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Keyshawn Johnson discusses resignation of former coach Jon Gruden

Former NFL wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson and ABC News contributor LZ Granderson discuss racist and inappropriate emails made by former Las Vegas Raiders coach Jon Gruden.

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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Jon Gruden is a man a real man. He loves football with a passion. He’s a mans man. Speaks his mind. He wants the game of football to remain a mans sport. When you introduce women into it and make off that gay men improve the game is making it a shame to the the game. Gruden is an American and a traditionalist and believes in the maintaining of our American traditions! What ever happened to free speech? Are we now run by “Cancel Culture” and
    “Character Assassination.” This is invasion of privacy in its ugliest form. Donald Trump, Amy Barrett, 
    Clarance Thomas and Brett Kavanah  can testify to this evil means of destroying lives with gossip and manufactured bias to ruin citizens lives! Gruden with his faults is a good man and loves his country!

  2. The NFL doesn't want to get behind this Keyshawn if they did Colin Kapernack would have a job in the league right now….botton line NFL is run by rich good old boys who wants black players to perform an keep your mouth shut….

  3. Keyshawn did confront him plenty of times verbally as he stated. She should have done her research. And why didn't you tackle him on the field? Really? So give them a reason to call the police on Keyshawn and call him violent and who knows where that goes. Maybe she was kidding but I didn't think it was an appropriate question.

  4. Thanks Keyshawn for thinking all used car salesman are bad people. I guess I need to find a new profession to live up to your standards.

  5. Old white America just won't die off. Your again,again statement about this country, why you peeing on your voters wit another one of your lies.
    Your movement is frighten white power becoming obsolete. Truth be told
    Your rules are known.when you have a 88th yr old running,what does that tell you about that State? Yes,their as old as he is.
    The book on America has yet to be written.

  6. He fired a lot of black people cause he had the power to do that. Prop to Keyshawn for standing up I wish he could have been busted out years ago.

  7. “I am not a racist, “I don’t have a racist bone in my body, “ “ I am ashamed of my behavior” Sincerely every racist person that has been caught.
    There must be a hand book for what to say when racists are caught 🙄

  8. Jon gruden, a member of the good old white boy club. No blacls or browns allowed.

  9. Faux 'Outrage'….
    Keyshawn's a such a bullsh*t artist – Gruden's 'offensive speech' is common in NFL locker-rooms. I'll bet Keyshawn himself has said a lot of offensive things too.
    I remember when Keyshawn was with the JETS – denigrating his own teammate Wayne Chrebet. Just because undrafted Chrebet was outplaying the Super-star in his own mind, Keyshawn.
    Keyshawn himself has been called a 'Locker-Room Cancer' who spread dissension and hostility when he didn't get his way.
    Keyshawn's living in a Glass House throwing Stones at others.

  10. Lmao I love how these anchors are trying to put it against the black people for white people acting belligerent and ignorant and racist and homophobic as if they should put their foot down and kicked gruden out of the team that's on ownership who are white to do so but because they probably have the same mentality they don't stop asking the players questions is why they didn't do anything sooner bring the owners into the damn news booth and ask him why they kept somebody like this around

  11. I just hope the media also crucifies Chapelle like they doing Gruden, there is a double standard , about Deshaun Watson, he should not be able to see a field again

  12. Free speech under assault by the democrats

  13. Gruden said Lets go Brandon!!!!! See Ya!!!!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👍

  14. He wasn't performing as a HC anyway. I never liked the fact that he cut P Marquette King(black) without even speaking to him. Trading Khalil Mack was another. He won a Superbowl with Tony Dungy's team. He is a fraud.

  15. Lol nope systemic racism doesn't exist. Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid's situation within the NFL has nothing to do with their nationality. We know. The hypocrisy

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  18. He can work for FOX Sports now.

  19. Really, this goes on in every business across America even in law enforcement by every race he just got caught what about rappers and tik tok who use the same language

  20. Lol Keyshawn really biggest baby himself

  21. I'm a European in Europe and I'm shocked and agree with the two guests in this segment – this is more than one man messing up, it's a culture since it was accepted for so long. Publish the e-mails in full and the recipients too because they obviously thought this was ok and are part of this big problem too.
    And what happened to that poor cheerleader girl who's topless picture was circulated on corporate mail?! How is this accepted in the NFL or for that matter – in the US?! Shameful, really shameful.

  22. He made no specifically racist comments he just said a guy had big lips. And it's not like that was the only guy he was talking crap about. MOST guys are like this, at least alpha guys. Easily annoyed and dismissive of clowns, and that's who he was calling out- a bunch of clowns, including roger goodell. The big mouths in media and the Cancel Culture allies of truly racist blacks in media and LGBT community will make his life hell over nothing, over being a man's man.

  23. I can't believe this is top news. I'm ashamed of this soft country

  24. When is Michael Irvin going to get fired for being an attempted murderer??

  25. 6:11 to the reporter there's videos on YouTube now where Keyshawn is ripping Gruden on the sidelines when he played for Tampa Bay

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  27. He's running for the Republican nomination for President. 😂😂😂

  28. His brother feels the same way he does, it a family thing.

  29. Out of the abundance of the Heart the mouth speaks

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