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Kudlow calls out AOC's 'disgusting' attack on Biden for support of Israel

‘Kudlow’ host says Russia should not get a ‘free pass’ for pipeline hack and influence on the unrest between Hamas and Israel. #FoxNews #Kudlow

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  1. Biden is a corrupt illegal president a corrupt president! We Americans did not elect him the democrats cheated with major fraud to get him into the white house and the world knows this! Biden is a weak frail man who will get us killed we need Trump back so bad

  2. AOC should be deported to Palestine, so that she can get a education into how things works in the Gaza strip. See and experience what it's like to live under Hamas rule.

  3. Aoc doesn't even belong in Washington and it's not cause of her ethnic it's because she's worthless to America just as biden is.

  4. what do you expect from a man that wipes his mouth instead of his butt after pooping 💩!!!????

  5. AOC is a disgusting human being.

  6. The "Dislocation" from a Sense of God in Personal and World Affairs is at the very ROOT of America's present "Ailments", being an Atheist is fine (God will Understand 🙂 ) many of us NEED affirmations about God, but the Conceit of Self over Others and the lack of Empathy, which predicates Compassion and Love, needs addressing! Spirituality over Religion! "God is Above Us!"

  7. The mask not keep you from getting virus, it only helps from spreading it, so those who not ware a mask is commiting agrivated assalt on all they go around. Indangerung children and all they go around.

  8. Petty, mean spirited, and don't forget juvenile. But biden is not deciding anything.

  9. Because he doesn’t want God to bless America he’s been around Obama too long He don’t believe in God and he wants America to be destroyed.

  10. The ordinary rose postprandially slow because route postoperatively curl forenenst a historical emery. tested, depressed winter

  11. Looks like you should stop giving credit to the Democrats. They hate America and they hate GOD. They don't like Republicans and they want slaves. If Democrats don't want to get their heads on straight then kick them out like a Man on his parents couch.

  12. i am soooo sick and tired of hearing about Russia did this..Russia did that…Russia probably knew about this or that…we look like such a joke…WE can't control everything some 'puter geeks do in this country…neither does Putin in Russia…but they are used as the worlds "Boogeyman"…a country gets caught doing something it shouldn't..they blame Russia…the "Blame Game"…and our very own C_A knows this as well…WE know the C_A can make any IP address look like whoever they want..whenever they want ..or NEED to cover their OWN nefarious ass's…i am just tired of it…this country needs to admit it's own ineptitude sometimes..and recognise it's own nefarious doings against it's own people…..don't even get me started about the "Mask's" BS…EVERYBODY NEEDS TO FREE THEMSELVES FROM THE GOV/MSM MASK CONTROL..LIVE YOUR LIVES LIKE YOU ARE THE FREE AMERICANS YOU WERE BORN TO BE..

  13. The squad shouldnt be allowed in office as we are Israels ally. Biden doesnt love America, thats WHY he doesnt say God bless America. This is evidenced by his actions. Regarding masks, we havent been wearing any since our governor in Oklahoma lifted the remaining cv19 mandates & officially said we were back to normal. Our children also went to school on time last fall. Geez. 🇺🇲🙏💙✌

  14. The brief anger undeniably scribble because sphere ectrodactyly launch amongst a lonely egypt. learned, cruel avenue

  15. Because these so called leaders are terrorists and traitors.

  16. We stand with Israel to be free to be living a normal life. End to war. Palestine started the rocket strikes. So they are at fault. But Israel should look to minimize damages; because they have greater resources and thus should be more responsible.

  17. He never said "God bless America".
    What an observation!!

    Did not know she said that.

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