Wednesday , November 25 2020
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Kevin McCarthy: Schiff Has 'Knowingly Lied To Us' And Should Be Censured | NBC News

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy called for Rep. Adam Schiff to be censured after accusing him of lying about aspects of the impeachment inquiry.
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Kevin McCarthy: Schiff Has ‘Knowingly Lied To Us’ And Should Be Censured | NBC News


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  1. Schiff is a traitor for not following the Democratic process for lying to the American people!

  2. So much for Kevin and his MBA degree in Marketing from Cal State Bakersfield — If this boy keeps lying like this he's going to be in real trouble.

  3. Donald Trumps ability to brain-wash the people around him makes Jim Jones look like child's play. (look it up)

  4. McCarthy should be thrown out on his ear for protecting that crooked resident in the Whitehouse.

  5. If you believe these People you are brainless..

  6. How low can the GOP go? They are pitiful. They lie so easily now that trump showed them the way. Impeach the fat stupid red one and vote the rest out. God bless America.

  7. “The very word 'secrecy' is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths, and to secret proceedings”

    ― President John F. Kennedy

  8. This toady is the head of the cover-up committee.

  9. COVER UP for a CON MAN potus, sad day for muricah.

  10. shifty to dangle at the end of a rope 2019 for treason

  11. KEVIN, Kevin, you know that 1st day Schiff said he was 'PARAPHRASING" the whole thing-you NEED to be HONEST totally and not omit what is not helpful-GOOD or BAD lying to people who know no better is wrong and you do not give them any respect for any intelligence. I am TIRED of the lying just to get a judge or a BIG tax break he gave you all, Corporations and rich people like Donald Trump- Facebook owner makes 110 BILLION, but NOW pays NO taxes, but will he spread it around, who believes that….I wonder how much he OR ANY Billionaire has OFFSHORE~? While I can't buy groceries sometimes because my mortgage is due plus we as the MIDDLE Income or working poor PAID 91 BILLION more in 2018 because of their lovely tax cut~! UGH~!

  12. Trump asking for ANY investigation into Bidens or 2016 servers by a FOREIGN nation is ILLEGAL according to CONSTITUTION, NOT the Dems AND he doesn't need an answer from the country for it to STILL be ILLEGAL and we thought Obama was going for unchecked power….Executive, Congress has oversight and purse strings in government, DOJ, Intel is the Law of the land. NO ONE PART OF THE 3 BRANCHES has TOTAL Power, BUT Trump is trying to be King, the only one to do whatever he pleases, OUR laws say he can NOT~! This could really tear apart our government and give precedent, unequaled power to the next President who may be a Dem…so you all need to realize he is making it bad and we are letting him by protecting his BAD behavior and LIES~!

  13. You mean like when Mr McCarthy said he'd read the memo on the Ukraine call then claimed it didn't say "can you do us a favor though"? Ya, I'm really concerned about that this liar says to protect Trump…


  15. McCarthy and Jim Jordan in another STRAW MAN argument that will back fire on them claiming McCarthy-ism. OH THE IRONY.

  16. McCarthy. your accusations about Schiff is ludicrous!

  17. The democrats always escape penalties. Schiff, Clinton, Brennan, Clapper,Stroczk, Page, Comey, Biden, and Mccabe. All slipping through the system. No penalties for democrats.

  18. So what does that say about Trump? Do we get to take away his Twitter at least?

    And who said he lied?

  19. Don't you wonder what crooked thing that he did . He is so afraid he is spinning lies. What do they have on him…….Did they threaten his family, Naw, he could care less about anything but his own skin. Did he moleste a child, Is that what they have on him…makes you wonder

  20. Every time I see this Republitard I forward the video.. He is an loser snowflake… and is one of the most trump asslickers in the House

  21. Put McCarthy in jail for being a traitor to the USA

  22. Wake up you fool before it's too late!!!

  23. F-ckin' Liars! Hey McCarthy, YOU are FAKE News!

  24. Lies 3 times – how fricking cute dopey donald how many thousand times hahahaha another dumb bubble dweller🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

  25. Stop trying to shift the blame on Schiff you plonker, we see you and it’s embarrassing! 👀🤢🤢🤢

  26. I'm not going to forgive these assclowns when they start saying, "We were just doing like were told."
    McCarthyism now means to sling BS while you suckup to power.

  27. Oh yeah…I agree.
    I had a hard copy of call transcript.

    Saw Schiff read it on YouTube live.
    I thought…wt?
    He's a liar.
    Exploiting his position and used Congress to push his party's false narrative.
    Get him out of there.

  28. Hey Trump, unzip your fly, McCarthy needs to sneeze.

  29. It seems as if the current administration is sinking fast. The Republican excuses are pretty darn thin. The evidence is stacking up faster then I've ever seen before.

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