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Kudlow reacts to Janet Yellen's moment of truth

‘Kudlow’ host discusses the treasury secretary walking back comment on interest rates. #FoxBusiness #Kudlow

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  1. Ms Yellen is wearing two masks… remarkable

  2. Another puppet of the DemoRATS

  3. Truth To Power
    Biden enter office making changes without caring about the consequences. 40 plus executive orders. Question to speaker Pelosi
    Where the adults in the room?

  4. I wonder if Kudlow can explain why the average annual job growth rate under Obama and Clinton was 19 times higher than it was under Trump and the Bushes. That’s NINETEEN! Look it up for yourself and while you’re at it look at the average stock market growth under these Presidents. If the Republicans were even half as good as the Democrats I could have retired 5 years ago.

  5. Biden and Obama are only smiling when Americans are suffering

  6. You can't stop the freight train now that it's steaming down the tracks. This is part of the long term goal to wreck the economy and say socialism is the only way forward.

  7. Biden is such a joke. Impeach him now.

  8. Nobody talking about the debt.


    Morons. all of them.

  9. Climate crisis is B.S.!!! BORDER CRISIS,IS REAL!!!!! WTF!?!?!?

  10. This is why we know Biden did not win the election CHINA and deep state are the only ones voting for dummycrat Bidsen to damage the country and everyone in it till he gets kick out

  11. this shows either parties lies. Kudlow is BS

  12. So the boom will end when he raises our taxes, right?

  13. 80 million Americans voted for higher taxes and higher unemployment. Higher prices coming soon to everyone. Thank you joe

  14. Call and Joe Biden Mr Biden is right he's not president the election was rigged Joe Biden did a video saying so Facebook covered it up and yes Facebook needs their ears pinned back should put that video out there for all to see!

  15. Yellen is employed by Joe Biden and you can bet she will STFU when told.

  16. Kudlow still clueless lol.

  17. Sir, this will not happen. This is not part of the Communist's plan. I hope we can recoup after President Biden's administration.

  18. The GDP is up because people are buying stuff with gov money not because job growth is booming..

    Cull the federal reserve covid handouts and this country turns into a roaring dumpster fire.

  19. Interest rates and inflation are going up because of free money in my opinion.

  20. Yellin is like Biden clueless. We are done.

  21. Biden is NOT smart enough to realize what you've just said. He was never smart to begin with …

  22. The lack of Industrial Production in America is a 'National Security Issue'. Where is US Steel, where are American textiles, where are automobile parts manufacturing, Caterpillar Tractor, Defence Manufacturing, computers and computer chips, washers and dryers and etc. Where are the manufacturing jobs? China? India? Mexico? Who benefits?

  23. The Fed can NEVER allow interest rates to rise as it will cause the US to default on it's debt. Larry failed to mention that.

  24. One cannot deal with an idiot like Biden, or the idiots in his administration.
    Time will tell.

  25. Stop printing money we can't back to give to people who don't deserve it.

  26. Fed needs to increase short term rates by 25 basis points now!

  27. only a fool votes democrat …so ask yourself just what are you???????

  28. Kudlow is wasting his time .. voicing his facts ..because the Dementia Admin .. doesn't care .. all they care about is financially destroying the Country . It only favours Dementia's paymasters that being China .. A Strong America Hurts China long term .

    When it's so good right now and all his intended spending plans are passed . they will be soley responsible for screwing it up and you can be rest assured they will still blame trump when it all goes wrong

  29. That’s why they are going to do it so it ruins everything

  30. Humans and trees put out more co2 than coal fired plants..

  31. I don't give Biden credit for anything, people say he's keeping campaign promises, if you didn't vote you like anything he's done, he will go down as one most hated in the of our country. Impeach him.

  32. Real American Patriots demand the former president be charged with treason and criminal incompetence !!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Blame whoever is handling biden. I can't understand why his wife is allowing him to be used like this.
    He is the perfect patsy.

  34. Barrator Biden hasn't a clue. He signs anything Nancy and Joe put in front of him. Art Laffer summed this up nicely. And if the dems would just follow the example of their Camelot Price, JFK we would all prosper. Dems are stupid, avaricious, Godless thugs so what are you gonna do? The mid terms are coming.

  35. Cut the unemployment so people can go to work or we wont have truckers or anyone to do the job.

  36. "There is no housing crisis"
    Well, when Apartment owners can't evict I suppose there isn't much of one but the second the moratorium is up that house of cards is going to come crashing down.

  37. Yellen is a puppet & a moron.

  38. Crazy how many old people in government positions, highest positions in America! Lifers need to go! These jello heads in this dictatorship with joe Biden n his elderly click gotta go! Your out of touch with American's

  39. Biden is committing TREASON every day. Impeach and get rid of him.He’s been bought out by China years ago.

  40. Larry they wouldn't know the truth if it stood in front of them

  41. You are my favorite economist, from way back in the 90’s. You are always so brilliant, insightful and spot-on!

  42. New Biden song
    Stutter rap by Morris Minor and the Majors

  43. Reality is coming. inflation is around the corner this is Obama 2.0 with massive spending give it a year the administration is a joke

  44. Because of the middle class folks who give their used but very nice clothing to thrift stores I can afford to dress with some very nice outfits, thx u middle class earners of America, love you

  45. Raising interest rates will tank the stock market and real estate. Aside from that I agree Biden's new cap gains tax will be disastrous. Any new corp tax will always be absorbed by the consumer, as it always has-


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