King Kohli’s 199 run series blitz | From the Vault

90 not out, 59 not out and 50; Virat Kohli dominated Australia during the 2015-2016 T20 series as the bowlers had no answer for his blistering stroke play. It took a lucky deflection onto the stumps from a Cameron Boyce delivery to finally see the great man dismissed in game three.

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  1. Nice highlights, English and Australian cricket board when needed to increase views and subscribers they post indian videos

  2. King Kohli 👑 ♥️♥️
    Adam Gilchrist
    Mathew Hayden
    Always best ♥️♥️

  3. 1:14 , I love this shot of Kohli

    Love from pak ❤

  4. Australia commentary is enough to show how great Virat is.

  5. He made batting in t20 cricket look unbelievably easy. He scored 50 more often than not at a 140+ strike rate. I was too young to understand how easy he made it look, I just thought it was a lot easier than it was. No one will ever come close to matching that consistency with the same impact

  6. But but according to Australians 🤡 Kohli is choker, flog and behind of queen Smith 🤣🤣
    Bade hi mc log hain yaar australia me
    Pehle Sachin se fat ti thi aur ab Australia se 😂😂

  7. No words just take a bow🙌

  8. 2014,2016,2022 good years for Kohli in t20 format

  9. It's Kohli's every day job to beat Aussies in Australia.

  10. Cricket Australia is putting king kohli in their video and dumb half minded pakistanis think only indians call kohli king 😂

  11. When commentator says "how can u dig it like that" 😂

  12. Cricket Australia promoting cricket fraternity good to see on your channel that’s why you are on and off field best cricket board of all time 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  13. I think this channel want more view and add or because their earnings getting low that's why they had to post this video❤😂😂

  14. 2016 T20 Incredible Form absolutely Fantastic

  15. In recent times, Most of the times Adam Zampa got Kohli… That made him struggle with Australia

  16. He is a perfect all format player

  17. Views hi views hoga 🤑🤑🤑

  18. The time of January 2016, The purple patch of the legend started. I guess this was the defining series for him. The next few months was nothing less than the heaven for his fans. Definitely a G.O.A.T ✨

  19. Still couldn’t make his team (rcb and ind) win the title with that kind of form in 2016

  20. Then mitchel starc joined the squad💀

  21. When you already have watch these three matches and remembering it always 😌…

  22. Don’t compare kohli with any random batsman.
    His aura is unmatchable🥵

  23. Babar in His Entire career can't match that level ♥ 🔥 🔥 🔥 king 👑

  24. This Kohli was just a dream…!!🔥

  25. Australians commentary is next level ❤🔥 our 3rd class indian commentators (Ajit agarkar, muruli karthik, sanjay manjrekar, akash chopra) should learn from them🤬

  26. Brilliant, excellent, delightfull