Saturday , August 15 2020
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Kim Jong Un Signals Big Decision To Come Likely Involving The United States | NBC Nightly News

The North Korean leader rode a white horse to the top of the country’s highest mountain, both symbolic in Kim’s family, signaling that he’s contemplating a big decision. A North Korean official warned America may expect a “Christmas gift,” which could be interpreted as a threat of another weapons test.
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Kim Jong Un Signals Big Decision To Come Likely Involving The United States | NBC Nightly News


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  1. We'll last year Kim Fatty Fat gave the S. Korean President dog's for Xmas dinner. The south don't eat dogs so they made pets out of them.

  2. This is a load of bollocks

  3. Kim jung uns presence seems to have the ability to make anything look cheap

  4. Kim baby, if you’re going to get me anything get me a pass for 7 minutes in heaven with Nancy Pelosi. Thank you!

  5. To the leader of North Korea you are nothing run 20 minutes you'll die you don't know how to write on Horseback you're a fraud a fake what's going on in this world there's a joke

  6. I don't speak Korean but when I see someone in Texas riding their horse I don't usually interpret it as a sign they're going to be testing missiles and nuclear weapons.

  7. Paranoid from USA he is only taking a nice ride with his wife. Really nice view by the way.

  8. I had a feeling the bromance would unravel.  lol

  9. Go ahead, do something stupid.

  10. trumps a joke, everything he does fails

  11. this is not news. this is a joke, you people have just cut up sections of interviews to create a hateful clip that is designed to scare people. you should be ashamed of yourself if you really think this helps the world in anyway.

  12. I had no idea they had horses in North Korea🤔I thought they would’ve all been eaten by now.

  13. why aren't democrats flocking to kims socialist utopia?

  14. Kim Jung Un built a Socialist Utopia City just for BS and the Squat. Progressives are welcome to become NK citizens. Please leave, you are not welcomed in USA. LEAVE!

  15. Iran is rioting against the mullahs. We're going to have to fight North Korea one day anyway. They will launch a missile in the ocean for Christmas.. there he goes killing more fish.!

  16. So u hope something will come against USA as long u can use it against president Trump

  17. President Trump seems to threaten everyone wherever he goes! What a guy? On the other hand why do I always hear the song from Team America whenever I see a picture of Kim!

  18. LoL Big decision coming… A big meal coming is more like it.

  19. 4 horsemen of the apocalypse, white first.

  20. U.S media fear mongering it's citizens again

  21. We are a weak country under Trump.

  22. Stop making jokes. If anything happens, it will be terrible 🕊

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