Tuesday , April 20 2021
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Kids Under Pressure: Covid-19’s Toll On Learning | NBC News NOW

Stress is up. Engagement is down. NBC News’ Savannah Guthrie hosts this special program featuring the results of our exclusive study on the pandemic’s impact on kids, parents and educators.
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Kids Under Pressure: Covid-19’s Toll On Learning | NBC News NOW


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  1. As an eighth grader doing digital this is 100% true and all students are experiencing the same thing.
    “Is your sleep schedule out of wack?” Me watching this at 3am

  2. Investing in cryptocurrency is one of the best chance of making money

  3. I’d normally have no problem with distance learning(no way I’m getting back to in person until I get the vaccine), it’s just how long the classes are. In Oregon, there’s this law that means we still have to get the same hours of learning each day, so with 3 periods a day that probably around 1 hour 45 minutes of solid screen staring. Also, the schools
    do nothing to control how much work the teachers give. Each teacher thinks they can give the student enough work for the whole day, so it’s always at least 2x too much. I’ve completely given up in geometry now. I don’t even care if I get held back.

  4. A study show that using the computer all day for work or school related cause more stress and depression for it user.

  5. 💉 is the mark of the beast=eternal 💀. Ivermectin is the cure

  6. Last week, one of my close friends had his son commit suicide because of stresses caused by the pandemic.

  7. Between 2/24/21 and 12/9/20 CDC logged 1,038,084 deaths from ALL causes.

    During the same period CDC logged 217,382 deaths involving C-19, 13%, 1,459 per million.

    65-74 accounted for 21.8% at 3,286 per million.

    75-84 accounted for 28.9% at 8,363 per million.

    85+ accounted for 31.8% at 22,914 per million.

    65+ accounted or 82.5% at 3,316 per million.

    To date 388,352, 81.1%, of ALL C-19 deaths are among those 65+, 16% of the population.

    85.7% of the C-19 CASES are among those UNDER 65.

    81.1% of DEATHS are among those OVER 65.

    30% of C-19 deaths are among those 85+, 2% of the population.

    32.4% of C-19 deaths occurred in nursing homes, hospice or residence.

    Japan has the highest percentage of 65+, 27%, yet still under 8,000 deaths.

    What do they know/do the rest of the world does not?

    C-19 is not a problem for the young and healthy herd.

    Mother Nature and her buddy Grim Reaper are just doing their jobs, culling the herd of the too many, too old, too sick warehoused too close together as Medicare/Medicaid cash cows in poorly run (BLUE) contagious lethal elder care facilities.

    If C-19 is mostly killing off old sick people why are super-legislator Chancellor comrade Biden, his squad of t*&ts, Fauci, their minions and our elected morons suspending civil liberties, due process, bankrupting the country with lockdowns, distancing and masked clown shows?

    And the lying, fact free, fake news MSM left-wing propaganda coup de’tat machine has betrayed its responsibility to democracy and an informed public.

  8. There shouldnt be holding any kid back they should not fail any kids either

  9. My daughter is 14 years old. She's staying up sometimes till 4am. She said it creeps her out esp. gym . She's beautiful but like myself not into cameras. She's cussing more than a oops. My son he's 16 years old. He use to have a lot of friends since the pandemic he's closed off ,short tempered, cussing too much also. My daughter hated school now all she wants to do is go back. She's missing her 9th grade experience and my son's missing his 11th grade experience. Plus he's doing night and Saturday school. They feel just doing your work should be fine being their not in class they don't see the point. That's what a lot of the Indigenous teenagers are doing. Even elementary they up till 6am playing Fortnite PS4 is the new teacher when you dig deeper. Stress , headaches,loss appetite,sleep deprivation,insomnia, and so I call an the so -what-kids. Some parents of color know nothing about computers let alone feel comfortable ugh one running , recording so we think,and listening We already parinoid.

  10. governments toll on learning. government created all of this. abolish the fed government or be enslaved by it

  11. Just ask the Children and Babies in cages that for over fours years they have not seen their parents; actually they do not recognized their parents. They know a little bit of pressure!

  12. They should reduce the hour time on the screen and the hours of homework. They do more than me as a graduate student, which is ridiculous to me.

  13. Biden-reopens-Trumps-era-kids-in-cages-facilities.WashingtonPost.

  14. Everytime I think its summer vacation time, I just go to sleep right away and I always kept woken late because of those stupid class schedules I'd missed which is upsetting my teachers and it makes no sense at all 😡😡

  15. Yep. I knew something like this was gonna happen. This learning distance thing needs to stop, it’s getting old fast and so is this covid19 nonsense. We need to have everyone back to school physically. We can’t live on like this forever. Enough is enough.

  16. Remember to rebel against authority kids ✊

  17. I feel sorry for this students. We never even dreamed it would ever be like this. I didn't love high school, but at least it gave me something to look forward to.

  18. Blah blah blah 🇺🇸🇬🇧

  19. Teachers' Unions: Doing Everything They Can to Keep Teachers Home…at the Expense of Kids

  20. Better to be under pressure than under the ground!!!

  21. The COVID Generation This will have long-lasting implications 👈

  22. College kids are suffering too

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