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Kennedy sounds off on John Brennan over libertarian comments | Kennedy Saves the World

Kennedy Saves the World podcast | Jan. 23, 2021
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This week, Kennedy discusses the unrest and violent protests on the U.S. Capitol. She touches on President Trump’s response to the 2020 presidential election, how that response impacted the runoff election in Georgia and the resulting effects on America’s present political moment.

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  1. Good Lord, what's your point?


  3. How do you strip brennan's intelligence briefing tomorrow?

  4. He lied to Congress on national television and shouldve atleast been charged. Nope. This is why america is fed up. Now we have a President who should literally be in prison and that's not rhetoric because our side lost. It's fact. What Joe Biden has done over the past 10yrs with his family is VERY well documented

  5. Kennedy,
    Plz update us on the voter integrity progress.
    What do see happening how this will get fixed?

  6. EVERYONE KNOWS WHO did this. It was by the radical Left.

  7. John Brennan should be in jail right now.. But nothing will happen to him because of Fox news and CNN. If they tell you to stfu you will stfu Kennedy.

  8. If someone had the technology to see the best possible outcome for the world and tried to tell you what we need to do to achieve it would you believe them and do it?
    Or would they use the technology to set up the things along the way to that future to insure the best possible outcome?
    You have more than you know. The road to heaven on earth is paved straight through the depths of hell but you have the means to protect yourself.
    The best is yet to come.

  9. How long ago did brennan convert to islam?

  10. John sold his country long ago

  11. 2:33 He definitely knows what the definition of libertarian is. He is lying, knows we are the enemy of the authoritarian state he wants, and is trying to frame the narrative.

  12. John B is a Muslim, speaks Farci fluently and not one of the good guys. He is Deep State with all the crooks. He has never put America first. His job is to protect Swamp creatures.

  13. I stand with Kennedy. Way back to MTV days..

  14. The Republicans need to give Biden what they gave to Trump
    Presidents Harassment on a daily basis.
    Impeach Biden for his crimes as vice pres

  15. Lol is it not completely obvious that Brennan is and has been working on behalf of the CCP? lol its OBVIOUS

  16. Reposting the Truth now, does not make up the damage Fox has done.

  17. They were NOT interfering with the Democratic process they were protesting the blatant corruption in the US election. You now have given a green light to corruption in all futute elections = 3rd world politics

  18. Brennan Schiff and Schumer are a trinity of EVIL.

  19. Just speak quiet Kennedy you ride both sides of the fence don't want to hear from you. Thank you

  20. 1st one who needs trialed, and convicted of treason! And given the outcome of the penalty!! Would watch with pleasure! Would be the best thing for America! Corrupt CIA!!

  21. Fox, a platform for the orphans!!!!!!

  22. "People who are mentally unhinged, who, very oppressively, wasn to upend the system and subvert people's views." You described ANTIFA right there.

  23. She's wrong there was antifa members in the Jan.6 riot. It wasn't all antifa members but they are probably the initiators of the breeching, trying to drum up violence.

  24. He'd make Heinrich Himmler blush.

  25. Biden: "Treat others with respect, or I'll FIRE you on the SPOT!!!"

    Also Biden: Sends 5,000 troops to the parking garage with one bathroom and one cot, to sleep on the cement and eat MREs when a hot meal would be easy to provide.

  26. Why do you have a podcast??? I mean, seriously.

  27. Hey Kennedy apparently Libertarians and Fox do NOT CARE ABOUT STOLEN ELECTIONS

  28. I Declare that Brennan is a Traitor a Seditionist An Infiltrator and a Instigator BTW a Communist
    ( member of the party)
    Who kept him in power ??

  29. I'm not sure but I think you are evil

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