Thursday , January 20 2022
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Kudlow: Biden’s self-inflicted energy crisis

‘Kudlow’ host discusses the ramifications of Biden’s decision to release oil reserves.

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  1. Typical liberal politics. Create a catastrophe and then portray yourself as the hero who is going to fix the problem you created.

  2. Joe Biden has anyone told you that you are the president of the United States. Screw, the other countries, we can and have produced our own energy. America first. Joe Biden, you are a pathetic excuse for a human being. Period.

  3. Poor Biden He trys. Lord You already have a Perfect Plan 🙌🏻✝️🙌🏻

  4. This poor excuse for a president is a danger to the security of America 🇺🇸

  5. I think Biden is getting better at reading someone else’s message to if he could quit squinting. They should get him some glasses.

  6. Biden is an idiot.

    Consider this………if your were a oil producing country supplying the USA and you heard that Biden was releasing emergency supplies what you would obviously realise is that he ( Biden) is worried and panicking, and as any good businessman would do, you would increase you price on oil to the idiot Biden.

    A five year old would realise this……….pity Biden has only a three year old brain!

  7. Reverse the stupid decision on the Keystone Pipeline, open the government lands for exploration…

  8. Nobody with even half a brain would try to eliminate one source of energy without having another to replace it. I’m all for cleaner energy but until that source is found or invented making people suffer is just insane. Worst president ever

  9. Biden is literally selling out America to China and the NWO right before our eyes.

  10. This is what 47 years experience gets you.

  11. Hildago Rivera, Larry Kudlow and Chris Wallace are all proof that fox is part of the deep state

  12. Poor, poor American people having a Idiot for President. I feel pain with you from ather side of the world .

  13. INTENTIONALLY self inflicted. There’s absolutely no doubt about it. Americans are going to pay dearly for this. Inflation will only increase.
    Let’s go Brandon! Passing the buck Biden.

  14. climate will change!! doesn't matter what Brandon wants to do. he needs to be in old age home reading cartoons. this climate change thing is just another way of making money. some ppl are so gullible.

  15. Fill your heating oil you have 2 days worth till you can never afford it again!

  16. You're right, Larry. The Liberals hates profit.
    As long it's someone else, but when they themselves are making a profit, they're thrilled.
    Socialism for you, not for me. FJB.

  17. The scheduled completion date for the Keystone pipeline was 2023. Shutting it down has had zero impact on oil prices this year.

  18. Biden is so so so stupid how could any normal person vote for him

  19. Very soon, making simple sensible arguments will get you thrown in the Gulag for promoting….REALITY!!

  20. War on oil and border was a stated campaign promise. See the multiple videos.

  21. The other counties hasn't gear up for the shortages. BUT BIDEN ID GEARING DOWN THE UNITED STATES PRODUCTION OF OIL. GET A CLUE YET?

  22. Democrat voters are to blame here.

  23. Every action has been INTENTIONAL destructive treason. It explains the 100% negative results and NO accidental positive ones!

  24. You know this is so much about control of American people ok i give you some oil ,ok i give you some money it's all about control, mask mandates ok you can travel but be careful ,ITS CONTROL OVER YOUR LIFE

  25. You think the world will end if Biden uses 50 million barrels of oil

  26. India and China are using up most of what's left of the planets oil.

  27. US producers are just as much to blame as OPEC member nations. Energy suppliers had already determined that they would gradually increase the supply of crude over a period of time (throughout 2021 and into 2022). They're more than likely gunning for an $85 to $90 dollar price range. Suppliers want stability in the energy markets. From the supply side, fluctuations are undesirable. And the $85 to $90 dollar price range is actually a solid price range that producers can more or less be comfortable with.
    And you are absolutely right about the use of the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve… it'll be used up in a matter of a few days. However, I'm not sure there actually exists a national security issue that would require the US government to tap into the Strategic Reserve. Because I believe that's what it was created for in the first place. At this point in time, I really don't see a dire need to resort to this measure.

  28. Biden is cursed. Whatever he touches, they all become chaotic & rotten.

  29. Even biden doesn’t believe the crap spewing out of his own mouth, god I can’t bare to listen to this idiot try to to read!

  30. Let's say everybody has an electric cars trucks etc let's say millions of cars traveling at the same time all over the United States and we all need to charge at the same time how long will we all have to wait Let's say for some of us we are in winter and we need heat in our cars as we travel Now we need to recharge more often Now what to millions of vehicles how long do we all wait to charge up …

  31. Has he forgot he stop our pipe line

  32. What about canada oil ? Shut it down create chaos shut down usa bring in new world order

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