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Kidnapping attempt botched by a 12-year-old

Surveillance video showed a woman grabbing a 2-year-old, when his sibling quickly took the boy back.


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  1. Cant go with grandma anymore

  2. She has too many kids. Why not let one go?

  3. They're doing it in broad daylight, under surveillance cameras and under the surveillance of other people. They dont care at all. Scary

  4. Forces to leave? Hold her for the Police! I would've hit her over the head with a bottle crazy bitch!

  5. I don’t want to have my own fecking kids, why the hell would you want anyone else’s kids?! Especially going to those lengths?! Unless ur going to use those kids for no good, which is probably the case. That’s disgusting.

  6. Good thing it wasn't Donald Trump*, he would have the whole family separated, and the kids locked in cages~!

  7. ABC news has helped cover up child abuse in the past.

  8. Dumb! Dumb! Dumbest!!!!!!🤦🏿‍♂️ Your store employees are stupid as hell!!🤬🤨 Why would you chase her away or let her go? That B I itch most likely left there n went somewhere else to kidnap another child before the day was out!!!!! 🤨 When ppl snatch children like that , they are most likely connected to a Child Kidnapping ring! Trust!!! She most likely had ppl to answer to, so she most likely stole another child before the day was done!! 🤦🏿‍♂️ Stupid, stupid, stupid!!!😫 Damn. IJS it seems like common sense.

  9. What a great job by the sister protecting the little brother

  10. Instead of kicking her out they should have called the police on her. There's no telling how many times she done this.

  11. Please fix the title! You are accusing the 12-year-old of attempting to kidnap the child but failing in her attempt.

  12. Damn my bro would've let them take me for sure

  13. Maybe if we actually punished kiddy diddlers instead of protect them and send them away with slaps on the wrist in this country they wouldnt be getting more more ballsy!!!🤦‍♀️

  14. Exactly why you never go anywhere without a gun! Especially when you have children. This is just more support for more guns and less gun law's.

  15. I wish the customers would have stopped her, and held this woman there for police…the young girl was very brave.

  16. Arrest that crazy beaver. She might be part of a kidnapping cell

  17. Why did the store let her go?! She will do this again.


    DONUT BREAK??? wouldn't want to interrupt that!


  19. That reporter got a long neck

  20. They should do a What Would You Do show on this. Thankfully her sister stopped this I can’t imagine what could’ve happened if she didn’t .

  21. Isn't that a case of mental illness cz a kidnapper would have run away and wouldn't attempt a kidnap with so many adults around.

  22. I mean mistakes are made. I’ve run up and tried to runaway with somebody’s wife here and there, honest mistakes no big deal 😂

  23. They always label these people as mentally ill…. then they go shoot a church up. SMFH meth heads.

  24. A woman with obvious mental issues, but no mention of why this person isn't in care! Of course, this is a European view, I am sure American's want to see her in the electric chair or something.

  25. Who the hell gives this video a dislike??? Even though it's just 6 dislikes, who would actually dislike this?

  26. Even at 12 he's more capable than his grandmother and older sister. Why didn't they even try to do something?

  27. Do they know her or fukn not?

  28. I mean what would u expect the sister to do, sit there n do nothing

  29. The woman should be found, arrested, and quickly lined up against a wall and shot.

  30. What a good sister! 🤗💖Thank goodness she wasn't on her phone & she was paying attention!🙄

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