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Kerry Washington talks about her racially charged project 'American Son' | USA TODAY

Kerry Washington talks about her racially charged new Netflix project ‘American Son’.
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Kerry Washington stars in ‘American Son’ as a woman trying to get answers about her missing teenage son.

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  1. The FIRST slave owner recorded in official American history was a BLACK MAN named William Ellison ! LOOK IT UP !!! Netflix is a dead and dying service about to be taken over by Apple, Disney and HBO, no wonder they are this desperate for views to create more non sense. EVERY race have been slaves in American history, and white slavery is in standard history books. It just gets referred to as "indentured servitude." OVER 10,000 black slave owners existed in just Louisiana alone when the French still had control before the land purchase. Blacks owned slaves too !!

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  4. Because only black kids join gangs, get kidnapped and generally experience bad things. This is racist at it's finest

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