Monday , November 30 2020
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Kroger set to lay off hundreds of employees

Morning Business Outlook: American retailer Kroger is set to lay off hundreds of workers nationwide after failing to hit target profits. Bed Bath & Beyond is set to increase the number of upcoming store closures to sixty.

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  1. Good. Hope those people find something better. Stopped going to Kroger because they went woke. They support abortion and speak against the second amendment.

  2. Kroger is going to turn into an even more disgusting ghetto dump than it already is.

  3. How come you didn't mention anything about them banning open carry in their stores? 2A supporters ARE taking their business elsewhere = loss of revenue!

  4. Kroger does not want conceal carry customers in their store so Kroger can go to hell Kroger can go bankrupt😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  5. The sound is terrible the sound is terrible on this video

  6. Thanks to Amazon paradigm shift, Drive to Fifteen, and automation, there will be no more workers left.

  7. Sign of the times. Sad but true. sigh………………………..

  8. Meanwhile at kroger mutiple top end corporate people get 25-30% raises, and 500% bonuses.
    Meanwhile in kroger stores employees experience supply shortages of basic needs like gloves and paper towel because its not in budget.

  9. Kroger after Be, Bath & Beyond cutting job's. Now what's beyond after cuts and changes?🤔

  10. well let me tell you why Kroger's doing this cuz they're just like Wal-Mart they went and shut down all the small neighborhood stores and built big huge Kroger's with furniture and jewelry and dumb s*** and now people do not want to shop in all that crap so now they got to shut them down,cuz they got greedy and who suffers? the small neighborhood kroger storesthey had , the small owners once again suffer I can't stand Kroger anyway and I can't stand your food it's disgusting everything you got there taste like cap

  11. The parking lot at the Kroger stores in my area are always completely full. Business appears to be booming.

  12. A 1.86% drop is tanking? 😂

  13. Get woke, go broke. Haven't been in a Krogers since they got involved with the anti second amendment crowd and won't be back.

  14. and we wont miss them, we have amazon

  15. We can thank this disgusting president

  16. Once every food store except Amazon stores exist, it’s only a matter of time till you cannot buy any food without the mark of a cyber currency . Love thy Neighbor .. eye for eye is not Christ- Like. Amen !! Read Matthew 5

  17. Kroger most are union they need to fight for THIER jobs as a group

  18. Please Jesus Help Kroger's give them wisdom and understanding to get it right in Jesus Name Amen I like their store

  19. yeah that and with this trump bs there scared they might have to pay 15 dollars a hour there probably looking to get stocker robots

  20. Great news..maybe kroger should think twice before entering politics. Our second amendment matters.

  21. Great. It’s already an issue there with only ever two registers open and no baggers…..

  22. Kruger is over bloated. Cheap stuff over price so they can have their fancy garden style produce section. Unfortunately, Food City is heading in that same direction. Got their store here are dress up with a Starbuck shop inside. Also loading up those Self Check-Out lanes. Meanwhile, Dollar General is popping up all over the place and IGA is selling brand products at low budget price without the use of a VIP card.

  23. Doesn’t want us to protect ourselves so we won’t spend our money there

  24. Kroger’s Union is a bane and a burden to Kroger. Then they went and asked for no legal gun carry in their stores, get woke go broke. Retailers with unions will rarely do as well as ones without.

  25. Thank trump the worst president in history. Soon you'll be impeached. We don't believe you lies.

  26. Why use human when they cost more that a machine? Minimum wage is a stupid thing.

  27. Hmm, could the downfall be because some consumers made a choice not to shop there, after Kroger anounced, pulling gun magazines from their shelves?

  28. They are laying off because they make more on line. Has nothing to do with people not buying food

  29. Kroger stores have a disconnect with their employees, vendors, and customers. If they learned how to communicate they’d have a better business.

  30. They always think what's best for the company..

  31. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos will employ you as he own Whole Foods. No need to worry about a monopoly here folks…

  32. So much for our good economy huh lol

  33. But but but the economy is the best ever!!!! Tremendous, bigly even

  34. Bed Bath Is a dying and Kroger has been growing to fast and are to expensive

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