to go to hell with all the corrupt politician around her!.
    Visit the state of California and see how she destroyed it with her failure policy!.
    This evil woman need to be behind bar because she violated citizens civil and human right!.

  11. She needs to get fire she annoying af she sounds like Sandy cheeks

  12. Can Fox viewers stomach this garbage? I can see why Tucker Carlson is so popular if this is what other programs consist of

  13. I admire he character, as this is all fun and insults Y'all want facts just go elsewhere.

  14. What's your arm workout Kennedy? I want to get that ripped

  15. Voting for Bernie Sanders despite your bs bias

  16. I’m confused. Is this a news channel or is this a gossip show on the E! channel?

  17. Medicare is not free. Medicare for all means premiums for all just like those of us who are paying for it now with premiums and very expensive supplement plans. Wow, are they trying to say it is free for all? I could save $500 a month with my Medicare premiums and my supplemental if it was free for all. This does not wash. It is political hype targeted at those who think it would be free.

  18. Mouthpiece for the oligarchy.

  19. .Ok, look at it this way….. Who is number one on earth in medical advancement???? Without the U.S, every and i mean EVERY Nordic country would have been over run and controlled by Russia for the past 50 years……. You want everyone equally poor…. Wealth inequality is the biggest nothing burger on planet earth….. Put it this way, Bernie is a Millionaire…..He talks about needing more and more government control….. Put it this way Bernie talks about the powerful elite…..Yet, he became a rich millionaire from forced taxes on citizens and his "powerful elite" became rich by voluntary transactions….

  20. Reporter is a moron. Learn how to speak bozo.

  21. I truly came on here to hear some information and their was absolutely nothing. Smh. Name calling and no valid information given. Don’t be fooled by the news people. research and educate yourselves please.

  22. Kennedy is trying to have personality and failing.

  23. Well, what do you expect? Consider this candidates mental state. Or just consider her as a person. Then you get the word "garbage". The woman was all politics on CNN, "DURING" a LIVE shootout with police and her gun control policy. Garbage in, garbage out.

  24. This lady is freaking annoying

  25. 📺🐶🔮🚩🏠🍼🎤🐰☺🎥🔎🔩

  26. kennedy is so annoying and unwatchable ew

  27. Fox shouldn't give her money, she suck

  28. This is a "Business" channel?

  29. Kennedy is looney don’t watch or else you risk becoming dumber

  30. Bruh I just came here to hear what Bernie Sanders voice sounds like for a meme

  31. The host Kennedy is a complete clown who nobody takes seriously, VOTE FOR BERNIE SANDERS

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