Wednesday , November 25 2020
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Kudlow suggests a partial deal with China could be next step

Wall Street Journal global economics editor Jon Hilsenrath discusses the significance of a potential partial trade deal with China and the position of U.S. business in China.

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  1. Bring back our jobs and our money!

    Tariff to 100% like India does for all imported items viewed as luxury!

  2. Best economy in fifty years, lowest unemployment rate fifty ,the lowest unemployment rate for African Americans and Hispanic Americans in history, almost total employment

  3. partial deal ?
    I thought it's easy to win lol

  4. Trump is going way too easy on Xi toad, these people only fear internal chaos so try to starve their population.

  5. Wait a moment Kudlow is saying the opposite of Trump. Trump said no partial deals we either have a full deal or no deal. Also considering what China is doing in Hong Kong as well as this recent crap involving the NBA we're better off not dealing with them at all.

  6. We sure do have a lot of people holding the hand of china trying to insert back in Americas rear.


  7. President Trump will do whatever makes sense … no matter how tough or who gets pissed. That's what I like! He has earned my vote too. Don't care about political impeachment.

  8. It's either all or no deal. Tariffs are good. China thinks it's tough reason they're coming on with this argument of partial deal.

    Please Deal or No Deal. Partial Deal is not a deal

  9. “China is getting killed,” Trump told reporters Friday. “The tariffs are killing China.” Fresh data last week, however, showed that American factories are operating at their lowest rate in 10 years, matching Chinese plants, which posted their own worst-in-a-decade results in July.

    The reality of the manufacturing recession and anemic growth he will likely carry into the 2020 campaign shows the trade war has pinched on both sides of the Pacific. We’ve reached the point where both countries are in the same boat. After growing at an annual rate of 3.1 percent earlier this year, the U.S. is now advancing at about 1.5 percent, according to JPMorgan Chase.

  10. Deal? Nope. The CCP even has "execution trucks". Thats right….they bring the execution to you….with a stop at the morgue after. CCP MUST GO.

  11. President Trump lies compulsively (over 12,000 times), cares virtually nothing for the nitty-gritty of governance, sycophantically ingratiates himself with dictators and is remarkably ignorant (for any adult, let alone a president).

  12. President who gets work done

  13. 👋👋👋👋👋🌎🌎🌎🌎☺😊

  14. Trump makes America sick again!

  15. Trump is doing an excellent job on and trade, Trump 2020 USA # 1

  16. they want the food is all fuc k em let them do not send them no food at all we need are food…

  17. If Mr Trump won't stand up for Hong Kong democracy protesters – should NBA Players step in? Should they kneel before the commie flag?

  18. If Mr Trump won't stand up for Hong Kong democracy protesters – should NBA Players step in? Should they kneel before the commie flag?

  19. 🍿 No Partial deal, Return back home to USA why you can companies its only going to get worse for you.. KAG/2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  20. As soon as they're ready to come clean, in adherence to mutual terms, and ready to guarantee their commitment to the trade negotiation table members, and not one second before.

  21. Why did Trump say he wanted a 100% deal? A joke?

  22. I hope the Chinese take all the soy beans from America, because we're suffering and epidemic of beta male soy boys, it's quite the tragedy.

  23. the china playing just try to buy more time as the end will be not think

  24. too bad impeachment talks are weakening Trumps hands with China trade negotiations.

  25. If we give up we losing our freedom to china

  26. Trump will ease tariffs in exchange for more trademarks for Ivanka.

  27. Trump 2020 🇺🇸 🦅 🇺🇸

  28. "Any deal is better than no-deal" per Caputo. Clearly, Caputo is a Xi J minion.

  29. Never trust China…they will cheat and steal their mothers and eat their dogs.

  30. Kudlow has been lying about a deal is just around the corner for over a year, market pumps for a day then drops when everyone realizes it the usual bs. Why would anyone believe anything he says?!

  31. It should be a full deal. No IP theft, no technology transfers, and no government subsidies that give state owned enterprises that an unfair price advantage.

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