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Kudlow: Biden economic plan would make Vladimir Lenin smile

‘Kudlow’ host dismantles Biden administration’s centralized government spending plan. #FoxNews #Kudlow

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  1. Right now every United States citizen is paying through the trillions added to the debt, for China to take over other countries and trade routes. Since Obama doubled the debt China's salivating and dems facilitating this.

  2. Another anti American un-democratic lying mouthpiece for FauxNews touring the company line. A waste of space and time.

  3. Better to rebuild america, then china like trump's phase 1 trade deal with china

  4. Booming but they are not the real numbers.

  5. "Reagan took the deficit from $70 billion to $175 billion. Bush 41 took it to $300 billion. Clinton got it to zero. Bush 43 took it from zero to $1.2 trillion. Obama halved it to $600 billion. Trump’s got it back to a trillion."

  6. "From 2017 to 2020, the national debt under President Trump increased by almost 36%, to $27 trillion in October 2020…"

  7. Joe 🐫 is worst president ever

  8. Fiat money printing driving hyper inflation; no red meat, no oil, no jobs, no competition, no free market trade, no cheese, no grass, no rule of law, no police protection, restricted diets, restricted speech, no prosperity; tyrannical, dictatorial control over every aspect of our lives. Seems like communist control, socialist central planning and destruction of free market!
    No prosperity America.
    Impeach 46!

  9. Young people girls younger boys young children young baby's old women oldman she he is hungrysoport isnot eating food isnot having house is not drink juice sopport money every month soport money 131 trillions dollars sopport every month soport every month soport money transfer money Barclays Bank standard bank dahabshil bank itake this account sopport every month soport money abdullahi Hassan Mohamed Ibrahim IAM hungrysoport IAM not have food IAM not have house iamhungry IAM not have drinks juice soport every month soport send to money Abdullahi Hassan Mohamed Ibrahim

  10. The rich remain rich by spending less but investing, while the poor remain poor by spending like the rich.Yet with no investment.

  11. My advice to everyone is to invest in cryptocurrencies especially Bitcoin it's might hit $70k soon

  12. I am a moderate Democrat to start but I disagree with the “free parking” space on monopoly where many sit and gather their free share of $$. I have disability and went got a job albeit minimum wage when I was laid off and nothing was available for my former job.. This new job gives me job stability and experience for future opportunities and references if I need them.

  13. People love free money ‘ geed and jealousy go along way!!!

  14. Power and control of Americans citizens!!!

  15. Biden and Harris remind me of a Jim Carrey movie
    “ Dumb and Dumber “

  16. Just read the McDonald's in Carrollton, Ga. is paying new workers 12.00 hour just to get people to come work for them.

  17. Putin is the man 👨

  18. Biden is still economically riding President Trumps coat tails. But he will gladly take credit.

  19. How about that scumbag Roger Stone!!!??

  20. The United States is in the beginning of a collapse under the budget deficit.

  21. The glorious Biden economy is booming, so Republicans are talking trash about Lenin and other nonsense.

  22. Economy booming yet u passed tax cut for the rich , just a few filing years ago! Suklow

  23. The rich remain rich by spending less but investing, while the poor remain poor by spending like the rich.Yet with no investment.

  24. Home prices going up isn’t making anybody happy. What planet are you from?

  25. Buy the land for more schools.

  26. Because people aren't hiring.

  27. Liberals can't identify gender, let alone understand economics. There too busy sipping on WOKA COLA.

  28. If you don’t go back to work you will find when you have to go back your job is gone.


  30. Just give it time Americans going to fall hard when the handouts are nomore but they voted for it so do not cry the day it happens.

  31. Lenin would be proud of Uncle Joe and his socialists ways

  32. Biden's launching a new soup…"borscht for all…"

  33. Mr "the USA are airtight seald for covid" says Whuuut ???

  34. Why the almost 4 MILLION in pocket change to Gates for insect studies in the covid bill, instead of 20K per citizen…JS! Economics 101!

  35. Isn't Kudlow partially responsible for the recession? Trump inherited a booming economy and like all Repub presidents, They left in shambles. Trickle down economics is a failed theory.

  36. Instead of complaining that people are getting benefits to survive, and that they pay equal to starvation wages, why don't you talk more about how you can help people get a better job through jobs training or public college, and how we could fund this by taxing the rich?

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