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Kudlow: This is going to do damage

‘Kudlow’ explains how Biden’s performance on the world stage ‘ran counter’ to the American founders’ vision. #FoxBusiness #Kudlow

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  1. Funny how the Dems hate private enterprise, yet are in bed with private social-media enterprise.

  2. What inequality? Life is tough unless youre sitting pretty in the swamp

  3. Here in the U.K. you need to prove your looking for a job before you can receive unemployment

  4. Biden is such a loser!!!

  5. It’s time to regulate Executive orders

  6. Just allow the fraud to continue. Good job.

  7. Even illegitimate Joe's suit is America Last!

  8. Now it looks like the FBI is involved with everything helping BLM antifa infiltrating the so-called Insurrection of the capital

  9. Hacks came from China more likely … But don't look there!

  10. 10% Joe Biden an crack head hunter Biden are criminals!

  11. got to have a change an if harris is president…..better off with joey or a body double joe as long as its not kammy what a freak show it would be…..we're screwed….

  12. Many of the current functions should be handled by the states.

    The federal government was never meant to be so involved I American daily lives.

    States allow more accountable representation.

  13. Joe Biden’s European vacation! 😂🤣 Almost as good as Weekend at Biden’s!




  17. hmm suddenly aproach when smith ban to play football on 2016-by canada

  18. Demos don't care about finance and business. They love the welfare world. That's how they keep those dummy under their control by giving them free stuffs.

  19. Trump 2024!!
    Donald J. Trump – President.

    Ivanka – Vice President

    Lara – Chief of staff

    Eric – Secretary for Treasury

    Jared Kushner – Secretary of State

    Tiffany – Attorney General

    Donald Trump junior – Secretary of Defense

    Ivana – Ambassador to UN.

  20. Mute the first 5 seconds and play your favorite Michael Jackson song

  21. Democrats are working with China and the UN to help topple the US as the world power and replace the US with China as the world power. Up here in Canada our liberal left is using the pandemic to make up laws.

    The Liberals/Democrats are N@zi's.

  22. Inequality CMTE committee are gonna hit the fossil fuel corporations to the damage of America and demise of Americans with only a plan to redistribute wealth. Google, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and unlike the EPIC Corporation whom will give all its proceeds when all is final to charity. Why wait……how about share the wealth now so everyone can afford an electric car and more expensive alternative energy. Liars, crooks, and cheaters. It's all about greed and the only green that AOC's CMTE Committee are worried about is cash money.

  23. That committee should be called the ‘UnAmerican Committee’. Where is our military? Aren’t they ‘SUPPOSE TO’ protect us, from foreign and domestic….??? We’re being destroyed, and they DO NOTHING. WTF!

  24. Investing in Gold and crypto currency now should be in every wise individuals list, in 2 to 3 years time, you will be estactic the decision you made today


  26. Trump and Bidden both make you look like fools in the USA . Old , rich , word gaffing , they are just terrible . Bidden smells kids , trump was in a court case with Epstein of a 13 year old girl . At least Bidden doesn't cry over the right wing media , Trump used to cry so hard ! End note they have you all fighting over two sides while the elite get away with everything

  27. MSM headed by cnn can no longer hide to the public the fact that biden is an empty suit. He fully displayed it at the G7 meet.

  28. Larry, you don't have to say restauranteur. Restaurateur is ALSO a word, sounds really cool, and is much easier to say.

  29. Biden is the Manchurian candidate puppet, but who are the puppet masters!

  30. Holy Crap this Kudlow is as much FOS as Hannity.

  31. Its all to do with having " compete control".

  32. The current administration are nothing more than amateur hacks at best.

  33. Larry, I'm a Yuge fan of yours, but you got it wrong on the Russian hacking thing. If our Cyber warfare capabilities were as good as they should be, Russian hackers wouldn't be able to steal our content and shut down our infrastructure. If you don't want someone to break into your home, you put good locks on the doors (double). There is no excuse for allowing these exploits to succeed. If 'Hackers' are getting in and being paid ransoms, its because somebody on our side isn't doing their job, or worse, we've got people on the inside enabling the breakins, and taking a cut of the proceeds. (I've been a Developer/Network consultant for 40+ years. I know wherof I speak.)

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