Sunday , April 18 2021
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Kudlow breaks down Trump's CPAC speech

Larry Kudlow analyzes Trump’s CPAC speech and economic policies from his administration.

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  1. The sooner the better as far as I'm concerned.

  2. Kudlow, you're MONEY …. even quoting Jesus !

  3. I Love Trumpism ❤️
    📣 Say It Sir 📣
    🇺🇸 💪 ✊ 🤝 🇺🇸
    America Stronger
    With Trump
    People MATTER to Him
    🤱🤰 👪 👫🧑‍🍼👮🧑‍🚒🧑‍✈️👷

  4. Frm President Trump is the best and the most brilliant President of the United States of America!!!

  5. Facts — more, more, more, please.

  6. I voted for him twice, because I like his policies. And while we will never know the proven truth of the election. There is a huge flaw about Trump that I can’t stand. His ego. He is successful, smart, funny, can be presidential. But he is an narcissistic ego maniac. I hope some other conservative rising stars will one consider running for office. And I hope Tump is smart enough to set aside his ego for the good of the party and our country.

  7. President Trump to you Dem FOX! Why is Hannity still there but Dobbs fired(both named in law suit you use as excuse.. or did you just fire Dobbs cause he supports Trump?)? Why can Chris Wallace force ratings drops on your shows and still there?

  8. 527,226 deaths 29,314,254 covid cases, 3000 Americans are dying every day from the Trump virus, even after the WH took control of all hospital data from the CDC 'it is what it is' since Trump allowed over 40,000 infected citizens to enter from China via Europe after his shutdown.

  9. Trumpism means to go as low as possible. This poor man, called Trump, praising hisself again and again, attacking republicans who he calls traitors, attacking the new president only one months after he is in office, is not only a mean person, but as well a demagogue which you easely could compare with others from the past. Kudlow who has enriched himself, same as his collegues, during the presidency of Trump, is not better than him.

  10. So Trump said the virus was a HOAX, right? If it was a HOAX, why did he and his wife take the vaccine in January? What a pos!!

  11. I'm not American but I find this segment very positive for the US. After being heavily censored by mainstream news outlets for 4 years – and it still continues – Trump's economic stance and zeal for his people, is so clear. What a shame that the American swing voters could not see this amidst all the turmoil: the lies and fraudulence before and during the election.

  12. Thank you for fighting against such a corrupt political system while also helping those less fortunate… it clearly made the left very angry, but also made God very proud!

  13. "Larry Kudlow says US has contained the coronavirus and the economy is holding up nicely" February 25th 2020


  15. Thank you, Sir. President Trump is a true LEADER for the United States of America! Not just to the Republicans. He will help make this country WELL again!

  16. We saw a corrupt childish crybaby liar and loser make himself look like an idiot as he always does.

  17. It took a real scumbag to be able to rehumanize Bush. But there's nobody worse than Trump to be able to in turn rehumanize him.

  18. PresidentTrump did more to help American citizens than any other president in50 years and socialist demoed like pelosi could not stand the fact that President Trump was actually was actually the citizens . She could not stand it because it made her look bad. Because she only worked for her self. The socialist demoes only work for thier selves and he was makeing them mad.bring PresidentTrump back and let him clean house with pelosi and her corrupt group of8

  19. not former you're dumb if u think biden is in charge.

  20. Kudlow is an idiot. He fit right in with disinfectant donny's Stupid Mafia.

  21. Trump needs to run for Congress and become speaker that would really put a smile on Nancys face.

  22. Orange toxic cancer on America. Disqualify and censor him and his followers

  23. You are the best president

  24. Speaking facts is right and proper. Pity the Demscum Party and the Roni's never learned that.

  25. Greatest President this country has ever had!

  26. Love your truth telling !!!

  27. JB’s economic policies are killing America. The Democrats really don’t care about people unless you’re coming here illegally. They want their votes.

  28. Larry Kudlow: A man who spent $100,000/month on a cocaine addiction at the same time he was advising Americans how to invest their hard earned money. As a professed economics expert, he completely missed the Worldwide Recession. donald trump: was pinched for fraud the day before the 2016 election–Trump University was a classic bait and switch fraud factory–$25 million dollar settlement (rich people don't go to prison).

    This is the best the GOP has to offer. They'd best stick with their Russian Fascism. It's all they can really manage.

  29. President Donald Trump still is this nation's President. The fraud in the Whitehouse is a puppet of a desperate gang of criminal dirtbags.

  30. Hard to know who is dumber, kudlow or Trump.

  31. Mr. kudlow gave a good talk. 👍👍👍

  32. Trump at CPAC was like being forced to watch "Battlefield Earth" and pretend like it was original & well acted🤣


  34. Trump greatest wealth creating president ever aided by Larry Steve Moore and others

  35. That’s our very best president!

  36. Hey Trumpsters! I hear the Trump DC Hotel TRIPLED rates for Thursday March 4th. Do you have another Insurrection planned?

  37. Now we are dying in Democratic Party devils

  38. Lmao trump is desperately look for attention🤣😂

  39. If conservatism no longer means belief in objective reality, reverence for the rule of law, fiscal sobriety, recognition of universal human rights or public virtue, the Republican Party has no value (or values, frankly).

  40. Trump is awesome…the Democrats are scumbags.

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