Monday , August 2 2021
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Kudlow: Biden doesn't believe in free enterprise

‘Kudlow’ host predicts if Biden’s economic model is adopted we will have high inflation and low growth. #FoxBusiiiness #Kudlow

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  1. Regional planning agencies AND utility companies like National Grid must educate policy making legislatures and communities against the multiple environmental, economic and life quality hazards of continued over immigration. Too much of anything is no good; humanity knew this long before the ancient Grecian states. This is especially true of over population as it drives up the cost and down the quantity and quality of every basic human necessity, while paving over CO2 consuming green space and extincting species. Except for its obvious benefits to politicians (both the Trumps and the Bidens) for expanding voter pools and to wealthy investors for keeping consumption levels high and real wage growth stagnant, over immigration is absolute madness. The true motives for perpetuating it must be exposed and its rate-across all ethnicities, ages, education and economic classes-must be strongly reduced and regulated down into harmlessness. For their part, would be immigrants need to behave like mature and responsible adults and not like helpless innocent kids by reforming the governments and diversifying the economies of their homelands. No matter who they are everyone needs to stop acting and wishing like the whole world can live in the United States. AND this all needs to happen immediately.

  2. No respect for Biden he's not a president

  3. This Marxist puppet is destroying YOUR PRECIOUS USA 🇺🇸 WAKE UP PEOPLE.

  4. Truth Kudlow! That demecrate economic model has been the problem of the economy "for years"! Costs have gotten so high that other than high tech, America doesn't produce much anymore and almost all employment is via government spending also known as deficit spending, therefore "jobs" instead of sales that promotes real growth… The Socialist States of America is almost done. Now That's a serious opinion that all Americans should be afraid of.

  5. Biden and his elitist puppeteer only care about destroying the greatest country on earth .

  6. biden has no clue what hes talking about.

  7. Give people 300/week AND let them keep what they worked. Problem solved.

  8. Biden likes labelling "EXPENSES" as "INVESTMENTS." He clearly does not know the meaning of those two words.

  9. Still no talk of the 25 Amendment?

  10. Nobody knows what Joe believes in because even he doesn't know.
    He's Obama 2.0

  11. Somebody better answer their phone

  12. Take the cognitive test Puppet Biden

  13. I don’t have a college degree but even I know that when you Tax a Business they just add it on to their prices and we the People pay it, I have always known that Politician’s were Corrupt but this Administration is taking it to the Moon.

  14. Screw socialism, we can't afford it! Can't fix stupid politicians!

  15. Biden loves to see Americans suffer it makes him smile ear to ear

  16. I always love how you are clear to focus on decisions and not an attack on the person personally

  17. Before the mid-term it will be clear that Biden is an illegal president and has no mandate for the reckless socialist programs he is using other people’s money to implement.

  18. believing in Jesuchrist you have salvatión and eternal life. read in the holy bible Romans 10 : 9 and 10 , st Jhon 3 : 16

    believe in the place where you are
    blessings .

  19. Joe Biden and his family are a national security threat!

  20. Amanha nao vou estar ajudando voces no marketing porque trabalho o dia to do e nao poso very she alguem tentar roubar voces port is so quando trabalho nao me comprometo en ajudalos,a do is dias atraz hakes tentaram atacar meu telefone e resolving o problema: por is so nao poso por seus negocios em risco


  22. Poor joe. Please go back in the basement… Or come out of the basement!!!

  23. We all know The DEMS want the Drugs to come into the US – it keeps their base happy. The DEMS want the illegals to come in – It Keeps their base strong. The DEMS want the Voting laws relaxed so they can get the illegals to vote. The DEMS are now the Marxist Party.

  24. What world does this false person live in? He is trying to usher in hyper inflation faster than it set to do by every other fantasy he has indulged. This failure of an illegal occupier has to be called out and cut off. We need to remove him from his occupying shelter. He is taking us down a road that the d s built that leads to economic oblivion. Their road to perdition.

  25. Larry's mad, and understandably so, that President Biden prefers the advice of actual economic experts to glib soundbites from media propagandists like himself.

  26. Larry never met a corporate crook he couldn't learn valuable talking points from.

  27. Fun Fact: The number of people experiencing homelessness nationwide increased by two percent between 2019 and 2020, or 12,751 more people. This marks the fourth consecutive year that total homelessness has increased in the United States.

  28. Fun Fact: "From 2017 to 2020, the national debt under President Trump increased by almost 36%, to $27 trillion in October 2020…"

  29. Biden is driven by his radical party and satanic forces. He is destructive at the deepest level.

  30. Is he kidding free enterprise and less government regulation is the reason America sold it's manufacturing overseas so corporations could triple it's profits as a results of millions of American jobs lost. Which was also the result of China becoming an economic superpower as a result which is now a threat to America. All because of corporate greed. They gain short term wealth but the long-term consequences Was now we have to compete head to head with China military and economically and it's because of America that China is one of biggest threat to this country. National Military Defense agree on this.

  31. Rich carney barkers like Larry and the Mara Lago goombah can't stand the thought of life being less trauma filled for actual working people. (Or as they'd put it, "suckers".)

  32. Right wing propagandists like Fox are the ultimate snowflakes if you interfere with their brainwash, I'm discovering.
    Thank heavens for clip trays 😉

  33. Sleepy Joe has no idea about economy like president Trump. The speech is written by the demo. " Come on man, you just read that scrip." Lol!

  34. Who gaf what he believes?

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