Monday , November 29 2021
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Kennedy slams celebrities over Equinox, SoulCycle boycott

FOX Business’ Kennedy slams celebrities for boycotting Equinox and SoulCycle.

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  1. All those brains and just a doll with strings… becuase of envy? I dunno. When I was younger I thought she was amazing no matter now she's just a shell of a figurine.

  2. Talking about the movie "The Hunt", Trump is right when saying, "Hollywood is racist." Trump knows exactly what he’s talking about when it comes to leftists attacking his supporters. Of 63 million Americans who voted for Trump in the 2016 election, about 13 million (21%) were minorities including Hispanic, Asian, Black and others. A white character said in the movie, "Nothing better than going out to the manor and slaughtering a dozen deplorables." Hillary famously dubbed Trump supporters, deplorables during the 2016 election. If you don't think slaughtering Africa-American, Hispanic, Asian and other minority voters, is racist, what else it should be? Even worse, the dialogue not only absolutely proved this movie racist but also intentionally promoted white supremacy. NBC Universal Studio's abhorrent meaningless "The Hunt" is nothing but promoting white supremacy and glorifying ultra violence. Hollywood is in fact totally racist.

  3. I guess the Dems didn't learn anything from Chick Filet 😀

  4. i'm left nor right, but to call out the leftist for voting with their dollar, with only a few months ago support the whole boycott nike, thats just hypocrite.

  5. Not knowing either of these two makes me feel accomplished. I really have ignored Hollywood successfully. I win.

  6. Its truly funny how MAGA hats are made in China and foot stomping made in America deplorables still buy them– the point is Americans spend their money the way they want—we support the political party that we want–thats our freedom—get over it and stop trying to control us–IF WE WANT TO BOYCOTT SOMETHING BECAUSE WE ARE MAKING A POLITICAL STATEMENT-oh well

  7. I’d like to give Kennedy a workout.

  8. If you work out at Equinox, go shoot yourself

  9. Let's boycott the boycotters

  10. I love a good roast in the morning. Keep it up.

  11. We do not need.the celebrities anyway. They are in with the rest of the communist socialist progressives who are just all trash. News flash Jesus has already won and salvation is for those who repent from their darkness/ sin


  13. Michael Moore at Soul Cycle?😳😝😝😝😂😂😂😂😂 He must go to the one between the Pizza Hut and McDonald’s, with a ColdStone and Mrs Field in same Mall.😂😂😝💪💪

  14. If I lived in California I'd go to his gym Don't back down. President Trump 2020

  15. What astronomer needs to look to outer space to find a black hole, just go to Hollyweird. They have been creating a critical mass for years and its about to implode. 💣💣

  16. Yeah black people obviously cant spell!! And definitely still pick cotton!!lol is she crazy!!

  17. Cotton headed! Cant spell !! Wow

  18. What a bigoted statement omg lol

  19. Aaaww the poor celebriweenies….
    We're talking about people that send their assistants to Burger King to order a whopper with extra cheese and fries with extra salt…
    Then claim on TV they are vegan and only order the beyond burger..

  20. How about Liberal Democrat Communist Socialist boycott all medical facilities, hospitals, clinics and ambulatory services that support Trump

  21. Love Ya Kennedy,,
    A Women With a Sharp Mind…

  22. I want a new show called, 'One-Two Punch' starring Kennedy and Judge Jeannine! – Ep. 1: Nancy Pelosi

  23. 😂 I've never seen Kennedy so funny! Lovin' her more and more.

  24. What did you do with all those fish?
    …and eels?

  25. Most of Hollywood celebrities are Sexual predators, drug addicts, athiests, selfish etc

  26. LOL. Like the Trump supporter will go get a membership to any gym. Ever see a Trump rally? Nothing but fat, dumb white people and geriatric Alzheimer patients. Besides, a gym membership would cut into the average Trump supporter's Box-o-wine and cigarette budget.

  27. I want to watch Harry Potter and spoon on the couch with Kennedy. Is that weird?

  28. Hollywood and these elites, scream and cry wolf yet they refuse to help their state?? Why is that?? Stop supporting Hollywood!! Disney is already feeling the affects.

  29. Publish a list of liberal supporter business for start to boycott all of them.

  30. In a CAPITALIST society, people can spend their CAPITAL any way they want.

    Nice try Eva Braun.

  31. Or no cared Kapernick still got his money when the right and has now become a bigger beacon for minority than playing football thanks right.

  32. Isn't it interesting how the left's response to finding out someone exists always ends up being exactly what they're accusing that person of doing by simply existing… And not doing any of that. Sort of the way everything they claim to be is what we are and everything they accuse us(conservatives) of being is what they are. Interesting.

  33. 😍😍😍😍 love Kennedy! PSA….Remember to spay and neuter your liberals.

  34. Saw Kennedy on Fox yesterday talking about the ice raids. She said leave the illegals alone they are working. I guess she doesn't realize these are 700 jobs some American could have to put food on their table for their family.

  35. Are they going to boycott the 80% "Black" Miami Dolphins too?

  36. Now this is some insightful and meaningful reporting here. How about talk about stolen patents and Serco? How about talk about stolen source codes?

  37. The bullying, thuggery, intimidation, threats and now business boycott tactics by the Intolerant Left will NOT STAND—as long as the left do that, there can't be unity. Democ-rats and their Fake News Media must stop delegitimizing and demonizing conservatives and acknowledge there good people on BOTH sides. The more they radicalize their acts against the President and his supporters, the bigger Trump's re-election victory will be.

  38. Hahaha! Micheal Moore and working out 😅😂🤣

  39. His business will skyrocket. Always works that way when libs call knee jerk boycott.

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