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Kevin McCarthy details first meeting with Biden

House Minority Leader tells ‘Kudlow’ Republican’s will stand their ground on tax hikes. #FoxBusiness #Kudlow

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  1. Pelosi is running the show need to clean the whole house out .

  2. Oh hush raising taxes is the best thing you can do. But look at Republicans always standing up for the rich and wealthy. They are The Underdogs that pay you under the table aren't they? You start working with a salary oh, and you end up millionaires when you walk out of there. Why and how? I hope the Democrats win when it comes to raising the taxes on the billionaires and millionaires. The billionaires and millionaires have never given and helped the poor people enough they pay him less than $8 an hour this is the 20th century. We should be getting paid at least $20 an hour by now. Enough is enough. You know what I don't think we need Republic's Republicans in the White House.

  3. Nerve, never give a liberal the benefit of a doubt. Their not to be trusted. Plan and simple


  5. Really don't matter what mitch thinks and says, he is not in any position to dictate what he wants, he can thank trump for that, Democrats should do whatever they see fit to be done, forget bipartisanship, because if Republicans had all the power they would give Democrats absolutely NOTHING

  6. Why would you give the Democrat anything ??? They would them nothing the Democrat.

  7. where's the infrastructure from 8 years of obummer/joe blow? I thought they fixed all the roads and bridges? This is the biggest con game running, it's code for "bank bailout" once again…
    Broadband? Hello, Elon just launched the biggest broadband provider anyone could ever want or use no matter local…thus you know this is BS

  8. if you somehow make $1 million you have to hand over 250,000? Has anyone ever considered they should add some kinda "elapsed" time to the tax rate? Like you pay 1% the first year and it ramps to 25 over 25 years? A business would take a huge hit if they had to pay that kinda tax initially thus shutting out just about anyone trying to make it these days

  9. Let's not have to say what's going on here ‼️🦧👁️

  10. McCarthy needs to be shown the door too

  11. Wasn't the keystone pipeline critical infrastructure?

  12. RINO McCARTHY Sleeping with the ENEMY.

  13. Like the appreciated from Larry and Kevin for giving Biden benefit of the doubt

  14. Thanks Biden for teaching America's children what a president is .

  15. McCarthy is a weak, spineless loser.

  16. Many of the people getting 300 dollars voted for Trump. Your cutting your throat again. Stay on the border.

  17. Great let’s turn america into a welfare state and let all the illegals in to enjoy our benefits

  18. In few years or so people will definitely be kicking themselves in regret for missing the opportunity to buy and invest in cryptocurrency

  19. Soooooo scared of Trump. Liz is a women and has more balls than all of them put together. smh

  20. Get rid of all establishment republicans immediately

  21. Everyone is sitting their the only one with a mask on John Terry makes me SICK I think our country is a disgrace wee you see a creep like that who has had his two jags BULLET through the TRATIORS head would be the real America

  22. Biden approval rating 63%. Drumph never even came close to that. GOP are losers and will never be in power again.

  23. Celaka yahudi dan Israel

  24. The 17 tax bill was disgusting and u try to trick everyone into thinking it was great. Taxes should be raised on the rich and corporations should pay taxes instead of not. Anyone earning under 40 thou should not pay any taxes at all.

  25. Only fools believe what they hear from Kudrow and McCarthy…

  26. Biden has no common sense he's an idiot

  27. Trump Impeached for…….
    1) Quid Pro Quo in Ukraine.
    2) Insighting an insurrection.

    Biden confessed on video to a Quid Pro Quo in Ukraine! Kamela Harris called for Riots as did Nancy Pelosi! All three have expressed their support for Antifa and BLM! TOP THREE DEMS GUILTY! TRUMP INNOCENT!

  28. Well don't look to senator Gorgo for answers, this is the problem with conservatives all they do is talk and wait for the calvary, well I got news for you conservatives and republicans there's no cavalry coming there's no cavalry.

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