Thursday , November 26 2020
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Kitten rescued by firefighters from busy overpass | Animalkind

This tiny kitten was rescued from under a major highway. Now, he’s a fearless daredevil in his forever home. 🐈
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St. Louis Stray Rescue called the fire department to help rescue a kitten from under a busy highway overpass. Now, Louie the fearless cat is in his forever home.


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  1. Camille Caldera is fake news!


  2. Can you please send Louie to me please? I want Louie.

  3. I hate that people are taking this sweet little video about some firefighters saving a kitten and are acting as if it’s USA Today stalling on more important political stories. I hope that they release this is from their animalkind segment where they show some amusing thing an animal has done.

  4. Music sounds like Are You Alright ? by Lucinda Williams.
    I was recommended this after searching for 'mum surprised in restaurant thinks son actually works there'

  5. This is a video posted when Hunter’s emails story was already out…! 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😅 What a perfect symbol of the media’s dereliction of duty! US journalism’s dead.

  6. Such a sweetheart! Thank you..

  7. If only people in America and beyond could have such caring feelings for all animals and take up the clean vegetarian lifestyle of eating food. Don't practice speciesism and bring the importance of one animals life above another. (Think cow, chicken, pig, fish etc)

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