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Hey guys today I am doing a chatty GRWM video where I discuss my best Keto tips + Intermittent F*asting and how I was able to lose 40 lbs doing both. I ALWAYS recommend consulting your doctor as well before starting ANY new eating plan. I am NOT a nutritionist or a doctor by ANY Means, I am a YouTuber who does makeup – but I am going to tell you my experience and let you know my results in case it helps you. I have been on Keto for a year and have done Intermittent fasting in there for a while as well.

My health has improved MASSIVELY over the last year and I talked about my numbers and bloodwork in my initial weight loss video .

Previous video regarding Keto – (there are TONS of links in the description of this video)


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  1. Please go see my recent Twitter thread regarding why I choose to do keto over a plant based lifestyle and my history with diets. If you wonder why I eat this way, please go read

  2. I stalled at 230 for months. I changed my workouts and I started losing weight again. I stopped drinking soda and dropped 60# immediately #aorticmeltdown

  3. Okay, this is for newcomers to keto and intermittent fasting. Kristi is doing great, but as a medical professional, let me add one thing here: The lowest ratio you should ever do is 16:8 (16 hour fasting window, 8 hour eating window). The reason for this is simple. Your body can only absorb so many nutrients/fluids at once. If you are eating 1 massive meal a day, you may be CONSUMING your RDI (recommended daily intake), of macros and nutrients, but you won't be absorbing them all. Your body will use what it needs in that moment, and flush the rest. The other 22, 20, 18 hours of the day your body will enter a state of catabolism (destructive metabolism; starvation) and begin breaking down stuff you don't want it to, like muscle tissue. Starvation never has been and never will be a positive means of losing weight and yet so many people gravitate to it. Your heart, lungs, brain, and nervous system need those nutrients,electrolytes, and yes FAT to function properly. For those of you who think you can pull off keto AND non-fat eating, you can't…don't even try it. Your car needs gas, and when it runs out you refill the tank. Think of fat as both gas and the motor oil that keeps your engine from locking up. If you're burning fat, that is good, but your body still needs it so don't keep driving yourself without changing the oil or bad things happen.

    A guideline for 16:8 fasting is this: meal at noon, meal at 4, meal at 8pm, fast until noon the next day including the eight hours you sleep. If you are an evening or night worker, have a meal at 4pm, a meal at 8pm, and your last meal at midnight, then sleep. You can fit it to your own schedule. You still need your 3 meals a day. They don't need to be huge, but they do need to be there. If you have any questions, feel free to message me. ♥

    Sorry this was so long. I hope it's helpful for someone who just stumbled across this video like me.

  4. Girl…being a girl is magic. Cramps are a small price to pay for such badassery. And 1000 x better than ball sweat.

  5. This Keto Fad/diet was called the Atkins diet a decade ago then it was called the South Beach Diet a few years after and now it’s keto. $$$$$$$
    At the end of the day it’s Plain and simple Low/no carbs.

  6. I just started intermittent fasting about a month ago and it’s so irritating how much my period interferes with my eating/exercise/weight loss. I’m pretty sure I still lost weight this week but I technically weigh the same as last week- but I usually gain 5-7lbs during my period, so I might’ve lost that much? Or I just have less water weight gain on this diet? It really messes with my motivation to not know if I’m doing enough to make progress 😛

  7. Hi Kristi, I know you probably won't see my comment anyway, but… I'm now on your 23847 keto video and started 2 weeks ago because of your experiences and couldn't be more happy! Thanks for inspiring sis xx

  8. I heard Wild Waves and instantly thought omg is she here in Washington too is this why I like her so much o.O lol You talk just like me and I tend to think maybe it is a Seattle thing. I desperately need to do keto but my biggest problem is I am so overwhelmed as is and cooking nightly is not viable for me >.< I have way too much on my plate and it ends up being like 9pm and I realize I have not eaten all day so I order food. I have PCOS as well and I don't even eat much but the weight just piles on I hate it!

  9. I love you so much for these keto videos. It has really inspired me to get my shit together and start! Because I've been on the fence for like 5 months.

  10. Keep doing you Gurl!!! Love everything about you, you rock!!! I love all your videos and tutorials, it's better then cable TV you keep it real.

  11. I agree about using Keto app as opposed to fitness pal

  12. I gotta say. after binge watching all your old videos, i absolutely LOVE how you've gotten so much more confident in yourself. It's like an actual progression you can see through the years. I freaking love your videos the most of all so, um, don't ever leave me, ok?

  13. Nice job!! My sister and I love your channel! ♥️♥️

  14. Late to this party. What are you doing for diet/healthy life STYLE now ?

  15. You are very motivating.  Thank you.  Just subscribed.  🙂

  16. If anyone is watching this now, try smart water. I drank this as I started keto and didn’t get the keto flu. It has electrolytes in it.

  17. I’m 58 and stop watching most of everyone since I saw your videos. I watch you and pop luxe.

  18. Period talk: My last period started on the day of the wedding I was going to. Not only that, but it started monsooning rain right as it was beginning. So like Right when I got the the place it was being held at. Which made me miss the ceremony because I was so lost and couldn't see where I was going due to rain. Even if I did make it on time with no rain, it would be a quarter of a mile walk from the parking lot to the church in heals.

  19. I’ve had my period every fucking Christmas for the last 10 years!! I have my tubes tied and I started birth control pills because my cramps were so bad! I think I’m just going to skip the inactive pills and skip my period!!Oh yeah I tried Keto and it landed me in the hospital with an electrolyte imbalance and heart arrhythmia!! I’m so stupid because I’m not overweight, I’m 5 foot 4 and 126 so I only wanted to lose 5 to 10 pounds 😀I didn’t drink enough salt or replenish my electrolytes

  20. keto makes your period…um… hearty 🤣 For real though, I’m 37 and was starting to slow down on the monthly bleeding, but2 weeks into keto I started bleeding like a friggin stuck pig. Now my periods are regular & heavy, my boobs are bigger and I enjoy the fuck out of sex with my husband. KETO CHANGES LIVES

  21. Awesome to hear people's Keto benefits for PCOS! I got my first period in a year after 2 weeks of eating strictly keto!

  22. I feel you girl. I get my period every time my husband and I go on holidays …. including our honeymoon….. yep our honeymoon. I’ve had my period in like 5 different countries 😂😂😂

  23. I've lost 6.5lbs in a month on keto, I'm loving it. My doctor was all for it.

  24. I'm in the roughly 25% of people, and intermittent fasting I I fckn gained weight. My body went into starvation mode, it clung and stored every ounce of food I ate. It sucked, I just have to find what works best for me. Haven't found it yet. But I also take meds that make you gain weight. And unfortunately I'm it them for life. I'm so fortunate and greatfull that my husband loves me for me , not what my ass looks like or I'd be in the middle of a divorce. I've been in the hospital and ICU more times than I can count. And let me tell you having a vent removed is not fun no not at all, waking up and not knowing your name, or the fckn yr is absolutely terrifying. Having people come in and say they are your husband and daughters, and not fckn know who they are is totally heart breaking for them. Thank God it all came back very fast, but yeah I have to keep me alive and as pain free as possible. Chronic pain and illness sucks I completely understand your pain Kristi. Much love girl XOXOXO.

  25. You’re so great at explaining everything thanks so much for sharing, I love ❤️ your vibe and style Keto here I come, oh and I’ve already consulted my doctor. Thanks #NewFriend

  26. I'm excited to try this, its time.

  27. My dr also recommended keto. Thanks for the advice and tips:) I have back and sciatica probs especially in my left leg with numbing so i NEED to get going on this. I want to feel good again and not feel 90 at 43 and have a hard time getting around. I was chair bound for almost 7 years because of a medical reason and i lost alot of muscle mass because of it. So when I walk the muscles massively tighten up in my back allowing me to only stand or walk 5min max cause of the pain. And alot of weight gain came along with sitting all that time! So I have to lose weight and strengthen muscles too. #wantmylifeback ❤❤❤

  28. I agree with her 100% about the get back on the wagon and dont keep falling off, dont beat yourself up over it .. i really really like her as a person! She is super entertaining .. lol
    Love you girl !!! Keep up your great work !! I😊😊😊❤❤❤🌹🌹🌹🌹

  29. Hello, I am wondering your current age and how your height (I remember that you said not tall, but don't know exactly). I am a vegan, sometimes cannot do that and as vegetarian, one who I knew also tried KETO but you are talking about pasta or something more stuff, does your Dr tells you really correct ways? If a sugar problem and pasta is not good though. I am not on the any of diet but myself dislike to have tons of sugar drinks or food at this point. If you curious my age or height I can share but I am not tall and age wise not so much different as you.

  30. This video helped me out so much, thank you Kristi. Just started keto going on a week or so now and love it. Already seeing results with no excercise. How awesome is that. Keep more of these videos coming please!!! Thank you

  31. What are the brushes you use for eyes? Please real important to me. I'm a junior beauty influenster

  32. Can you please do a tutorial for people who wear glasses

  33. I had to get a surgery to stop my periods. They got so bad, after my tubal (which they've always been horrible) but it would last for 7 full days and I'd feel like I was in full blown labor the whole time. Been period free for 5 years and thank God!!

  34. Regular soda is less toxic than diet anything.

  35. Kristi cooking shows please !! 😬

  36. Not even exaggerating, the last 4 years we’ve gone on vacation, it’s always the week of my period 🙂

  37. halo top ice cream is keto ur welcome

  38. I’ve been keto for about six weeks (seeing the dietician today!), and you touch on a lot of great points!: I had a headache the first five days and was so tired, but the sixth day was like BOING BOING so much energy. I don’t crave sugars or carbs anymore, and I find when I do taste them I am underwhelmed. I fucking miss the hell out of tropical fruit though. My headaches are so much better and I just feel like I take up way less space, if that makes sense. I also found that if I don’t get my veggies in, I am not fun to be around and I have waaaay less energy.

  39. I love your videos Kristi. Thank you for being you 💜

  40. There's some great keto YouTube channels. Swap out /substitute your favourite carb meals for keto recipes instead so you don't feel deprived.

  41. I busted our septic system with clots. End result… total hysterectomy. I feel ya. Cramps are no joke. Wish I had some advice for you, besides valume and sleep.

  42. I'm 4 weeks in keto and I feel irritable as a mofo , like diet and weight loss causes a stress response in my body …I'm wondering did you feel any of that?

  43. So you don’t have a gallbladder, how do you eat fat and not get sick? I don’t have one either and if I even look at fat I get sick….

  44. u are a true beauty!xxoox

  45. Omg!!! Just heard the part about LeCroix lol!!! That’s my hubby’s favorite and I hate it!! I call it sike soda. It smells amazing and you want to think it will be sweet when it hits your mouth you are greatly disappointed. It’s like your nose and mouth are clashing 🤣🤣🤢

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