Kilmeade: Does Mitch McConnell have the power to do this?

Fox News host Brian Kilmeade weighs in on lame-duck Congress’s omnibus spending bill, Janet Yellen blaming inflation on consumers and legislation to avoid a rail strike on ‘Kudlow.’ #foxbusiness #kudlow

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  1. Yellen, retire ALREADY!!! Be Gone!

  2. I've had it and I'm a hair away to changing from Republican to Independent bc I don't think Republicans have the balls to stand up to Democrats and do the right thing. On top of that, you have a lot of Rhinos. The swamp runs way deeper than any of us can imagine.

  3. i would not let janet yellen watch my luggage let alone manage the economy. grade A fool.

  4. Not Buttigieg taking a 2 month Paternity leave or Governor Newsome’s and Long Beach’s Covid mandates on shipping companies that stranded over 100 shipping container ships in the Pacific Ocean off Long Beach and CA allowing trains to be looted, and Democrat Governors allowing BLM and Antifa ‘peaceful’ protesters to loot our stores?

    …or Yellen’s Treasury TRIPLING the US Currency in circulation in the last two Biden years (Yellen printed $6.5 TRILLION in US Currency so Biden and Democrats could buy voters and pay off donors). She should be FIRED!

  5. So much for "the cavalry is on the way" Larry. I guess the rest of us had a pretty good idea of what the swamp was going to do, just disappoint and go back to their old ways.

  6. needed: clairvoyant s to determine, "sickly leavers" – qualifications include knowing exactly when the next KorOn AA will hit us
    HEALTHY ;???'

  7. $60 bucks per vaccine 💉 💉 ain't cheap

  8. So sick of the weak, low testosterone Republicans and traitor Rinos. Might as well forget about it. This country has begun the downward slide. China has won. No hope for the future.

  9. What a waste of resources – for what it cost to produce this nonsense, we could have been actually informed about something.

  10. She is another Biden idiot!!!

  11. The only reason Mitch remains in power is because those that could vote him out choose not to. All those protesting are quislings at best. They support the general thought from those of us not in power that we count for nothing since we are part of the sweaty plebiscite. In reality they offer nothing to us but lies and obfuscation. Since they are the ones that would have to approve term limits, we are toast. Mitch is not stupid of course… he takes very good care of himself and his anti-American crew. And it is too late to fix it. Stop reporting his movements as if you are surprised. You cannot be that stupid, neh?

  12. Janet Yellen is either an economics fool or a bold face liar.

  13. Mitch is a shill for the CCP. Look what's in the JCPA bill for the CCP.

    Mitch is a deceitful RINO. When has there ever been a giveaway compromise that he didn't go for? He never pushes back, he never gets anything of substance in return.

    MC is a BPoS!

  14. Did he rent his kids to Hunter and are they the kids on the laptop? He calls it Bipartisan for Joey the criminal? The receipts are in, twist the hemp.

  15. I have NO TRUST in Mitch McConnel or Mike Pence!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. If the Dems don't like global warming ,. They are really gonna hate it when they realize how hot Hell is going to be !

  17. This bill is not conservative, not republican.

  18. Does Kudlow know that the Biden administration has cut the annual deficit each year since the Trump-Kudlow administration?

  19. This is Mitch McConnell, infiltrated since time immemorial into the GOP (he’s has to be a Dem, if not, it’s beyond comprehension) stabbing his constituents in the back….AGAIN!

  20. j biden is no good sicko dementia impeach that old unfit

  21. Yullen liar sucks shes no good big mouth liar dumb old nogood thieve