Friday , January 15 2021
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KT McFarland says FBI tried to ‘trap' her on perjury charge

Former Trump Deputy National Security Adviser and author KT McFarland argues she was ‘collateral damage’ in the Gen. Michael Flynn case.

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  1. Those disgusting DIRTY COP FBI control freak wannabe slave masters attempting to frame another innocent patriotic citizen should get a severe taste of their own medicine by being followed, tracked and visited when they least expect it by a band of roving Soviet style KGB clone scouts involuntarily recruiting those DIRTY COP FBI control freaks by giving them a complete facial make over complete with a reduced brow ridge, compressed cheek bones on both sides, a new set of rugged cracked at the gum line front teeth, a double jointed broken jaw to become an improved public speaker who can say ouch in a dozen different foreign languages and a reduced nose or a nose moved over to the right side of their face to have a right olfactory sense of smell like being right handed all free of charge from your local KGB mobile recruiter office complete with the standard all night dentist with NO Novocain pain killer to help grind down those upper and lower front teeth to a professional evenly balanced FBI horse front teeth smile.

  2. Trump needs his Russian Loans, approved by Putin. His whole campaign so involved with Russia, many indicted already! Dangerous traitors.

  3. FBI and the feds have been Rouge at least since JFK.
    The Clinton's used them in the 90s.
    General Flynn needs to be made whole with interests. Comey/ McCabe need to serve some jail time.
    Treason is still a crime. The word should be hung around their necks.

  4. Ms. McFarland and General Flynn should now be able to sue these criminal individuals in the FBI for what they did to them. 😡
    Make an example of these treasonous thugs so that this will never happen again to American citizens.😡

  5. Here's a fact that we REALLY know…
    100% GUARANTEED… Obama and Biden will NEVER suffer any consequences from what they did.

  6. When a judicial office is filled with lying, corrupt people, it's time to eliminate all the agents in that supposed crime fighting branch. They are covering up their crimes along with many politicians who are buying their way out of trouble.

  7. They need to be replaced they have soiled their great name as a justice agency not a corrupt one.And not to paint all good men and women who work there and swore an oath to up hold justice and the constitution.Get those bad apples out whether by jail or by boot.We call on all those honest decent agents to stand up to this destructive agency.

  8. Collusion Allusion delusion.

  9. I’ve shared this to VK , social media,
    Does that mean I’m colluding? 😂😂😂😂

  10. America, this is your time to prove to the world 🌍 that justice means justice,
    Please don’t waste it 👍🇬🇧🇺🇸🙏


  12. Is it not time for conservatives to use lawfare against its creators.

  13. If nobody goes to jail there will be people dragged out by the back of the head

  14. So many Teflon coated turds even the Statue of Liberty is weeping

  15. What did they have on General Flynn's son? I hear about that all the time, but that's it, 'They threatened to go after his son.'

  16. Scumbags. waiting for her husband to leave???

  17. Why on earth wouldn't she just say "I want a lawyer " and slam the door in their faces ?

  18. I lost family welcome I. Didn't lose nothing just trash my cousin I call family is garbage

  19. what is is called is the American K,G,B. they learned everything they do from the communists and the reason they will get away with it is because the majority of the swamp are card carrying Communists and we are not talking about one or 100 people were talking about 100s of people stationed all through out the Alphabet soup Agencies that are in on this treason covering for everyone to keep there secrets and maintain there communists sewer

  20. I LOATHE you democrats and wish nothing but misery and sorrow on you! Go to hell!

  21. Yes, lost friends about it. And do those former friends show any remorse? No, they just double down on the BS.

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