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Kudlow praises Trump trade, says impeachment is ‘doomed to failure’

National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow on the USMCA, China trade, Japan trade and his outlook for economic growth.

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  1. Red, Hot Blooded American Girl for Trump! Keep the vision 20/20!!

  2. Those Dems are making fools out of themselves.

  3. I don't like it when FOX puts green screen behind the interviewees. Just interview Kudlow at his office or somewhere REAL.

  4. Pelosi…Worse than useless..

  5. One front at a time. They need to get rid of those spy's in Congress, they owe it the military, and the people of America, charge with graft, for accepting bribes form a foreign nation. Imagine a nation so powerful can't win a war because of these people's personal interest, time to purge them, The Great Renewal.

  6. Muslim nation ka Jo problem China marfat create hua WO pope ka hath tha

  7. Russia bhi pope ke hi problem se UK marfat zunje raha hai

  8. how many times is this one video going to auto play after i watch something !? youtube is ruining youtube with this crap! stop with the algorithms

  9. The dems won't agree to the USMCA now because they don't want the positive effect of it to show during the Trump presidency, they will agree on it next year before the election so the positive effect will show during their presidency if they win. They don't care that it could move thousands if not millions out of poverty, it's all about them and their lust for power.

  10. Trump is the only whistleblower.


  12. When I voted for Donald Trump I was not thinking what was best for Russia but what is best for me and my fellow Americans. The failed performance of Democrats caused votes to turn out that way

  13. I love Larry and Stewart. Two men who stand forthright to do what's best for our land encompassing all people. Happy upcoming holidays, gentlemen. Other nations showing less integrity could learn a few things from them.

  14. Love Varney, we need Trump in for many many reasons, 1 of which is to keep the train going to expose the left, keep them self EXPLODING. if they get in its all over.

  15. House's are $500,000.00 to start not a new home used,
    How many can pay that ?
    I heard about 3years ago that you'll never '' own '' on a home loan .

  16. I'm convinced, Dems are anti-American.

  17. A great report despite interrupting your guest.

  18. Now any idiot can be a whistleblower and the courts will be kept busy with handling rumors. Now we must continue to support Pres Trump and continue to trust him only. Pres Trump has proven himself to be a gentleman of complete integrity and we must remember his stellar performance before the American people. Pres Trump has a stellar reputation for America's treatment of China the way China deserves it. Pres Trump is truly a miracle worker who is determined to get to the bottom to clean the swamp and to get rid of all the corrupt DEMS who are so distorted with rage. DEMS are raged at their futility and their disgraceful 2016 election loss. I believe God will not allow DEMS to ever take over the US presidential seat.

    God is moving nations through politics. God holds the nations responsible for the leaders they pick. God uncovers sins of world leaders to fulfill Bible prophecies.

    God's sovereign control of history cannot be undone by man's clever attempts to determine his own fate. The nations have been established by God for His purposes (Acts 17:26), and He is sovereign over all their affairs.

  19. I believe Trump won't do anything with Canada because the Canadian election is coming up soon. Trudeau Canada's leader is a complete idiot, and Trump will do nothing to give him any help.


  21. China,China,China…….give me one more beer,let’s talk about it tomorrow.

  22. Could all the home sales be from those leaving California?

  23. The DEMS are so dumb, they've spend three years creating a manufactured and false story about Russian interference, only to now shine the public spotlight on the REAL CRIMINAL AND CORRUPTION FROM THE OBAMA ERA that they have been trying to distract the publics attention from. I have an over-ripe banana that has more brains. What LOSERS.

  24. Donald Trump is slowly but surely digging his own grave, so does the GOP.

    Trump said he would drain the swamp… but he and his allies is the largest swamp that has vere existed.

    Full of lies and threats to everything and anyone who does not do as he pleases.

    Since 2004, the EU has contributed more than 15 billion euros to Ukraine in transfers, funds and loans.

    So the EU has contributed MORE than the US – The claim and the excuse to push the EU to spend more money is just another of Donald Trump's lies.

    The future belongs to patriots, not globalists – says Trump (What a moron), Trump want USA to be the new North Korea.

    For example: The US has a lot of debt to China, Donald Trump owes a lot of money to German banks etc.

    What would the United States be without trade and other countries in the world…? Fact: Absolutely nothing

    The world gets better and richer by agreements, trade and cooperation – it does not get any worse.

    Also think seriously about this: Which generation will repay the highest debt in US history? Most likely, you who read this..!

    There are many good Republicans, they should stand up and show that the citizens wellbeing mean more than Donald's will does.

    It's not about being a Democrat or a Republican right now, it's about being sensible and making sure the United States can regain respect.

    Donald Trump has proven that he is not a Dealmaker (not even close), but he is a very big Dealbreaker.

    A typical sign of a Dictator is to accuse Media of lying and fake news, restricting access to information, making threats and even

    lying so many times that many begin to believe it. Do you recognize the pattern ..? Correct, quite typical Donald Trump

    Trump has an incredibly poor vocabulary, but he has a great selection of lies

  25. Pass The Military Compensation Act; allow the members of The Armed Forces collect the compensation and benefits they are rightfully entitled to..

  26. My pitch fork is as sharp as a titanium drill bit. Trump 2016 / 2020 …..California native. The pure hypocritical evil displayed from the democrats has left a scar on my soul and love for America.

  27. The art of the deal. That’s why the President thinks it’s progressing you silly reporter. It will not fail. These facists are being played by the President and they don’t even know it. This is why they are so angry as they lose on every turn and the double down. Their hole is so deep they can’t get out

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