Thursday , November 26 2020
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  2. I am now triggered by Kamalas lies. Her noise is a weapon of mass destruction and should be banned.

  3. Kamala harris is a junky just listen to her!

  4. Harris is one crazy dummie!!!

  5. Social media? The nation loves the product.

  6. Princess Jasmine staffers routinely tell everyone "you have to meet her white husband".

  7. Princess Jasmine is in charge!

  8. Senator Harris ????? *Correction, Witch Harris !

  9. The Kavanagh hearing showed her TRUE COLORS!! Remember that folks and how vicious she was to that poor , innocent man!!

  10. The only threat to America's democracy is Democrats.

  11. KH is such a filthy 🐖.
    Agonizing demise to it.

  12. Lack of restraint=No fear of speaking the TRUTH.

  13. Is Kamela one-hump, two-hump or no-hump?

  14. Kamala=communism=anti freedom of expression =anti freedom of speech

  15. Kamala is a communist like much of the left who hates our constitution and our rights.

  16. This Just In from CNN,,,,,,, DEM Leaders Report that Martian Whistleblowers told them that TRUMP is COLLUDING with MARTIANS! Adam SCHIFF Reported He went to MARS and Confirmed with MARTIN OFFICIALS that TRUMP has plans to build a Luxury Hotel Resort and Golf Course on MARS! Pelosi told Schiff if He Bans us from His Resort we will Impeach Him !

  17. Trump is Kamala's "Paranoid Object"!
    If kamala looks in her mirror, she's looking
    at a vastly greeater threat to America than Trump
    could even imgine! In short. Kamala just needs
    someone, anyone, to 'HARASS"! Nothing more
    than a first rate, second class ballbuster!

  18. Kamala Harris is a POS lib tard loser lying turd

  19. When statements like hers, and others statements also, are sounding so much like she can just snap her fingers and it will be done……? I want to know, when these candidates say they will do this and do that, how they plan to accomplish this TASK!! Any of them can promise us the MOON, but HOW do they plan to do it! Empty promises……!

  20. Love you Kennedy thank you for sticking up for President we need some more people like this

  21. Harris the crook shouldn’t throw stones at glass Houses, She is a liar and a crook dog Winnie eater

  22. KAMALA needs to smoke another BLUNT….and chillllllllll..

  23. TRUMP 2020! God is leading him to victory ! The Demo-rats are running around naked as Jay birds as Trump continues to EXPOSE their corruption!

  24. Nice try Kennedy but Trump is a menace to society and I agree his twitter AKA bull horn to you deplorables, needs to be taken down. Find another hero

  25. A lot of these candidates are running for their own self interests while riding the anti trump train as a cover up. I get the feeling theyre not as anti trump as one would think.

  26. So.. she want to take away both his First and Second amendments… WE'RE NEXT !!!

  27. This lady is a clown and liar….she will never be president!

  28. Kamala Harris will never be elected as President of the United States of America,she never have the guts and honesty and she is a Paid Politician hihi

  29. Wah wah wah wah kamilahhh

  30. Harris is a lying FAKE 🐷

  31. If she wins, what happened to the citizens she doesn’t like. Silencing one citizen’s account just because it’s against her mind. Think about it, it happens in Venezuela everyday

  32. I just wish someone would send her to a good ear nose and throat specialist.

  33. Another apocalyptic idea from a stupid Dem. If twitter wants millions of people to leave their platform overnight they're welcome to try banning the president.

  34. Are u ready for my presidency??? No…

  35. Trump should declare martial law and have the military round up all bad actors in this coup.

  36. No, Kennedy— he doesn’t sound like a big dumb idiot— psyop. Mockingbird. Other half of Hegelian dialect

  37. S?e knows s?e's going to be investigated for any part s?e might have played in the Jussie Smollett hoax.

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