Kennedy: The ATF is trying to squash our 2nd Amendment rights Chair Spike Cohen discusses reports the ATF issued a notice warning that Minnesotans who use marijuana cannot legally own firearms on ‘Kennedy.’ #foxbusiness #kennedy

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  1. love Kennedy I'm done with fox

  2. Maaaaan. Idiots on steroids. When is MAGA America gonna get with the 21st century ? Assault rifles are a much bigger problem in 3rd world America than anywhere else in the free world.

  3. Only Hunter Biden can!!

  4. People that dont have better sense than to marry Taylor Swift shouldnt be allowed to own guns but everyone else we discussed would be just fine though. 😂 😆

  5. Keep them loaded and drunk .

  6. ADA title ll technical policy's constitutional laws ADATITLE2TORTCLAIMS access ♿ to the court account mizell vr Hamilton mizell vr neuss mizell vr Hernandez x3 SCOTUS pharma poparus disabled prosecutor

  7. Either, the ATF is historically illiterate. Or, willfully ignorant.

    This isn't 1993 anymore boys.

    You didn't create monsters. .you created Wolverines. And that's much worse.

  8. Trying to disarm americans while the Chinese army comes across americas boarder, heaven has told a foreign enemy is already on America's soil


  10. Our country has been hijacked by underworld criminals,

  11. Gun deaths are necessary for ppl to have freedom enshrined in the Constitution. Even those murdered are actually enjoying eternal freedom, just in a different world.

  12. Interesting. Did the atf speak out against the potato’s crackhead gun case?

  13. Sorry to see you go. Fox is really screwing up. But all of these shenanigans will only last as long as we allow them. For the people by the People. For the left better put you big girl panties on, it's about to get hot out there.

  14. But Hunter smokes Crack, not pot, so I guess he's good to go!

  15. Miss your show already Lisa. Didn't always agree with you but you are witty and smart.. Fox is really screwing the pooch lately.

  16. Another part of this is that if you work for a firearms manufacturer in states where marijuana is legal you are not allowed to use it or lose your job. ATF demands that all federal mandates be adhered to regardless of state law.

  17. All government agencies are corrupt…ALL OF THEM ,laws are for us not the government they are above the law !!!

  18. Imagine being someone that understands our 2A rights. Read on, enjoy and get educated.

    Bring on the hate……

    The people who have let so many people die are the elected individuals who violate our right to self protection by violating our 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms where it clearly states that it shall not be infringed. By doing so, not only are these individuals inhuman, they have violated their oaths of office to defend the constitution which is capital felony treason under Title 18, USC Section 2381. The constitution is by the way, the supreme law of the land (Article VI, P II). Congress, the ATF, the Attorney General, the DNR no…r the President has the authority to create any laws pertaining to firearms and ammunition (9th & 10th Amendments). All such laws are illegal and are unconstitutional because they are in conflict with the supreme law which makes them null and void the moment they are written and not so branded in a court of law (Marbury v. Madison 1803, 5 US, 137).

    Our 2nd Amendment right is not up for negotiation, it does not need to be explained or justified nor does it need anyone's approval or consent. Just like everyone who has a 1st Amendment right to voice their opinions about firearms, people have a right to keep and bear arms. If people don't like firearms, too bad, they are a part of American history and our daily lives and have provided and safeguarded the freedoms we now have. No one has the authority or the right to deny anyone of their 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms. The constitution was written not to limit we the people but to limit our government. The constitution does not give or grant rights but ENUMERATES guarantees and protects them from government tyranny, which is growing by the day.

  19. The BATFE is an unelected bureaucratic agency that has just as much power as we've allowed them, zero out their budget.

  20. Of course they control us but not themselves they now have their own wall and their security ….❤ Kennedy we will see you soon what about all the alcoholics with Guns screw these so called leaders or maybe oppressors

  21. The ATF is an enemy of We The People ! Nobody elected these tyrannical bureaucrats !

  22. Conservatives: ATF has been abusing rights for 50 years
    Libertarians: We just noticed the ATF is an abuser of rights…cuz marajuana

  23. Rights are inalienable, they can not be given nor taken away. Free people understand this. Dont play their game. They change their rules whenever they want, don't follow them themselves, they steal your money and use it to pay the police to use them against we the people.

  24. This show was freaking Awesome. I can't believe it's no more.

    All I really watch(ed) on Fox was Tucker, Kennedy, and Gutfeld, and now 2 of those 3 are gone. Who in Holy Hell is calling the shots over there?

  25. The atf ahould be defunded and i dicted dor treason for betraying their oath of office. All the gawdamohkngumnt lackies guve two diarrhea schitz about the constitution and their oath of office

  26. = biden; his next fall break his hips and neck. Kennedy Jr will win over biden.

  27. The federal ban on cannabis and gun control are both racist.

  28. Our fake weak ex-president sure is a whiny crybaby, isn't he? Dang good thing we booted that loser out of the White House. God bless America!

  29. When are we going to get the party started? I’m ready and waiting!

  30. Ask Janet reno how that worked out for her

  31. The fact that marijuana is federally legal is both racist (see the history in the states), and really dumb.
    I've used for 3 years. Only positive experiences, 1g vape lasts like 4 months for me.
    Anyway, it should be legalize

  32. It's Alcohol tobacco Firearms Marijuana is no where in their title.

  33. It seems both Parties of Republican Party or Democrat Party will agree for govern by Constitution laws afterward quickly together again. Actually this is a good trend that learning more quickly and doing better together quickly. Focusing on getting things done quickly together and govern by Constitution laws afterward together quickly again, all will be happy for togetherness’ efforts. Americans won’t be mad toward each other again, but united together, enjoying freedoms, entrepreneurship spirit and equality of opportunities happiness together and take care of families and build our country America’s greatness together for peace of the world leadership status efforts together. Putting down the past, working for now and establish the future by getting things done quickly together, usually won’t be wrong too much. Only efforts are a lot, but when seeing more things done, encouragement may heighten more energies and excitement for getting more things done quickly together. Govern bylaws afterwards together quickly will less be argumentative for you like, he prefers, she hates, or they believe, only our country America’s own established Constitution laws said so afterwards quickly. If we hate each other, no chance to learn. Learning more will agree together quickly by togetherness’ understanding of the contents of the Constitution laws. This is why reunite with each other together again gracefully quickly as the best atmosphere for learning opportunities and experiences will benefit to our country and Americans of all from learning more to know more and do better things quickly together without hatred. Often give others the learning opportunities and experiences from accomplishments and mistakes, it will give ourselves the learning opportunities and experiences at the same time in order to learn more to understand more and do better things quickly together.
    As any groups, businesses, or families, splitting will bring heart broken pains. Only ways to heal quickly will be generosity forgiveness and kindness to heal, doing better things quickly to bring back the unity, then bring efforts to ensure less mistakes and achieve more. As a country, unity will be even more important to achieve. I guess the better ways to achieve in critical time is bringing our greater hearts ♥️ to solve great problems quickly together. I guess any great President as President Reagan and President Bush’s life time governing experiences’ advices, maybe able for us to learn more, some or bit to benefit our country America’s unity, greatness, strength and happiness altogether for getting things done quickly, peace and harmony efforts and Americans’ happiness by own Constitution laws afterward together as learning opportunities and experiences quickly together. At that time, we enjoy our freedoms, entrepreneurship spirit and equality of opportunities principles, booming economy growing brought massive jobs for stable life always, in order societies with tiny bit looting, robberies or murdering. Many Americans didn’t lock doors to sleep at night. Americans’ unity were very strong with America’s patriotism spirit together. America is the paradise of the middle classed and blue collar Americans. Properties were very low prices for all different financial levels of Americans to afford easily. No inflations, but very stable market prices for affordabilities. If some urgent need outside, enthusiasm of helping were everywhere with caring. America’s greatness is loving kindness and caring from the Christianity spirit influences all over the country. Some Christians rang the bell to help Bible studies. Their kindness often would even help to clean up our living spaces, since both parents must work together. I guess great leaderships will see great results quickly. Still they were amazingly humble as President Reagan and President Bush to touch all Americans’ hearts warmly. Americans were happily to take care of families and build our country America’s greatness together by enjoying freedoms, entrepreneurship spirit and equality of opportunities daily and always. No one would wonder why and how, because all knew that, this is America 🇺🇸 and America’s greatness, strength and Americans’ happiness as proud to be Americans together to love our country America 🇺🇸 dearly by appreciation, cherish and efforts. RIP both President Reagan and President Bush.

  34. Kennedy look so gorgeous

  35. The ATF is not a law making entity!!! How can they do these things????

  36. As far as people smoking recreational weed and owning guns


    Have you seen alcohol statistics and guns

    Get out of here

    Shut up


    About face

    Forward March drive on

    Leave people alone

    I see people sell booze and playing with guns too

    Just stop

  37. Pay Back for Roe V Wade


    I told you guys to stop it

    I’m right behind you

    You go first

    You go talk to those people you screwed over

    See what we can all to do make it right

    I said from the very beginning

    I told everyone

    We don’t need to do anything

  38. Funny how Hunter is going to use 2A rights to dodge his gun charges but old Joe will take yours!!!

  39. The ATF does not make law it only upholds the law