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In this video, I show you how to prepare a ketogenic diet meal plan for 7 days. This is a beginners meal plan, so everything is easy enough to cook using a few simple household utensils, and plenty of greens to help you transition into ketosis more effectively.

Meal Plan Download –

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Watch the end of the video for the link to download the full ketogenic meal plan so you can follow along throughout the week.

Good luck!

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  1. After going Keto, not only will you lose weight FAST, but your mental and physical lifestyle will drastically change!
    I promise that after looking into this diet, literally EVERYTHING changes. You can find a lot of great information and recipes on websites and youtube, but it's absolutely nothing compared to this guide: @t The 28-Day challenge gives you way more than what any website has to offer! It teaches you literally everything you want to know. I wish you the best of luck and you'll thank me later on! Trust me 🙂

  2. These meals would be so much nicer if they came with chips!

  3. Order this product about KETO DIET and get big discount by clicking this link @t

  4. Order this product about KETO DIET and get big discount by clicking this link @t

  5. Order this product about KETO DIET and get big discount by clicking this link @t

  6. I have $35 a week for groceries. Eat a lot of eggs, frozen green beans (super cheap). Last week of the month, I'm boiling my chicken bones for 10 hours, then adding carrots, celery, onion and …oops, some lentils.I also add a diced potato (Yes, I KNOW!) I stock up on eggs, frozen green beans,spinach, celery, sardines, kippers, mackerel and sunflower/pumpkin seeds to help me stay at least low carb. That same week, I do some fasting and maybe a 2 day egg diet, just to balance things out. Eating only 2x a day also helps a lot.

  7. Love all of those recipes. Thank you!! ❤❤❤❤👍👍👍👍

  8. Keto takes will power guys, don’t give up! It works.

  9. I have already lost 30+ pounds since I began my keto diet plan. The recipes mentioned in your video are definitely easy and I will add them to my plan. Keto is actually delicious when done correctly.

  10. Ele não sabe cozinhar e também não sabe falar o nome BROCCOLI.kkkk

  11. Download doest work, all they want is your email

  12. Corrwct me if I am wrong peeps, bit doesn't soy sauce and siracha NON KETO friendly?

  13. Lots of beef! Too much for me. Wild caught salmon, sardines, mackeral?

  14. I’d like a keto plan that doesn’t involve cooking for lunch. I pack a lunch to work and can’t cook stuff.

  15. This is low carb not keto. Keto is 70% fat, 25% protein and 5% carbs….

  16. First of you want to fast if you do keto so normally you wouldn't eat 3 meals. Second i think you have to less salads /greens in your diet, and you will create deficiencies with potassium calium etc.
    Besides that, the dishes seems legit and tasty

  17. Alot of these resepics includes suger… a lot of processed sugers

  18. Grate ideas! Thank you 🙏🏼

  19. Brocawlyyyyyyyy?!?!!????!!???

  20. love the simplicity of your meal prep meals!

  21. It was making me really uncomfortable how he was saying broccoli

  22. Best meal plan I have seen thus far!!! Thank you so much!!!

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