Kennedy: Will the government admit evidence of alien technology?

UAP Researcher Alejandro Rojas provides insight on UFO sightings on ‘Kennedy.’ #FoxBusiness #Kennedy

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  1. I’ve never known of some of the smartest people so dumb and fall for anything. They’ll believe in aliens before God. I wish I was asking the questions

  2. We are NOT alone in this multivers. The DNA is universal but all is about the power of adaptation of this cell.

  3. I guess a big foot commission is next for the US government along with a blank check of spending.

  4. Did this dumb broad just say dr fauci…..she is such a huge turd…..Semper Fi….🤣😂🤣what a 🤡 lol…

  5. Alliens could own us if they are there. Millions of years advanced.

  6. We are the garbage race of the galaxy

  7. The US Government are nothing but criminals, I wouldn’t believe anything they say .

  8. There may be beings on other planets but they can't get to our planet anymore than we can get to there's.
    Now could they send a robot to our planet ? Maybe. So could we maybe. We just don't live long enough to travel the vast distances required.

  9. Kennedy, do you know you are smoking hot??

  10. Would the government (Deep State) also admit their decades old plan – called Project Bluebeam – to fake an alien invasion to further their ambitions of total control? An admission of ETs would coincide with that plan.

  11. Kennedy is still such a babe.

  12. The enemy of the people r the


  14. unidentified is just that….unidentified. it doesnt mean aliens exist. until the government says there are aliens in captivity or there is hard proof like a flying saucer that you can touch, examine, visualize, aliens do not exist. society will not be able to handle news of real aliens. its a threat to national security and will cause chaos everywhere…from panic to religion breaking down.

  15. Those glasses are ‘Alien’ !👽

  16. Billions of stars an planets in the expanse, and we're the only living intelligent species? Look at how many species inhabit the earth alone.

  17. They won’t admit it because it would incriminate our leaders with all the experiments they’ve been performing on the public without their consent or knowledge.

  18. Gurl, those glasses!! No, just NO.

  19. Human nature isn't exactly conducive to aliens contacting us anytime soon , Look at our history ,we are violent selfish bunch who have been killing each other for our entire existence.

  20. Joe Biden has recently shared the fact that he has been contacted and probed by aliens many many times . Many times. And don't forget that brain operation he had to implant a communication device or was it to remove it. He's not too sure about that. Oh well happy times.

  21. It's been reported say from Admiral Bird that aliens 👽 have been here since the beginning of civilization. And it's said we have a treaty with aliens 👽. But people do your own research.

  22. Better make sure they are vaccinated and wearing masks before they are allowed to land

  23. We have solved the physics of these machines.

  24. It’s not aliens it’s US!!! The US

  25. the Govt lies its proven so what is the difference..lets move on to more important issues like our own border.

  26. Ridiculous. So incredibly stupid.

  27. Our government about the aliens are so wrong so lying so corrupt it's pathetic if you want what the real news about the aliens are watch Dr Greer!!

  28. This is just another government distraction…

  29. Seti is a filthy lying organization

  30. We have captured craft. 9 of them or more. Why pretend?? Talk to Charles James Hall

  31. The hold up is the filth humans from beyond earth constantly murdering people who have knowledge