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Kremlin Critic Alexei Navalny Transferred To Prison Hospital Amid Hunger Strike | NBC News NOW

Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny has been transferred to a Russian prison hospital 18 days into a hunger strike over authorities’ refusal to let a doctor see him. NBC News’ Matt Bodner breaks down how the U.S. is responding and his supporters’ calls for protests across Russia.
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Kremlin Critic Alexei Navalny Transferred To Prison Hospital Amid Hunger Strike | NBC News NOW


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  1. NATO Agent Alexei Navalny on a hunger strike and hi going to ill . is it Putin's fault? All Terrorism and War Criminal Group now coming to save NATO Agent Alexei Navalny. only fools are trusty this NATO Agent Alexei Navalny and War Criminal Group like US, France, Germany, etc news narratives.

  2. Antibiotics antioxidants and I'm sorry Marijuana if you want to save him and I'm asking please 🙏

  3. Vitamin E and vitamin C

  4. Olive oil oxygenates the blood

  5. Blueberry and pomegranate and olive oil and aloe and collegan ok

  6. I can do it in 24 hours with antioxidants he will need a small amount of antibiotics and they dry you out so I say small, amount for only 3 days ok

  7. CBG and olive oil its important along with Vitamins to push it i know how to clean a system out in 3 days that is what I do

  8. Larger amount of delta 9 small amounts of CBG or opposite large amounts of CBG and small amount of delta 9 ya know but its hax to be like that for it to work

  9. Vitamins 2 Tylenol and some vitamins somem delta 9 with cbg for the brain and nervous system

  10. He needs like a children allergy pill and Tylenol

  11. The bee stuff you can eat is complete nutrition

  12. Collegan and vitamin E

  13. Water bottles of water and hydration is important

  14. He needs a survival tabs its complete nutrition you get it online on Amazon and he is in extreme need

  15. I'm gonna say because he's sick he needs vitamins especially because of what happened with the poisoning he needs like rose their is a herb that takes poison out of your system and he needs like Vitamin A and D3 and B100 and CBG is it rose ? What herb takes poison out ? He needs alot of vitamins right now I know what he needs he folic acid for the brain and such I'm not like him but I will try and help and he needs coconut oil and olive oil I'm super empathic and I can't let this happen without saying something I know puttin is lookin out I appreciate thats and thank you but he does need vitamins and I can't let him die I can't

  16. Jesus loves and cares about you so much so repent so that we all make it to heaven

    Like so more people can see this

  17. Navalny on hunger strike?
    Am I really supposed to feel sorry for a US funded white nationalist who compares immigrants to insects and fantasises about shooting them with a pistol?
    I think I'll pass.


  19. Navalny, he is alcoholic, a drug addict, a sick person. It spent millions dollars of Usa taxpayers to make a coup Revolution in Russia. What's not clear? Zero prospect.

  20. So you rally think, that th US are "savors"??? All the conflicts (Iraq, Syria, Serbia, Vietnam, Serbia) US was aggressor and provocateur. Your country only use chemical and nuclear weapons. SO? Nothing to say?

  21. No ,he won't getting any better. Putin is killing him slowly. Right in front of "concerned" Europe!

  22. Navalny goes on hunger strike-then to hospital for vitamins-apparently he changed his mind.

  23. From Prison to Hospital and finally moved to the Graveyard. Nobody, I repeat, NOBODY Fvcks with Emperor Putinski and live to tell the tales…FACTS

  24. The man is a hero IMO standing up against that tyrant Putin. A true man of morals and courage 👏

  25. Thank you for supporting russian opposition by spreading news like this. <3

  26. Mr. Navalny please eat food. Starvation means certain death and you know this.


  28. Down with Putin an enemy to the world!!!

  29. Its important to me that this man be released because Russia has the largest population of psychics. Russia has the largest population of Divergents. So technically they are MY people. As the The Divergent in Chief and Commander of the Planetary Armada I demand Navalny's release!

  30. May God bless Navalny! I just pray that he survives Putin's assault on his health!🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  31. Navalny was IN THE COMA when he's transferred to Germany! Russians authorities, aka PUTIN gave the green light for him to be taken there after international pressure! How could they turn around & say that Navalny "violated a suspended sentence by TRAVELING to Germany"? It doesn't even make any sense! Am i missing something here? Why journalists aren't pointing it out?

  32. Сделайте как что бы это бал его последний госпиталь

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