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Korean WEIGHT LOSS Tips + Hacks

when you want to get a summer body but summer’s already over

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  1. I'm not Korean but most loop first are not healthy some beauty gurus have nice body and have a stable diet but those are difficult to find and some people are just full on plastic.. No pun intended.. Most that are non kpop are heathy ngl but if we are talking kpop.. Nah lol they starve..

  2. You can’t believe why I subscribed. The first thing you showed. The bottle, I liked how it looked when you showed it. That’s why I clicked so fast 😭😂

  3. girl screw the weight loss, drop the eyebrow routine 😍😍

  4. I got an ad saying “STOP DOnT EXERCISE”
    💀should I listen to that guy

  5. You talk so fast like KTX

  6. Oh my god you are so beautiful

  7. She looks like Lisa Rhee ^^

  8. Love from India😉😍👸

  9. U looks like seulgi and lisarhee 😨

  10. My parents so I’m fat but whenever I diet they scold me for not eating enough, and when I try to do a workout that is very effective other than sitting down and try to stretch my toes all day they will spank me for excerising the wrong way!

  11. You look like Seulgi from red velvet

  12. You look like you, girl. And you’re beautiful❤️

  13. U look like seulgi of redvelvet Cutie I love u thnx so. Much

  14. Sooooooo jealous of your skin! Not sure if it is a byproduct of your healthy eating or just genetics but you are GLOWING!

  15. >a lot of spicy food
    Ok…I gonna have to stop you there


  17. my mom doesn't care if I'm on a diet….. Because I always break the diet hahahahhahaahahaha

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