Kudlow: This is Biden's big problem

FOX business host gives his take on record-high inflation on ‘Kudlow.’ #FoxBusiness #Kudlow

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  1. You can't say you weren't warned. The Democrats know they're in for a butt-kickin' come the mid terms so, as inflation gets worse they can blame it on the Republicans, who will be in the majority by then. The worse inflation becomes the harder it is to rein it in. Biden has no incentive to take the hard steps necessary to get inflation under control.


  3. Sir… u r awesome!

  4. You'll own nothing and you WILL be happy.

  5. And the citizen don't rise up over 40 Billion spending bill for the Ukraine by Congress, time for a uprising by the American people. You citizen should suffer even more for your stupitidy.

  6. Congress controls the purse πŸ‘›, control the money supply inflation goes away.

  7. I hope you’re right, Larry! πŸ™
    But evicting Democrats from office is like killing cornered cockroaches with round-toed boots! πŸ₯ΎπŸ₯Ύ

  8. The democrats are trader of the Americans people for what is going on they needs to kicked out of the white house and send to school to learn how to treat the Americans in good

  9. It's almost as if the CCP were running the USA's economy [into the ground . . .]. Then again, maybe it is? Should we ask Hunter B and his friends . . . ?

  10. We all know Jomo must go.

  11. Bumbling JOkE biden can't be voted out soon enough!! JOkE Biden needs to be impeached before he can do further damage!!

  12. This isn't a crisis… it's the plan… "WE DID IT JOE"

  13. I find it weird that he wants to use the Sen Scott talking point of raising taxes as bad when he is actually wanting to raise taxes.

  14. i mean if you think about his daughter can't figure out how to make 40k last 6 months

  15. Joe Biden has two big problems . The first is he's Joe Biden . The second is he's a Democrat Joe Biden . That's enough for any one man .

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  18. Bidens problem is first and foremost being a supporter of the agenda for one world government / dictatorship as are all democrats and 1/3 of traitor republicans who need to be replaced or Trump won't get anything done.