Sunday , January 23 2022
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Kids get big surprise after giving up field trip for sick friends

A class full of second graders sacrificed their field trip to give books to other children who are sick.

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  1. My teacher said class class and we said yes yes and she treated us like kindergarteners when we were in 5th grade. We sat on a fricken rug and we had tables….. I'm so glad I'm going to middle school this year
    Its so sad those boys have cancer

  2. Awesome kids those kids were very brave no words to describe

  3. If y’all don’t think this the cutest shit ever you heartless and your mama a hoe

  4. Good parents and teachers raise good kids. God bless each and every one of you.

  5. holy crap that last teacher is SMOKING

  6. shout out to the teachers ! your doing way more than expected great job in shaping kind people

  7. Who are the 586 satanists who disliked this video SMH

  8. If they die, an unexpected road trip, balloon release, and bridges built (non-singing bascule drawbridges) for both of them. If they don't die, they're still alive.

  9. 583 assholes must be heartless to DISLIKE this video! Shame on you and what I wish you, I'll better not say/// but it's Bad

  10. …there are bright stars in the University — but none shine so bright as these kids !

  11. Their lockers are bigger then mine..

  12. If I need a blessing, I cut my meal in half and put one half in a box and give it to the first homeless person I see. This is before I take a bite of it. I have even donated ice cream. It is so fun!!!!

  13. Ugh, why won't these tears stop flowing down my cheeks…there's hope for humanity through this generation…

  14. 0:03
    class class
    yes teacher
    eating sugar
    no teacher
    telling lies
    no teacher

  15. My class would have been like
    Teacher: these kids are sick
    Class: And??
    Ya my class is like this

  16. Beautiful story. I hope Dorian is still with us. When they said he had terminal cancer, my heart just plunged into my stomach.

  17. The faces they make when hearing they get to go makes tear with joy.

  18. Those children make me believe in humanity again. Hope they'll stay that way when they are grwown up

  19. I hope this young hearts never lose their spark in kompasssion and love for one another. 😻

  20. Cancer of the kidney? Can't they just remove it? Unless it's in both, but still they could remove both and get a donor.

  21. I love feeling happy ,this did it!!!!

  22. Wow. Never knew this was from Collinsville Illinois. I live one town over from them.

  23. Can these kids be in charge of the world, please..

  24. I literally live 5 minutes from that school lmao

  25. Any update on the children since this is 3 yrs ago?

  26. Omg such precious little boys and I cry because I have cancer🦋💖

  27. Who would put a thumbs down on this video? Oh yeah, heartless people.

  28. Their parents are great people and the kids are awesome

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